Gaslighting By Fanny


Maura Higgins

Meanwhile. on ITV’s Love Island….

The reality-TV gods must have praised the heavens when Maura declared as her opening gambit: “The things I’d do to him.” She could hear herself screaming his name, she admitted.

He gave her the “fanny flutters”. “I wish he was eating me,” she added decisively, in case anyone was left in any doubt about her intentions.

…It appears to be the first time the following has occurred to people: that just because a woman talks freely and comfortably about sex, that just because she’s partial to a bit of innuendo, it doesn’t mean she owes anything to anyone.

The “all- mouthers” aren’t obliged to prove their point by following it up with action.

Tom’s personality prolapse was complete a day later, when he, to use the vernacular, totally showed his arse.

In true beta-male fashion, Tom put Maura’s assertiveness down to being a bit extra. “She’s too loud, attention-seeking and a bit cringe,” he said, but not before kissing and making up with her.

If you’re a confident woman with a dating life, you will surely know the drill by now: to these Milquetoasts, who like their girls “ladylike” – read: pliable – it’s not them. It’s never them. It’s you.

She has barely been in the villa a wet fortnight, but Maura has already given toxic masculinity a perfectly manicured two fingers.


Love Island: Maura Higgins from Longford gives two fingers to toxic masculinity (Tanya Sweeney, Irish Times)

Previously: Longford You’re A Lady

Pic: ITV

Thanks Al Bin Man

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45 thoughts on “Gaslighting By Fanny

  1. Al Bin Man

    Come on BS I deserve a shout out
    Brilliant headline though – it gave me flutters

  2. Termagant

    Imagine one of the lads had seen one of the lovely girls and the first thing he said was something along the lines of “Jaysus, that one there really gets me at full mast and all sails hoisted, I’d bash her back door in like I was there to steal the silverware”
    Ladies of Broadsheet, would you swoon? Would your gentle hearts soar?

    1. Jeffrey

      Yep – thats what I thought as well, if a dude had said that he’d want her to blow him off” I can only imagine the reactions …. Ah feminism… a thing of beauty.

  3. kellMA

    I have never heard that expression about the silverware. Made me LOL. As a person of the female sort, I would not take offence to any of that. I would only take offence where any innuendo implied force or ignorance of consent. Bashing in the back door for me is more of a reference to “energetic lovemaking”

  4. Boj

    Is giving two fingers to ‘toxic masculinity’ not just toxic femininity? Seems dumb?
    Or maybe I’m the dumb one cos all I want now is milky toast…

    1. clampers outisde

      It is, but Sweeney’s, the authors’, self awareness on that is demonstrably non-existent… but sure is great for the giggles and cringe, in fairness :0)

    2. Scundered

      They talk about toxic masculinity as if it’s a real thing, and not just a smoke screen for their hatred of males.

      Shocking double standards going on

  5. Nialler

    I think Fanny Flutters may have been called Fanny Farts in my day, not that I’ve seen or heard one in many a year

  6. AFoxIndeed

    i don’t watch the show, but did i misread this that her two fingers to toxic masculinity was to score the lad?

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Course they are. Sure she didn’t have boob enlargements, and only a little botox. Good convent girl.

          1. Al Bin Man

            I wasn’t aware she’s denying it but I think I read her mother say she hadn’t anything done anyway

            Why does it matter though?

    1. scottser

      I too am wondering why anyone in their right mind would give one iota of a toss for her or the program.

  7. Lilly

    What channel is it on? I’m looking forward to The Exhibitionists on Thursday, about artists submitting to the RHA. Mostly I only switch on the telly for Eastenders.

    1. SOQ

      If you are around Dublin on Saturday Lily- you’ll see what real Exhibitionists are.

      Now where did I put those daisy dukes?

    1. Al Bin Man

      Surprised you and Eoin haven’t commented on the disgraceful lenient sentence given to Cork camogie thug Ashling Thompson. Poor dear who committed two separate assaults while off her banger and lost a few sponsors. Endured social media commentary it says here.

      The Judge’s questioning of the victim is absolutely disgraceful

      1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

        Shur what can I do
        The girl is a thug
        It doesn’t matter what colours she wears
        She’s a thug, and a danger to others
        Alcohol or lack of food is not an excuse for any behavior

        I’m not responsible for the courts service
        She was charged and prosecuted
        and I’m not qualified to say whether the sentence was appropriate or not

        But I would say, that IMO
        If it was a lad, and the Judge was quoted as in the link
        Yes there would be uproar

        I can’t help that

        And I do hope she never plays for Cork again
        Same as any lad who was prosecuted for assault
        Win or lose, we’re very proud of our players,
        This former player is a thug
        Cork don’t field thugs

        Cork remember
        Not Waherfurd

        Or Kerry
        Or Meath
        Or Antrim

        You know there was a time when a lad with a Tattoo had a job getting a Cork Jersey

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