Codependent Enablers



5 thoughts on “Codependent Enablers

  1. Truth in the News

    Has not Madame Doherty’s Dept being made to pay entitlements to an
    individual that opted to decline to use this card to collect payments and
    that all the back payments with held had also to be paid also
    What all this is an attempt by a nosy bureaucracy to invade personal
    privacy and the same applies to the postal code in its attempt to do
    likewise, yet there is no reciprocal one to locate where all these people
    who dream of these schemes are hidden

    1. Cian

      I love the way there are loads of posters here asking why Ireland can’t be more like the rest of Europe with education, healthcare, abortion, and other areas.

      But the same posters decry postcodes, id cards, and water charges, and other practical ideas – even though these are all the norm across Europe.

      1. dav

        postcodes, id cards, and water charges all practical ideas where, in this country, the introduction of each had been a disaster – the commonanilty – the government in charge
        cian, I think your question would be better served in asking how your beloved fg managed to do so badly with each

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