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    1. Charger Salmons

      More chance of being a Gooner than a goner.
      The fact that some lefty neighbour recorded him having a row with the missus then hawked it to a Brexit-hating newspaper will only increase his standing among the 160,000 Tory gammons who will overwhelmingly vote him in as the next PM.
      The hack who tried to question him about it at the first hustings event yesterday was roundly booed for his troubles.
      I predict an early election with an electoral pact between the Tories and Sir Nigel’s runaway Brexit Party.

        1. Charger Salmons

          So you’d be happy with a neighbour recording you in your house without your knowledge and putting it up on You Tube ?

          1. Charger Salmons

            Not sure a You Tube video of you at home alone with a cat playing Patience and eating a nice slice of Battenburg would get many views …

          2. Rosette of Sirius

            They didn’t. They recorded the fight in their own home. Clearly disturbed by the loutish and brutish behavior from bully boy Boris, they recorded the incident.

            If Boris wants to protect his privacy, don’t live in a flat and don’t act like spoiled baby.

          3. Lilly

            @Charger – I don’t suppose I would, but it would hardly be box office gold. No one being slammed against a wall, no yelling ‘get off me’ and the crockery being mercifully spared. Not exactly Boris-grade clickbait.

          4. Charger Salmons

            They can record whatever they want.
            But after the police came and were satisfied it was nothing more than a loud domestic argument they left.
            It was at that point the politically-motivated neighbours decided to go to the newspapers with their story.
            Don’t know about you but around these parts that would get someone a serious talking to,if you catch my drift.
            Fortunately the media is so loathed by many of Boris’s supporters that it won’t make a jot of difference to him becoming the next PM.
            That’s when Ireland takes another step forward to being delivered a large portion of pain in the rear end.

          5. Lilly

            @Charger – There must be a lot of argy bargy in middle England if that’s tolerated as behaviour that becomes a PM.

          6. Al Bin Man

            You know what – I wrote the same Lilly
            But I used a bit more of my short game and overran the hole, was called out lbw
            Tee-green my game play seems fine
            But when I putt I often find the rough

        2. SOQ

          Undercover snakey stuff n’ the like- from Vanessa.

          Your’e looking forward to representing the Brexit bankrupts so.

          1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

            I beg your pardon

            Where have I been snakey?
            Where have I breeched a person’s privacy or doxxed
            Where have I smeared or slandered or liabled
            Or put someone’s livelihood at risk

            Come on now Same’oh
            Put it up
            Or withdraw and apologise with the same determined ugly fervour you used to support an intolerant Homophobic AntiVaxist Racist Ultra Nationalist

      1. eoin

        Gway outta dat V,

        Have you seen his Register of Interests. He has more than enough to tide him over a couple of months stint as PM where the package is a measly £150,000 plus central London accommodation and a weekend country retreat.


        “21 December 2018, received £28,900 from KNect365, KNect House, 30-32
        Mortimer Street, London W1W 7RE, for a speaking engagement on 4
        December 2018. Hours: 2 hrs. Transport and accommodation also provided.
        (Registered 16 January 2019)
        25 January 2019, received £51,250 from Pendulum Events & Training, 13
        Upper Baggot Street, Dublin 4, D04 W7K5, Ireland, for a speaking
        engagement on 10 January 2019. Hours: 2 hrs. Transport also provided.
        (Registered 04 February 2019)
        22 March 2019, received £38,250 plus VAT from Citigroup Global Markets
        Limited, 33 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5LB, for a speaking
        engagement for Citigroup on 12 March 2019. Hours: 2.5 hrs. (Registered 12
        April 2019)
        22 March 2019, received £122,899.74 from Living Media India Limited, K –
        9, Connaught Circus, New Delhi 110001, for a speech to India Today on 2
        March 2019. Hours: 3 hrs. Transport and accommodation also provided.
        (Registered 15 April 2019)
        18 April 2019, received £25,297.62 from Banque Pictet & Cie SA, Route des
        Acacias 60, CH-1211 Geneva 73, for a speaking engagement on 10 April
        2019. Hours: 2.5 hrs. Transport also provided. (Registered 09 May 2019)
        28 May 2019, received £25,540 plus VAT from The British Insurance
        Brokers Organisation (BIBA), 8th Floor John Stow House, 18 Bevis Marks,
        London, EC3A 7JB, for a speaking engagement on 16 May 2019. Hours: 2
        hrs. Transport also provided for myself and member of staff. (Registered 03
        June 2019)
        28 May 2019, received £21,250 plus VAT from Pomerantz LLP, 600 Third
        Avenue, 20th Floor, New York, NY 10016 for a speaking engagement on 14
        May 2019. Hours: 2 hrs 30 mins. (Registered 03 June 2019)”

      2. Al Bin Man

        looks like FG paddy paid double the going rate

        So much for FG/s reputation for good fiscal blah blah

      3. Charger Salmons

        Boris is already box office commanding huge fees for not much work.
        A spell as Prime Minister,however short,catapults him into the big league on the public speaking and US university lecture circuit.
        He’s minted for life.
        I can’t wait to hear the howls of anguish on here when he takes office then goes for an early election and enters a pact with Nigel Farage that will see a Tory/BXDP coalition with a nice bauble,chairmanship of one or two lucrative quangos and plenty of filthy lucre for Lord Farage.

        1. Lilly

          I predict a short spell as PM. Then enter stage left, Rory Stewart. Now there’s a man who’s interesting in ways Boris could never hope to be.

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    So Boris’ domestic is all the fault of a Remoaner? I knew it! Even when it was a tory thug, I knew it was a remoaner!

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I agree. One nasty element that seeps in from Britain like leachate from a municipal dump (besides Alan Davies and James Cordon) is their gutter press. The Communications and Climate Action/Environment Ministry should be separated. Comms regs such as this and the recent tabloid press re recent criminal trials belongs in the Dept. of Justice or its own portfolio.

  2. newsjustin

    Nothing on the UK frontpages about the legally enforced abortion on a disabled woman in the UK, against her and her family’s wishes.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      And somehow, confessing early is a mitigating factor to a sentence. Lessening the gravity of the crime? Confessing early to this type of crime should not be a deciding factor of length of sentence.

      1. b

        doesn’t lessen the gravity of the offence but incentivising preventing a child from having to give evidence in court, which could be as damaging as the assault itself, is a good thing

        1. GiggidyGoo

          The child in this case waived his right to anonymity. He gave evidence of the vile acts. So mitigation doesn’t come in to it for that reason.

          1. Cian

            I disagree. The victim wasn’t cross examined. It wasn’t an adversarial questioning. Nobody was suggesting the victim was lying.

            That, for me, makes a world of difference.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            Problem with the reading there Cian? He gave evidence. He waived his right to anonymity. Therefore no mitigation. The perpetrator was well and truly caught, and saved himself and his own family the humiliation of the facts coming out by pleading guilty. I’m sure the victim sees your point of view.

          3. Cian

            No, but you seem to.

            As I said the victim wasn’t cross examined. He may have chosen to give evidence, but he wasn’t cross-examined.

            This, to me, makes the difference. The victim isn’t forced to answer the defence ‘s question on what type of underwear they wore, or what their previous sexual history is, or how much they drank, or if they ‘up for it’, or a thousand other questions that get asked in trials which boil down to: the ‘alleged’ victim is a liar. (granted, these specific questions wouldn’t have been asked in this particular case).

      2. The Old Boy

        Giggidy, the vast majority of criminal cases are disposed of by way of a guilty plea. If no credit was given for it, no-one would ever plead guilty and every lawyer would be duty bound to advise as much.

        Our already strained justice system would collapse under the weight of such a caseload, nevermind the fact that it is not in the public interest to have every victim of crime trudge into court to face a robust cross-examination.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Maybe do the opposite ? If someone is found guilty after leading the court a merry dance, then they should also be found guilty of perverting the course of justice, and receive a consequetive sentence for that. That would be a deterrent to what you describe surely.

          1. The Old Boy

            So you’re saying that you don’t like the optics of the legal theory? The net result is that people who plead not guilty and are convicted serve longer sentences than those who plead guilty. If you want tougher sentencing generally, that’s a different discussion.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            Im saying that if someone pleads not guilty, and is subsequently found guilty, then – apart from the punishment for being guilty of the charge in the first place – they should also be found guilty of a second offense. That is, being guilty of perverting the course of justice. If he is guilty of one, he is guilty of the other.

          3. Rob_G

            @ Giggidy – you are essentially describing the exact same system we have now.

            Plead out early – let a lesser sentence

            Fight it out, and get found guilty – get a higher sentence.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    Charlie’s Chocolate Factory – €600 entrance fee.
    How anyone would be swayed to attend such a dinner by the presence of Proper Charlie is beyond me.
    Umpa Lumpa Giggidy Goo

  4. Gabby

    People after week-long work and tense responsibility can get ‘tired and emotional’ when trying to relax from cares. Alcohol is a constant threat to man-woman relationships and has destroyed family life.

  5. eoin


    Sarah Carey has been hired as a columnist at the Sunday Times, Ireland edition.

    For those of you who don’t remember her, she had worked for Denis O’Brien (Esat Telecom) and leaked confidential information provided to her at the Moriarty Tribunal which undermined the Tribunal’s work, and she then lied about it. This is what the Tribunal said in its concluding report in March 2011:

    “In the latter part of her evidence, Ms Carey stated that she had been aware that all Tribunals discussions with witnesses in advance of their giving evidence were conducted on a confidential basis. Apart from meetings and correspondence, dealings were likely to involve the passing of documents to individuals from whom the Tribunal was seeking assistance. She had also been aware that the correspondence expressly stated that such documents were confidential. In the course of the Tribunal’s correspondence with her solicitors, an amount of documentation was passed to her, some of which was never used in public sittings, concerning political payments by Esat Digifone, Esat Telecom and Mr [Denis] O’Brien. These found their way into a Sunday Tribune article. Ms Carey had become aware that, as a result, the Tribunal received considerable criticism from individuals affected by the documents, suggesting that the material had been disclosed by the Tribunal in advance of the hearings. The Tribunal then tracked the documents with all the persons to whom they had been given, with a view to ascertaining by whom the material had been disclosed to the newspaper. When the Tribunal wrote to Ms Carey, her solicitor responded to the effect that she had not made the disclosure. This was not the case, and it transpired that she was the person who had done so”

    She was then fired from her role as a columnist with the Irish Times. The IT wrote in March 2011 “In a statement issued yesterday evening, Ms Carey said that following a meeting with the editor “it was made clear to me that I had no choice but to resign my position as columnist with the Irish Times””

    She was then thrown a lifebuoy by Denis O’Brien and she worked as a presenter on a Communicorp radio station until 2017 when she was let go. She was hired as a columnist with the Sunday Times/Times Ireland but she disappeared from their pages about a year ago.

    She’s back.

    So now you know what the Sunday Times (paid paper circulation around 62,000 copies a week) thinks of its readership. The Sunday Times brand is built on a history of delivering news and views to a certain standard. Did they really think their readership wouldn’t remember Sarah Carey’s history. Get stuffed Frank, you should know better, your readership certainly does.

    1. Lilly

      She’s rubbish on the radio but a good columnist. Must have mended her fences with Frank. Didn’t she accuse him of forcing her to take a certain tack on… whatever the issue of the day, forthcoming vote was, before swanning off to the Irish Times. She later called Geraldine Kennedy a cross-eyed bint or somesuch on Twitter after she was ‘resigned’.

      1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

        It doesn’t matter whether she’s good or bad at her job
        It doesn’t matter whether she’s liked or trusted
        It doesn’t matter whether she attracts readers, viewers or listeners

        All that matters is that she’s one’ah them
        And that’s all they care about
        Same Voices Same Faces Same Words
        An unsustainable circle
        But they don’t care
        Because someone will always given them a gig

        1. Al Bin Man

          Should a person’s career be destroyed because they made one mistake as a young wan starting out working for a known bully and sociopath?

          1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

            Only in my head huh?

            So as I suspected the band rounded up for the cause are still together

            Come and get me lads
            I have no fear of ye
            No fear at all

            None whatsoever
            But ye might find ye’re reception very different this time round

            Seriously think I’m incapable of empathy Same’oh?
            Yes or no Same’oh
            Let’s have ya
            Yes or no

        2. Lilly

          It’s not that simple Frilly. Readers don’t expect newspaper columnists to be Mother Teresa. All they want is for them to be readable. If I were editor of the Irish Times, I’d take her back. She’s miles better than the tedious Jennifer O’Connell, for example. The Irish Times was perfect for her, and she for it, largely because she wasn’t just more of the same. There was a certain alchemy between Carey and whoever was managing and editing her in Tara Street. Left to stand alone on radio or TV, she’s a dose in the ICA Chief of Margarine mould.

          1. Lilly

            Ah now, that’s a cause I’m not about to champion. She’s well able to hustle for herself, could teach me a thing or two I’m sure.

      2. Johnny Green

        Morning Eoin,quick question and hope your planning on getting a bit fresh air today, I’m researching the decision / report by JOINT COMMITTEE ON HEALTH-Report on Medicinal Cannabinoids-which rejected Gino’s Bill-wondering do they vote ?
        And if so where would I find how they voted-I’m particularly interested in their spokesperson, a well know owner of a few pharmacies in D4 Kate O’Connell and also the champion of the drinks industry Alan Kelly-i have the report but no info on voting or if they even do ?

        Ps-trade you a ratings report on Digicel:)

        1. eoin

          Hi Johnny, I’ll take a look, it’s this report


          From recollection with previous reports from the public accounts committee and the communications committee, there was no formal vote, just certain members came out with statements afterwards to say they didn’t agree with the reports recommendations, there was no formal vote. But I’ll check for you, let you know tomorrow.

          1. Johnny Green

            Thanks Eoin,yes exactly have numerous statements from that well know owner of multiple pharmacies,Kate O’Connell TD who’s business would be directly impacted by legalizing Cannabis that it was a unanimous decision.Enjoy your day we have sunshine and big blue skies here but alas no waves:)

            Here is Kate referencing a vote but I can’t find who voted and which way,profiling all committee members and their blatant conflicts of interest,in any other jurisdiction a pharmacy owner would have rescued themselves on a vote like this as it directly affects them-she also erroneously lied and claimed that pharmacies would be dispensing this medicine and benefit that’s a blatant lie,that just has never happened anywhere.

            ‘ As you now know, the committee as a whole voted that the Bill should not proceed to Committee stage, given the technical issues, the implementation difficulties, the unintended policy consequences, the lack of safeguards against harmful use, and the major legal issues within the bill.‘


            Stay tuned in full report / post Tuesday 420-sorry about that link can’t find her statement anywhere else.

          2. Al Bin Man

            Johnny don’t know how long you’re out of the place but your comment there showed failure to comprehend the sheer sense of entitlement of the speaker. But it’s closely linked to “Compo culture” as well. I asked a local chemist yesterday why there were no CBD, hemp oil or other products on the shelf. She said that an article in the “Pharma news” has said there could be a liability attached to chemists for “misdiagnosed” outcomes etc. You see this is how it works here. One article like that in the right place , not everyone is online etc
            I’ll see if I can find it

          3. Johnny Green

            Thanks Al,it’s an outrageous statement and blatant lie,on the one hand she says she supports it,then lies that oh Ive no conflict au contraire,I would benefit and then proceeds to take sick and dying patients as hostages.

            ‘I want to help as many people as best I can, as a TD with a specific interest in safeguarding and promoting public health. There is no ‘Big Pharma’ conspiracy at play here. The irony of that ridiculous claim is that pharmacies could stand to profit from the expansion of access to medicinal cannabis – as they would likely be the approved dispensing bodies. I have dedicated my professional life to helping people, by trying to make their lives better through safe medicinal treatments and by trying to alleviate their pain in times of suffering.‘

            In every other jurisdiction they have set up stand alone medical Cannabis dispensaries,and what’s worse is that she knows that, trump level lying and gaslighting.

          4. eoin

            Hi Johnny, the last time the “Cannabis for Medicinal Use Regulation Bill 2016” was referenced in a Health committee debate was 13 April 2017, debate here.


            There was no “vote” about allowing the Bill to proceed or not, and I don’t think that’s the way committees work, it’s TDs in the Dail and senators in the Seanad who vote to allow Bills to proceed. The committee is there to tease out issues. The actual Dail vote was in November 2017, and there was no need to count the votes because so many people voted that the Bill shouldn’t proceed.


            There is reference to the Health committee recommending the Bill not proceed, but there is no record of any voting at the Committee on the matter. How did the chair decide to recommend the Bill not proceed? It’s not clear from the Committee debate on 13 April 2017, it may have been decided in private session and if so, you might be able to get the results of any voting by a Freedom of Information request, probably addressed to the clerk to the Committee, Ted McEnery at health@oireachtas.ie

    2. martco

      I havent bought a Sunday newspaper for over 10 years now & I’d reckon most people with even half a brain under 70 stopped buying newspapers long ago too. Carey has plenty of fellow conflicted proven liar colleagues. Why would I buy something I know to have at least some partial content that’s either party political kites/paid-for advertising masquerading in amongst salacious/gossip/disaster/property porn?

      one thing at least is that likes of Carey has an ever dwindling audience!

      1. Al Bin Man

        Well said martco

        Who is buying these anymore? I reckon most of them are given away to hotels

    3. eoin

      Sunday Times is probably figuring no-one remembers this interview on RTE Prime Time in March 2011, on the day the Moriarty Tribunal was published.


      May the Times readership is that doddery that it doesn’t remember, but I doubt it.

      Didn’t the Sunday Times show Kevin Myers the door after an off-colour comment about Jewish presenters at the BBC (“I note that two of the best-paid women presenters in the BBC – Claudia Winkleman and Vanessa Feltz, with whose, no doubt, sterling work I am tragically unacquainted – are Jewish. Good for them.Jews are not generally noted for their insistence on selling their talent for the lowest possible price, which is the most useful measure there is of inveterate, lost-with-all-hands stupidity. I wonder, who are their agents? If they’re the same ones that negotiated the pay for the women on the lower scales, then maybe the latter have found their true value in the marketplace”).

      Frank has funny standards, which, like the circulation of his paper, seem to be generally declining.

      1. Charger Salmons

        I miss reading Kevin Myers.
        A great polemicist and superb writer who trolled an entire nation for years.
        Fintan O’Tool is just a Poundland version of Kevin.

  6. eoin

    Oh no! After just two weeks, Alan Shatter’s doorstop has dropped out of the Irish paperback non-fiction charts, having sold less than 800 copies in its first two weeks on release. How many were bought by politicians to check which “list” they’re on? we’ll never know. Judging by the piles of unsold copies on the table in just one branch of Waterstones, he’ll have enough returns to make a massive fort at home where he can invite fellow retirees Martin Callinan and Noel Waters around for a play date and they can re-enact their finest moments from the Maurice McCabe era.

    1. martco

      with a bit of luck it might catch fire with them still inside in it (sure would be just a pretaste of where they’re off to in the end, wha)

        1. martco

          is yesterday too soon?

          I’d have to wonder how the likes of Callinan gets on in everyday life…like is he shunned at the golf course…how do the staff at the local supervalu look upon him when he’s sent for a pint of milk…family do’s etc.

          1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

            Shur’ even if they were
            They couldn’t give’ah ____

            They are far better off for their life’s work and they don’t care who knows it

            They don’t have a care in the world

            Any regrets they have is over what they miss
            The Yes Sir, doors being held open for them, rooms standing to attention for them

      1. bisted

        pity Alan’s usefulness to the zionazis has wained because they would have bought 1000s of copies…

  7. eoin

    Is the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (where Michael O’Keeffe has been in charge for 30 years) really jockeying for a position in regulating social media as claimed on the front page of the Sindo? The BAI being the organisation which failed to identify Denis O’Brien’s dominant role at INM wants the power to identify users of Facebook, Twitter and Youtube not just in Ireland but across the EU? What an eejity organisation.

    As reported on BS during the week, the UK has again delayed plans to age-verify users.

    Now Michael O’Keeffe will be wanting millions, maybe tens of millions of taxpayer money each year to age verify Germans?

    1. eoin

      The irony of an INM newspaper reporting on a clamp-down on social media. Remember last November when a poor woman had to sit through a rape trial in Dublin only for the Indo to publish an article which allegedly led to the collapse of the trial at the very end? INM and editor Fionnan Sheehan and journalist Nicola Anderson are due in court for contempt next month.

  8. eoin

    Following the decision of FG/FF last week to send 14 Irish soldiers to fight in Mali (under the banner of a controversial UN peacekeeping mission), on Thursday this week, the Dail will debate:

    “Motion re Proposed approval by Dail Eireann of Ireland’s accession to the Memorandum of Understanding concerning the principles for the establishment and operation of a battlegroup to be made available to the European Union”

    What “memorandum of understanding” is that, you might be asking?

    What “battlegroup” is that, you might wonder?

    And remember that “neutrality” you thought was in our Constitution, wave goodbye to it.

        1. Cian

          Historical and cultural? Ha! It was cowardness and not wanting to be on the same side as the British.

          The first test of our countries military choices was WW2. We had to chose between supporting the Allies – supporting the old enemy UK, supporting Axis, or being non-aligned.

          We became neutral because the other option was to support the Brits. Andnwe couldnt have that.

          After the war was more of the same – ‘neutrality’ or NATO – again we chose not to align outselves with the Brits.

          1. Al Bin Man

            in which case your Cumann Na nGaeil fellow travelers were as “cowardly” as their Soldier of Destiny counterparts. Two cheeks of the same botty-bumkins then as now

          2. Cian

            My ‘Cumann Na nGaeil’?
            Feck sake. I said our and we. The Irish version of neutrality goes beyond party.

  9. eoin

    The mayor of a hilly Spanish town thought it would be a good idea to install a slide so that residents could cut 10 minutes off walking down a zig zaggy road by using the slide instead. It cost €28,000. It had to be closed after just one day. Can anyone see any design flaw at all?


  10. Al Bin Man

    UK Deep State moving in to neutralise Boris the buffoon and prevent unholy alliance with Farage’s beer drinking mob

        1. Al Bin Man

          the fact is the football is a far higher standard across the board now because counties had to up their game to compete with Dublin. And it still could improve in terms of player welfare etc

          Kieran Donaghy interviewed a Rebelle the other night who said she’s got team mates driving down from Dublin three times a week and they don’t get expenses. But sure Frilly says it’s all roses in Gaarden? #GaaToo

          1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

            Ya wha’

            Where have I ever denied the inequity and inequality of how our players are treated?
            G’wan. There’s a dozen forums about, some on the go since the late nineties that I’ve contributed to, and been party to, and have 0000s of posts lying about. So find one where I haven’t been loudly advocating for players,
            Of any code
            From any county
            At any level

            Tell ya wha’
            The next time a ladies intercounty side are fundraising for their
            out with the old and in with the new/ pre-season holiday
            I’ll tap ya for a ton

            ‘must be a Meath supporter with that durty dig
            are yer nerves at ya AlBi

          2. Al Bin Man

            Rebel county has traditionally been the worst for player welfare so no surprise that last one sailed over the bar.

            I don’t have time to be feeling through the internet for a zinger in a woodpile of comments ,
            I’ll take your word for it – don’t doubt it was loud either

            go on, take your lineball

          3. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane


            Shur’ it wouldn’t change the result

            But I at least have the measure of your marking style now

            Btw, you’ve just demonstrated you haven’t an effin’ clue
            You’re a journeyman AlBi
            Like all those introduced here last year for the Cause
            Another crowd fulla big talk and off the ball carry on
            And no facts proof or backups

          4. Al Bin Man

            look I know there’s a home ref here so I won’t be going in with anything other than a fair shoulder

            But we all saw what happened there when the topics of player welfare and Rebels were juxtaposed

            Old Glory still flying

  11. Ron

    There are now over 10,300 people homeless in Ireland.

    Nearly 900 young people aged 18 to 24 are now sleeping rough. There’s been an 82% spike in the number of young people becoming homeless in the last four years.

    Shame on the Irish electorate for allowing this to continue. A spineless, subservient people, with no sense of dignity or respect for others.

    And now they are going to start controlling the narrative of online criticism against them. They are the most corrupt, incompetent, inept political scrotes ever elected. Shame on you Ireland

  12. Ron

    Maria Bailey: See how the political scrotes have turned the narrative to Maria is a victim of a targeted leak in the faeces show that is Fine Gael and Irish politics. Nothing about how what she did was fraudulent, deceitful and just wrong. The only thing she is sorry about is getting caught. She represents the dirty smiley grime on the bottom of the barrel that is Irish politics.

    Maria Bailey represents the calibre of person the Irish electorate love to vote for. Shame on you Ireland

    1. Al Bin Man

      Well you’re not wrong this time the entire investigation is just showboating though

  13. Ron

    Deirdre Conroy: Another example of the calibre of political scrotes the Irish electorate admire and love to vote for. No self respect or sense of dignity. The irish electorate are in a race it seems to see who can hit the bottom of the slimy scum you find on the bottom of a barrel. That barrel is Irish politics Shame on the Irish electorate

    All eyes on the High Court case being taken by newly elected Fianna Fáil councillor and barrister Deirdre Conroy. The FFer had a fall on a press junket to a ski resort in Andorra and is looking for at least €60,000 in compo.

    Conroy first came to prominence in 2012 when she revealed that she was the woman who had taken a 2005 case against the state in the European Court of Human Rights. This followed her being denied an abortion on fatal foetal abnormality grounds. When deciding to join the FFers and run in last month’s local elections in D6, Conroy told the Indo that she had been influenced by Micheál Martin’s explanation of his own U-turn on the Eighth Amendment.

    Conroy penned columns for the Indo when working as a travel journalist (and also training to be a barrister). One of those articles was to be written on foot of a 2016 ski junket to Andorra, where she accompanied four other hacks courtesy of Crystal Holidays. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite turn out as expected after Conroy et al arrived at the resort of Arinsal.

    Deirdre took a tumble on the first day and ended up with a fracture to her hip that needed corrective surgery back home.

    Ironically, the solicitor she initially used to file her 2016 claim in the Four Goldmines was one Josepha Madigan, now a Fine Gael minister and well known to Maria Bailey. Conroy changed to Charles W Boyle & Co solicitors in September 2017.

    Meanwhile, Crystal Holidays is set to fight Conroy’s claim and the parties are in the High Court next month for the next stage of their high-stakes ski run.

    1. SOQ

      From you comments of recent times you been around a lot longer than the name ‘Ron’ so let’s start with people in glass houses. What usernames did you use to post on this website before please?

      1. Ron

        Sorry to disappoint you SOQ. I have been on this site for the last 5 years. only ever as Ron. Not that’s it’s any of your business.

  14. Ron

    Fascinating insight from Phoenix Magazine.

    The AWARD of a Queen’s Police Medal (QPM) to Garda commissioner Drew Harris brought zero adverse comment in the Irish media, but it raises questions nonetheless.

    Firstly, there is the extraordinary ‘Glenanne gang’ ruling against Harris at Belfast High Court in July 2017. Mr Justice Treacy ruled that Harris was guilty of an “extreme… abuse of power” when, as head of legacy inquiries in 2010, he refused to carry out previously agreed overarching and systematic investigations into collusion between state officers and loyalist paramilitaries (see The Phoenix, 13/7/18); each case of collusion would instead be looked at in isolation.

    Secondly, cynics would say that Harris’s policing gong from Blighty was made to balance the awarding of a prestigious CBE to outgoing Northern Police Ombudsman Michael Maguire, who is a bête noire for former RUC officers.
    Maguire’s most significant contribution in his seven-year tenure was to carry out that very overarching inquiry into the Glenanne gang, which Harris avoided. One of the most notorious massacres carried out by the Glenanne gang was the Loughinisland World Cup attack in June 1994.

    The decision by the PSNI last week to drop its investigation into the two journalists who made the film No Stone Unturned’ about the Loughinisland outrage is not the end of this affair. There will now be an inquiry, one element of which will be Harris’s possible involvement in the decision to ‘scoop’ producer Trevor Birney and researcher Barry McCaffrey in the first place – something Harris denies.
    Ever since the dawn raids last August that saw the two journalists arrested, Birney has maintained that Harris was briefed by the Ombudsman’s office about the essential contents of their film as early as 2016. At that point, Harris was deputy chief constable of the PSNI.

    The Garda commissioner told The Phoenix that he has “no responsibility” for the No Stone Unturned arrests and the investigation is solely a matter for the PSNI.

    Rumours are circulating within the Garda that Harris wishes to leave his post early and that his eyes are on the top job at Scotland Yard. Another good reason, perhaps, for security sources in London recommending that a QPM be placed on his CV.

  15. eoin

    Tsk, tsk Ron, it’s naughty of you to copy and paste an entire article from a subscriber publication like the Phoenix. Copying a brief excerpt to illustrate your point is the proper approach. If people are sufficiently interested they can then subscribe to the Phoenix in recognition of their journalistic work, otherwise you’ll put the publication out of business and there won’t be any future articles! And the Phoenix is worth a subscription, it does deep dives into certain issues which are skimmed elsewhere and it does genuinely produce news and analysis.

    1. Ron

      your right. Phoenix is one of the last really independent media publications out there. I recommend everyone to subscribe

  16. Rob_G

    “A portrait of Ana: her life in pictures”

    – jesus christ, but the news media are vultures

  17. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

    Before the day that’s in it gets consigned to history
    Give me this indulgence

    In the name of Cork ’87
    And ’88 –
    And the Meath like to get their retaliation in first era

    4 points

    O’Rourke, Dowd, Geraghty, Murphy (O), McEntee, Fay, Boiler, Boylan, Stafford, Lyons, notable exception Trevor Giles btw but feel free to add yerselves

    This day was coming
    4 points
    In a provincial final

    And not a day too soon
    Well deserved

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