6 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Glasnevin

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Sympathies. The priest who officiated my mother’s funeral called her by the wrong name about six times before one of the family stood up and corrected him!

    1. yupyup

      Had something similar at my Gran’s funeral and I have heard of it happening on other occasions.

  2. Chimpy

    Things sometimes can be haphazard in Glasnevin it seems.
    Its strange because they are doing this day in, day out.
    Happened when we were interring my Mums ashes.
    50 of us standing around waiting for someone to come to place them.
    Ended up ringing the office and asking what was happening.
    15 mins later a fella came sauntering down to the grave.
    Funeral director got the date wrong on the cross too.
    But … please please dont feel it was an intentional thing that has happened here.
    Just a silly mistake that was compounded with the awkwardness of them having to change the casket twice.

  3. Papi

    I was at a funeral in Norway where they carried the casket to the grave and stood there waiting and waiting, still holding the coffin while the guy who forgot the ropes had to drive to his house to get them so they could lower it in to the grave. Not cool.

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