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  1. newsjustin

    All this talk of “the only thing that can derail the Boris campaign is Boris…..”

    1. missred

      I liked the sound of Carrie as a woman, if not her politics and taste in men. If that tale is true it is dreadful.

    1. eoin

      Twitter verification is merely based on a phone number and email address, isn’t it, so your employment status won’t change that.

      Interesting to see the new digital version of the Times Ireland today putting out 10 articles, four comment pieces and even some sport today. Lise Hand and Paul O’Donoghue are still putting stuff out.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    I wonder why McAleese is rowing in to the Social Media debate. Has she something to hide herself?

    1. eoin

      Isn’t it amazing that Theresa May, who must be the most embattled leader ever, can fire her Defence Minister Gavin Williamson for allegedly leaking details of a Cabinet discussion about Huawei (which Williamson denies) and that a couple of hours after that video of Mark Field grabbing the activist and manhandling her, he is fired by Theresa.

      I suppose Tory Boy is more Gombeen Boy.

    2. eoin

      Day #24 of the “fortnight long” internal FG probe and the Indo reports

      “[the internal FG] report was expected to be finalised last week but sources say it could be another fortnight before it is delivered to the Taoiseach. It has now emerged that as part of his work Mr Kennedy is trying to find out whether somebody within Fine Gael was involved in leaking the story. In correspondence, he requested to know how this newspaper became aware of the case and obtained court documents.”

      So, it’s not just other people’s time and money that FG can’t manage when it comes to reports. Also, how sneaky that the review will try to catch who leaked the info about Maria Bailey’s dodgy claim, there was no talk of that when the internal review was announced.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        As regards the leaking – who would have the greatest interest in stopping her? Who would have access to the documents setting out her claims ? Who would know whether she had items in her hand when she was swinging (cctv)?Who stood to lose if she was successful?
        The hotel surely? Doubtful if any one ordinary Joe Soap person in FG would be privy to all of that information.
        Unless it’s an internal FG matter…..
        Maybe someone wanted to get on the FG ticket instead of Bailey in upcoming election? Maybe that someone (let’s call him/her JoeB) enlisted someone in the know (let’s call him/her JoeA) and together a plan was formulated. But the plan wasn’t acceptable to FG in general, and JoeA was told a resounding ‘no’. JoeB maybe had something on JoeA, so to show FG who is boss, JoeB and JoeA, released this info at the most unsuitable time.
        Maybe, maybe, maybe. All the makings of a JoeC story though.

        1. eoin

          Knowing the Dean Hotel, I’d guess they’d have wanted the matter dealt with as unobtrusively as possible. They’re very protective of their reputation and they’re also not eejits who’ll pay compo at the drop of a hat. It’s not their style to leak.

          Isn’t Maria likely to be in a major fight with Mary Mitchell O’Connor and Sean Barrett in a few months at the next general election. I would have thought they’d have most to gain from Maria’s downfall, but who knows, it could have been 10s of people for whatever motivation.

        2. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

          Ah would ya stop GeeGee

          This was no leak
          Bailey was handed to the Indo
          Deliberately and Strategically
          By Leo etc the week before the Elections to take the heat off Eoghan Murphy
          And give the doorsteps something lite to nibble on instead

          Anyone who thinks the Indo treated this story like an orgy without Fine Gael being party to it from the off, probably shouldn’t be allowed out unaccompanied.

          1. Cian

            That doesn’t make any sense.
            If you said it was to take the heat off someone that was going for election e.g. Francis Fitz, then I could sort of understand. But to create a new scandal against your own party to clear the heat of Murphy? Where is the benefit? Murphy will keep going.

          2. Yep

            Cian has a point. If it was an orchestrated ploy with the Indo, surely the extra column inches on the compo culture within FG would have been predicted.

            Murphy, like his best bud in the top job, seems to be sailing past any real criticism even though they are both doing exceptionally poor jobs.

            Don’t get me wrong, wouldn’t put it past ’em. Just the “need your head examined” stance seems a bit too sure.

          3. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

            Ah would ye grow up

            Colour it in whatever way you like lads
            And join the dots in whatever route ye can get away with

            But Maria Bailey was handed to the Indo by a Fine Gael insider

            And it was job done
            It took the scorching issues the Blueshurts ground forces were fending off badly out on the canvas
            And that’s a fact

            Shur’ just compare the news cycles the week of the election to the weeks previous

            Feck. Just look at the avalanche of columns and comments here alone that followed
            Eoghan Murphy didn’t get a look in ffs

          4. Cian

            What I don’t understand, and you have consistently failed to say, is what this has the do with Eoghan Murphy?

            Housing has been bad for 5 years.
            These were local elections to vote for councillors that oversee planning – as well as social and affordable housing. The councillors are partially to blame for the current housing situation.

            So tell me what benefit there are to potential FG candidates if the media/electorate are giving out about Eoghan Murphy or Maria Bailey?

            I could understand if you said it was to remove attention from Francis- as she was actively looking for votes and any attention away from her would be good.

  3. eoin

    A reminder for anyone reading the front page of the Mail that, on 4 July, the publisher of the Irish Daily Mail and its editor Sebastian Hamilton will be in court where the Director of Public Prosecutions is suing for contempt after their reporting of the Lucan child murder trial. A Daily Mail journalist was also originally sued but the Irish Times last week claimed the charges had been dropped against her, though she still appears as a defendant on court service records.

    A reminder also that the Charleton Tribunal last year found the senior management at the Mail, including its editors, had a troubling relationship with the truth and public duty.

  4. eoin

    Hmmm, Majella meets with the Minister for Justice and the Garda Commissioner about her treatment in the service when she was a new garda in a relationship with a fellow garda. She brings “her legal representatives” to the meeting. The only solicitor named in RTE reporting is Sean Costello, presumably from the eponymous Smithfield firm whose areas of specialism include compo. As I said at the outset, this has all the appearances of an ex-gratia compo claim, which would probably be statute-barred because the relevant events took place either 35 (pregnancy, reprimand) or 25 years (resignation from the service) ago.

    Does Majella deserve an ex-gratia payment, even if she’s not legally entitled to it? You decide. Literally, because this has all the hallmarks of being presented to the public in such a way to elicit sympathy and build public support and outrage which might be enough to pressure the payment of an ex-gratia sum. Personally, I think she was treated dreadfully 35 years ago, but I’m growing less sympathetic towards a compo payout. And I wonder what else will come out of the woodwork from what might he hundreds of ban-ghardai suffering historical harassment and gays being bullied. Maybe the stories need to be told and there needs to be (non-legal) acknowledgement and apology by the Garda management today but I don’t like the feeling of being played.

    1. Catherine costelloe

      Lucia o Farrell is still waiting for answers . She has to visit her son in a graveyard. Racked in grief and broken hearted. She puts garda /justice to shame with truth/integrity/facts. No amount of compensation will ever suffice — Shane is dead – he will never again be able to wrap Lucia in a bear hug. I think Majella is extremely lucky – she can hug her two boys. Life isn’t always about purse strings.

        1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

          With all due respect to Majella, and Lucia
          And everyone else who can rely on me standing up for them

          Ye can all wait in line until Joanne Hayes and the Hayes Family have had their day

          And this is going to be unpopular
          Around here anyway
          I also think Maurice McCabe should have waited

          1. martco

            you’re dead right about that last bit Frilly & I’m surprised to hear that out of ya. I’m gonna assume it’s happy hour

            put yer self in Maurice’s shoes for a second. the family. the neighbours. the work colleagues. the schnakey fupps who tried to hollywood-standard frame him up in the most heinous of ways in that opposite corner calculating…(tusla error my botty-boo) and that’s just the ones he knew about

            it’s a wonder he didn’t head to the cliffs..only for that recording, wha?

            I do understand what you mean I think but with respect…timing & waiting MY BLX

            the mans a hero who beat a nasty banana republic who on a daily basis fupps it’s citizens

          2. martco

            no doubt Frilly, no doubt atall
            and it’s just as shocking
            BUT he had to take them down there & then..old original Mike Tyson style 1st time, bang, goodluck. look at the way once the state machine gets time to calculate you’re a goner.
            all the stuff of present & past, same old, he had no choice I believe anyway.

          3. martco

            ah no course not, ye haven’t a begrudging bone in your body I know sure you can’t compare the two, Maurice had some firepower behind him & the instant leverage in that he presented clear & present danger to the state (and even at all that imho he only got 50% success really in the end)
            whereas that poor girl had & has nowhere near that….so the state can mosey along like usual & maybe she’d even die first with a bit of luck etc. we both know the score visited upon ordinary citizens time & time & time again..

            arra here I’m losing a battle with a bit of dry stone walling & this is making my blood boil already, have to stop.

            enjoy that last bit of the evening frilly

      1. eoin

        Does anyone know if Majella has previously sued over her grievances with the Gardai? She says she was in touch with Michael Noonan “about 10 years ago” but that was presented as an informal contact from which Majella didn’t get satisfaction. This whole story broke last Saturday, and Majella was seeking a public apology, then on Monday there was reporting that she wouldn’t be averse to receiving compensation, to Thursday when both the Garda Commissioner and the Minister for Justice met with Majella at Phoenix Park Garda HQ where they delivered a “sincere apology”. Majella was accompanied by “legal representatives”, plural.

        I’m getting the distinct feeling my heart strings are being expertly played in a compo case (which doesn’t have legal viability because the events took place so long ago and the statute of limitations limit is probably just six years). I don’t like it. This is going to open floodgates, how many unmarried gardai/teachers/nurses were sacked when they got pregnant or how many felt they had to have abortions in England if they wanted to keep their job. Should they get compo for so-called moral standards?

        I think people should get to tell their stories, and they should get acknowledgement and (non legal liability) apologies, but we need to knock this compo poo on the head now, otherwise who is going to foot the bill and if we’re compensating people for the moral standards of the 1940s to the 2010s, the bill will be in the billions.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Too flippin’ nice. Got my instructions at 9am. Mow the 3/4 acre. Cut back the briars. Strim. Weed. Spray. Etc. Have a sandwich at 2 and off out with ye again.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Just finished….for today. Forecast looks good tomorrow. Rain in the south east:-).

      1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

        Fair dues
        Shur’ you’ll be done now for the match
        Hon’ Cork btw

        And nobody’ll be cribbing when you hog the recliner, the remote and the bag ah’ cans for the night

        I’ve no such excuse
        I got a crew in
        By Jaysus what they took out
        So I reckon you’ve even earned it
        As well as having a whole Oreo Dairy Milk share bar to yourself

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Oooooh me fallen arches.
          Listening to the match. Cork just robbed out of a goal. Some advantage played alright. P

  5. Scooperman

    The jockey on The Irish Field looks like he’s thrown a small horse up in the air

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