Mediahuis In The House


From top: Foyer at Independent House on Talbot Street, Dublin 1; INM board at an Extraordinary General Meeting in the Carlton Hotel, Dublin Airport this morning

This morning/afternoon.

The short meeting  was attended by around 50 shareholders, as well as the board of the company and advisors to the deal.

….Not everyone attending the meeting was happy with the deal on the table, though.

One shareholder claimed the 44% premium being offered by Mediahuis on the share price at the time of the offer was not a true reflection of the company’s value because the share price was depressed as a result of the ongoing investigation into INM by High Court inspectors.

This is a catastrophic deal,” he told the meeting.


INM chief executive Michael Doorly said it was a day of mixed emotions as the meeting represented the end of an era, as it likely marked the end of INM as a public limited company.

INM takeover set to be approved by shareholders (RTÉ)

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2 thoughts on “Mediahuis In The House

  1. eoin

    Denis O’Brien’s representative on the board, Kieran Mulvey (yes, him again) lashed out at Facebook and Google for providing a superior targeted advertising service along with social media that people actually want to use hoovering up the ad market.

    “Mr Mulvey called on the Government to take action to address the issue, and to marshal action against multinational web publishers at a European level.”

  2. Truth in the News

    Pay back time has come to INM and for all of it and the type of propaganda pollution it
    spewed out ever since it was taken over by the “Bean Merchant” and he too is now
    history, it is delightful to use his famous words when he took over everything now has come
    to a “full Stop” what also must be asked why was some of the Companies debt written
    off under the tenure of Micheal Noonan when he held the Finance Portfolio and where
    the State held a significant shareholding in AIB

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