Not Wasted Times


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6 thoughts on “Not Wasted Times

  1. eoin

    Poor Colette Sexton, she’d only moved from the frying pan of the Sunday Business Post just a couple of months ago. As I said before, it would remind you of that Somerset Maugham tale, “appointment in Samarra”.

    Good luck to them all, there were some quality people with that paper.

  2. M

    I’m delighted that they all think that they are great..

    Journalism in Ireland = Get Wire Copy – Read Wire Copy – Slightly Rewrite Wire Copy – Post.

    Journalism in News Corp = Get Wire Copy – Read Wire Copy – Post.

    Won’t be missed.

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    Was turned down for a senior role in that place c.15 years ago. So thankful. It was Murdoch-infected.

  4. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

    I think its terrible to see anyone losing their job
    And its doing us no favours at all that a newspaper is exiting the Irish market
    And leaving us with even less competition in the Media

    But I’ve come to realise over the last while
    that too many people are calling themselves Journalists

    Yet what they produce, or put their name to
    Is not Journalism or even Reporting

    Applying the job title of Journalist to themselves
    Without the benefit of an employment contract or a publishing contract explicitly quoting the job/ engagement title
    Or even the existence any commercial reality to establish the title

    Unfortunately the Journalists and Reporters in the Times Ireland Edition, that have today lost their jobs, have
    IMO anyway
    allowed their professions be belittled, mocked and ridiculed far to easily

    Quite literally, their profession has been counterfeited on their watch and under their noses

    Surely its time to regulate and licence the profession to some set of professional standards in order to use the title
    Like the Architects had to
    Like the professions I’m party to

    In all fairness,
    If I put my signature to an opinion that was not backed up with hard facts and evidence
    Independently sourced and third party verified
    And circulated it for others to consider and use to make decisions; like a set of accounts to a board or to an investor
    That turned out to be completely false, and without substance or supporting documentation
    I would be sued, and I would lose my livelihood

    Just food for thought lads
    that’s all

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