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    1. eoin

      So much for the Times Ireland retaining three journalists to produce 4-6 articles each a day. Today’s digital edition has 8 articles today, with at least one being taken from the UK edition. Has the NUJ spoken out about this, and what looks like the abandonment of a commitment to keep producing an Ireland edition digitally? H.T.F.

      One of the eight articles (taken from the UK edition) is about the £12 BILLION of Libyan cash which the UK has frozen since 2011. At the same time today, Libya is returning to medieval times. It’s just state level gangsterism by the UK to (a) topple the government of Libya (b) seize £12bn in city of London cash (c) withhold that for eight years while Libya slides into anarchy.

    2. eoin

      5pm today, Eir will finally add a competitive element to the govt’s €3bn National Broadband Plan when it appears before the Oireachtas communications committee.

      Tomorrow, the ESB will come before the committee.

      Hopefully, by Thursday, the government will be forced to abandon the sleazy €3bn plan to enrich their best friend forever (or at least, since 1994).

  1. eoin

    What have Irish Water and the Environmental Protection Agency to say about the latest discharge of untreated sewage, pee and poo into Dublin bay? Are they going to call it “activated sludge” this time?

    In 2019, this simply isn’t acceptable in Ireland and the heads of the CEO of Irish Water and the DG of the EPA should be drop-kicked from public governance.


    1. Spud

      Irish Water person on newstalk this morning said they are working on upgrade, but still many years away from dealing with the capacity issues.
      With the city growing fast, dirty beaches and contaminates are going to be part of life for the next while.

      I guess once the economy crashes, and many workers move out = less sh*te going through the system = better beaches…

    1. eoin

      What ever about burgers and pizzas, I’d say reading the Daily Mail would lower your sperm count (and whittle away your will to live). It’s not journalism, it’s someone passing on one of a hundred reports which comes out every single day from a single academic or from a group which says X is good for your health and Y is bad.

          1. Janet, I ate my avatar

            ah it was an obtuse joke
            I guess it only works in my head
            tap means to type

  2. eoin

    The official (as opposed to the ones the lads down the station mock up and give to Paul Reynolds every now and then) crime figures from the Central Statistics Office for Q1,2019 were published yesterday. Most categories of crime have increased.

    What is the government’s response to rocketing sex crimes? Charlie Flanagan “welcomed the fact more victims are coming forward to reports such offences.” How can Charlie possibly know if the hike in sex crimes is down to there being more crimes or more people coming forward? He can’t but that’s how low he’ll stoop to spin the figures.

    Also, these figures for the first quarter of 2019 are again “under reservation”, or, as the CSO says “These statistics are categorised as Under Reservation. This categorisation indicates that the quality of these statistics do not meet the standards required of official statistics published by CSO”

    Ireland hasn’t had proper crime statistics since 2014. Who was the justice minister back then? Does he take any responsibility for the dodgy crime numbers in his book? D.H.F.

  3. eoin

    The Sun is doing its best to promote the work of the Criminal Assets Bureau today and its seizure of a “€1 million ” semi detached house in Crumlin. belonging to an alleged member of the Kinahan drug trafficking organisation. If the house, which is in a delapidated state, is worth €300,000, I’d eat my hat.

    The Sun also reports about another attempted CAB seizure and says “McGovern hasn’t been seen at the property since he joined cartel kingpin Daniel Kinahan in Dubai in January 2017.”

    Why doesn’t CAB just go down to Dubai dictator Mo Maktoum’s stables and seize his race horses? As the state-level landlord of the Kinahan DTO in Dubai, why should he be allowed profit while the Kinahans are wrecking havoc on the streets of Ireland.

  4. eoin

    Yesterday, the government announced it was giving €40 million to a research center at Trinity College Dublin.

    However, buried in the press release is this gem, along with the €40 million “investment” by the government, Trinity will be raising a very precise €77m elsewhere.

    “coupled with €77 million in cash and in-kind contributions which AMBER will raise in investment from industry and non-exchequer sources through their collaborative and international research activities.”

    Who precisely is contributing the very precise €77m? Surely not our favourite Chinese state-level spying telecoms company, Huawei? What about the Saudi-headquartered lobbying company which is investing in research at DCU?

    And who will own the product of the research? How will the Irish govt split any profits? It will be 40:77 right? Not 0:100?

    Pity our brave media couldn’t be bothered to ask any questions.


  5. Della Bella

    So now Simon Harris is going to force hospitals to carry out abortions?

    Such a lovely caring man.

    1. kellMA

      Is he? Had not seen that but then it is a hospital and their job is to execute medical procedures and abortions are medical procedures.

      1. Della Bella

        Or course they are.

        How many medical murders do you think a doctor should carry out every year?

        Should there be a quota?

  6. Charger Salmons

    Brexit Derangement Syndrome overwhelms the more intellectually challenged BS posters.
    That’ll be all but a handful then.
    Is it any wonder that Ireland slides inexorably further down the list of the world’s best universities,long since relinquishing any hope of making the top 100.
    Interestingly while 9 UK universities make the top 50 in the latest survey not a single university from any other country in the EU does.
    Marvellous,what ?

  7. eoin

    Hah, the British media is every bit as useless as our own, turns out the pic on the front page of the Telegraph which shows Boris not hitting or arguing or otherwise fighting with his girlfriend is…… wait for it…….. at least six weeks old. Or at least that’s what the UK’s radio presenter Nick Ferrari has seemingly wheedled out of Boris this morning.

    1. Rosette of Sirius

      All Bruiser needs to do is hold his nerve and get to the end of July. The Hyacinths will vote him in and then we shall see what fun August brings.

      Can he hold it together? I dunno. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know. He did say so himself all those years ago.

      Fascinating stuff this.

  8. Liam Deliverance

    Irish Times, putting a picture of that piece of garbage on the front page, and that picture in particular, are they competing with The Herald now for trashiest rag in Ireland

  9. SB

    Re the Irish World front page on teachers…obviously we’d like them to come back. But isn’t a part of the problem with the lack of permanent contracts to do with teachers themselves, when they GET a permanent contract, then taking a leave of absence to go off to Dubai to get a bit of tax-free cash? Thus preventing another teacher being given a permanent contract?

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