Last night.

New York lawmakers agreed to end secrecy surrounding adoptions in the state, passing a law that will automatically open birth records for adoptees when they turn 18.

New York Votes To Unseal Original Birth Certificates For Adoptees. Goodbye secrecy and shame, we won’t miss you when you’re gone  (Mindy Stern, Medium)

So why can’t we?


Meanwhile, Wednesday’s Seanad debate on adoption anonymity here.

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2 thoughts on “They Did It

  1. Ron

    Imagine having to jump around in such excitement to celebrate what is a basic human right for most people..

    And the clowns geneflect in appreciation to the silly billies that control their lives

  2. Bebe

    Basic human right to identity currently denied to adoptees in this country – I wouldn’t just jump around – I’d climb on rooftops to SHOUT out were adoptees treated with the respect they so deserve, many having negotiated a rough terrain as second class citizens in the country of their birth. FG and FF still hold firm of secrets of past and Charlie Haughey’s off the cuff remarks on TD’s fathering children of St.Ritas Mother and Baby home raises my suspicion and perhaps provides an explanation as to state reluctance to allow access to birth records to adoptees via long birth certificate.

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