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Serial sex offender Patrick Nevin (37), who attacked three women in the space of eleven days after meeting them through Tinder, has been jailed for 12 years for rape and sexual assault.

Serial sex offender who attacked women he met on Tinder given 14-year sentence (Declan Brennan, The Irish Times)

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35 thoughts on “12 Years

    1. LeopoldGloom

      They could’ve met him in a bar and had the same result.

      12 years is an insult. At a minimum it should be 12 each, to be served one after the other. He has previous convictions. He shouldn’t be allowed to be free again and should have limited access to any type of resource while in prison.

      1. Rob_G

        “They could’ve met him in a bar and had the same result. – indeed. At least when you have contacted someone online, there is a digital paper trail.

      2. Spaghetti Hoop

        Yes but you’ve an escape option because at least in a bar-a neutral zone where there are witnesses and an exit – a woman has an opportunity to weigh the guy up and can leave if she instinctively feels under threat. This guy picked up all of his victims from their homes and drove them to remote areas. No chance of escape. Online dating encourages false trust in people you’ve never even met which is why liars, cheats and rapists thrive on it.

          1. Spaghetti Hoop

            Exactly. That’s what I mean about false trust. He was able to dandy around to their houses like they were friends for years. Most people have a remarkable sixth sense. If these women he raped felt threatened, there’s very little one can do in a moving car and probably frozen with terror, poor things.

        1. kellMA

          Maybe there should be a 101 on what not to do because to me, letting a stranger (online messages or not) collect you at your home and thereby giving him the info of where you are living and getting into a car on your own with him, is totally daft. If you are saying that online dating robs people of these basic common sense ideas, then this needs to be pushed a lot more.
          And agreed; 12 years given his past is a joke. He is a risk to society.

      3. Mickey Minaj

        How come we accept concurrent sentencing.should be at least 12 yrs per incident and run consecutively, 12 yrs is an insult

  1. Dr.Fart MD

    jesus, if ya read the newspaper bit, he has a long list of offences. beating a girldfriends two dogs to death and then beatin her up, a multitude of sexual assaults and rapes, has done time, but still breaks the same offences after release, this guy will never change, 12 years is not enough, he’s proven again and again that he’s a danger to society. suspending 2 years of 14 is stupid. he should be put away until he’s too old to be able to attack anyone.

  2. dav

    There needs to be a serious review of the sentencing in sexual assault/ rape cases in this country.
    I think the if judges don’t see the need to punish the guilty and protect the common good, then their prerogative in sentencing such cases should be replaced by mandatory terms.

  3. eoin

    There are around 1,500 people in Ireland on the sex offenders register.

    Shouldn’t there be a blanket ban on these people using, at a minimum, online dating services, and probably social media?

    If such a ban had been in place, then Nevin (as a serial offender dating back to the early 2000s) would not have been legally able to use Tinder. Of course, he could still use it illegally, but if caught, it would be easier to take him off the street, and, even if there was a complaint which didn’t result in a conviction, if it could be shown he did use Tinder, then they could jail him.

    [thoughts and prayers for the victims of this animal]

  4. Brother Barnabas

    horrible crimes and fully deserves to be punished

    spare a thought though for his mother- a beyond decent woman who’s suffered similarly herself

    1. Liam Deliverance

      Yes, God love her, I’d imagine she would have no problem with him being putting away permanently.

  5. Jake38

    He’ll be out by 2023. Wonderful. Is there a bigger joke in this country that the Irish judicial system?

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Tinder could vet users for previous convictions via photo-recognition. But they’re probably a service like Daft – couldn’t be arsed with standards and morals.

      1. Rob_G

        Govt departments aren’t allowed release people’s personal data to other govt depts – there are all manner of laws preventing them releasing this information to a private company.

  6. Chimpy

    I still think its crazy that he is the son of Cynthia Owen. A son born from the Dalkey “House of Horrors”. His nature seems to be something past down from his father who was also his grandfather. Horrendous stuff.

    1. Chimpy

      Whoops he wasnt the grandfathers child. Made a mistake. Have to feel something has been passed down in the gene pool somehow though.

  7. Murtles

    No new prison spaces have been created in this country for over 10 years yet crime is on the rise. Therefore with no places to incarcerate criminals, the revolving door system continues to make a mockery of victims, gardai putting in the hours to catch these people and basically the whole irish judicial system. The terms concurrent and automatic remission should be wiped from the judicial vocabulary.

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