The votes are in.

Last night, with a family ticket to this weekend’s Tayto Park Funfest on offer, I asked you to name your favourite crisp-related band or artist.

You answered in your tens.

But there be only one chart topper.

10. Basement Snax (Bertie)

9. Perri Como (Paulus)

8. Salt & Vinegars With Attitude (Cool Hand Lucan)

7. In Tayto Nua (Seamus Keane)

6. Chickatee-na Turner (Tanferine)

5. Cheese’n’Onion & Mary Chain (Daisy Chainsaw)

4. The Flaming Crisps (Johnny Green)

Dusty Pringlesfeed (Al Bin Man)

2. Hunky Dory Gallagher (f-lawless)

1. The Jimi Chipsticks Experience (Boj)

Thanks all and well done Boj.

Tayto Park Funfest

Yesterday: Win Nick’s Free Tix

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16 thoughts on “Crunch Time

  1. Tony

    Fair play to all involved and no offense to Boj but there are at least three much cleverer and instantly funny entries in that list. Just me maybe?

    1. Boj

      Ah don’t be sour cream & onion about it. ;-) I’m surprised too! My personal favourite was Enrique Pringlesias…class! Thats our Sunday sorted and a heap of brownie points earned. Thank you!

      1. Hula Hoop

        Never mind the Meanies, Boj, they’re all Wheelie jealous. Have a super day there!

      2. Tony

        No sour cream and onions at all Boj. I didn’t even enter i’m just saying brilliant as your ‘Jimi Chipstix’ was – there were better ones out there. ‘Chickatee-na Turner’ ftw imho

        Enjoy your oul spin on the smokey bacon-go-round or whatever they have up there;)

      3. Al Bin Man

        Yea well done boj
        I’m honored to share a podium with you
        There are no losers here

  2. LeopoldGloom

    That was a nonsense. There were far far better ones than most of the top 10, and the winner is among the worst. The best in that list is 10th.

    Enrique Pringleasias was there before Dusty, and is also better. Tayto Swift was solid too. I am angrier than I ought to be at this. That’s why I’m eating lentil curls instead of crisps

    1. Al Bin Man

      Yes that was a fair point about Pringle
      Hence why I added the hilarious feed suffix for the win
      Bertie deserves a podium finish but maybe he tried too hard. Lucan should have got it. If there was a god etc

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