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This morning.

Tayto park, Ashbourne, County Meath.

A pair of lemurs (pics 1-2), a mob of meerkats (pics 4-6) and an owl (Pic 3) getting into the Halloween spirit at Tayto Park this morning, enjoying a Halloween inspired breakfast ahead of the official opening of ‘The Wicked Adventures at Tayto Park’ this weekend, a brand new kids attraction for Halloween.

On Halloween, Thursday, October 31 kids can get into the park for free if they are in full Halloween costume.

Tayto Park

Leon Farrell / Photocall Ireland

Who’s at the door?

Last week, with a FREE family pass to visit Tayto Park this Halloween to giveaway, we asked you to name YOUR most memorable (or least memorable) house-to-house Halloween collection moment.

You answered in your tens.

But there could be only one winner.

Third Place:

Optimus Grime writes:

Hands down it was mam telling all the trick or treaters to congregate at the back door. In the midst of no one answering the door my dad appeared on the roof over the back door in a crucifix pose wearing a facially deformed mask and a long black coat. Cue utter chaos!

The average age of the group was 6 years old! No one ever called to our house again for trick or treat….I suppose they saved money in the long run!

Runner Up:

Not Himselfe writes:

‘One Halloween manys a year ago in 80s Dublin my dad decided to dress as Evil Santy. He reckoned it would be hilarious to hide under the car and reach out and grab at kids coming up the driveway to the house.

He crawled under on his belly and squeezed himself in as best he could. Anyway, after about 10 minutes when the novelty wore off (the kids were wide to his antics and he had to take a slash due to consumption of many beverages) he tried to crawl out from underneath said car only to find his jolly red suit snagged! No amount of manoeuvering could get him out.

A neighbor rocked up with a jack but he was so well snagged he couldn’t move. Oh how we laughed.After about an hour of throwing peanuts at him and the entire neighborhood coming by for a good laugh we decided we might have to actually help him get out.

Eventually the Fire Brigade, who happened to be around the corner doing what they do on Halloween night, had to come over and free him.Best Halloween ever!’


DOC writes

Last year most of the children had been at the house between 7.30-8pm One turned up at a quarter to nine and he said: ‘I am your PERIOD. That is why i am LATE!’
I fell around the place laughing…

Thanks all.

Last week: No Tricks, All Treat

Tayto Park

Top, from left:  Rian Ledwidge, Frida Maguire, Alba Keogh and Kyle Mc Donnell at Tayto Park in Ashbourne, Co. Meath, as the park announced a brand new kids attraction for Halloween – The Wicked Adventures at Tayto Park

Theres never anything  to do on Halloween.

Until now!

Ian Collins writes:

Tayto Park, Ireland’s favourite theme park and zoo located in Ashbourne, County. Meath, is excited to announce a brand-new kids attraction for Halloween – The Wicked Adventures at Tayto Park, which opens Saturday, October 18

On arrival at The Wicked Adventures at Tayto Park, transform into your favourite Halloween character at the Tayto Park Face Painting Hut, before stepping inside the Wicked Witches Lair where the spooktacular adventure trail begins.

..creep through the mysterious passageways of the pumpkin walkthrough and say hello to some of your favourite Halloween characters, but be prepared for a trick or a treat!

The magic and fun continues at the Wacky Wizard’s Mansion, be amazed by spooky magicians and learn some beastly breaking dancing, zombie zumba and much more before partying like a mon-star at the Wacky Wizard’s Mansion disco!

We have ONE (yes, one) FREE Family pass for up four people to giveaway to a Broadsheet reader.

To enter, Just tell us your most memorable (or least memorable) house-to-house Halloween collection moment.

Lines MUST close at 3.33pm Extended until 6.06pm MIDNIGHT.

Tayto Park


This morning.

Tayto Park, Ashbourne, County Meath

Reilly (top left) and Ellie (top right), Ambassador Dogs for Irish Guide Dogs, with (above from left) Founder of Tayto Park, Raymond Coyle; Nick Palmer, Irish Guide Dogs; and John Burke, Irish Guide Dogs, announcing news that two special awareness days for Irish Guide Dogs will take place at the park next Wednesday and Thursday with “an array of activities to support and raise funds”. In addition Tayto Park donated €5,000 to the charity.


Irish Guide Dogs

Tayto Park

Leon Farrell / Photocall Ireland

The votes are in.

Last night, with a family ticket to this weekend’s Tayto Park Funfest on offer, I asked you to name your favourite crisp-related band or artist.

You answered in your tens.

But there be only one chart topper.

10. Basement Snax (Bertie)

9. Perri Como (Paulus)

8. Salt & Vinegars With Attitude (Cool Hand Lucan)

7. In Tayto Nua (Seamus Keane)

6. Chickatee-na Turner (Tanferine)

5. Cheese’n’Onion & Mary Chain (Daisy Chainsaw)

4. The Flaming Crisps (Johnny Green)

Dusty Pringlesfeed (Al Bin Man)

2. Hunky Dory Gallagher (f-lawless)

1. The Jimi Chipsticks Experience (Boj)

Thanks all and well done Boj.

Tayto Park Funfest

Yesterday: Win Nick’s Free Tix

Animals at Tayto Park zoo during last weekend


‘Love Your Zoo Week’ returns to Tayto Park, Ireland’s only theme park and zoo this Saturday, May 25 – June 2.

The week is an annual campaign established by BIAZA (Britain and Ireland’s association of zoos and aquariums) to educate the public on zoos, aquariums and wildlife centres.

Ian Collins writes:

Take some time with the family to monkey around with a selection of primate-themed events

Families can meet the latest troop of lemurs in the newly opened lemur walk-through enclosure…

Visit the critically endangered macaques, the parks trio of tamarins and the boisterous squirrel monkeys

Finally, make sure to check out the park’s smallest monkey, the Silvery marmoset, weighing in at a tiny 350 grams….

Plus, bush dogs, , Amur Tigers and Leopards!

We have a pair (yes, two) tickets to allow free admittance to Tayto Park to celebrate Zoo Week to the most deservign Broadsheet reader.

To enter, please complete this sentence:

‘I need to spend some quality time with animals, particularly the ______________[name of animal] owing to_________________’

Lines MUST close at 6.15pm MIDNIGHT!

Tayto Park

Pics: Patrick Bolger

This morning

Dublin city centre.

The blood-soaked ‘Tayto Park Terrors’ took over the capital’s landmarks and freaked its citizens out to herald the Halloween Experience at Tayto Park

…which involves two brand new attractions to lure the unsuspecting to Ashbourne, County Meath.

Ian Collins writes:

By day, children can immerse themselves in Scary Tales, a step inside a world you thought you knew and discover what happens when an ancient curse is broken.

By night, visitors to Tayto Park Terrors will go on a horrifying journey taking in two new scare zones including Project Zero and The Tomb of Shadows.

Guests can then catch a night ride on The Cú Chulainn Coaster and several other of the attractions around Tayto Park….

Crisps also available.

Scary Tales Day Events (TaytoPark)

Two of the residents of Morbid Manor last night


Also: Eeeeek.

Last night

Tayto Park, Ashborurne, County meath

The launch of Tayto Park’s new Halloween event, Morbid Manor, a spooky abandoned mansion and the “ultimate immersive horror experience with 13 actors in full costume”.

Ian writes:

Willing guests will pass through various rooms and secret passageways and meet the inhabitants of the haunted manor, both dead and alive. Before entering the manor, guests will have to make it through the CarnEVIL. Beware of the creepy clowns and jilted jesters that roam around the deserted carousel in Tayto Park after dark.

Morbid Manor is open to the public tomorrow Friday 20th October and runs on select dates until 30th October and is suitable for over 14’s. For more information and to book tickets please visit http://www.taytopark.ie/events

We have a FAMILY PASS to experience Morbid Manor to give away to a Broadsheet reader.

To enter, just complete this sentence

My family and I especially deserve a night of crisps/horror this Halloween owing to________________________________

Lines MUST close at 5.55pm

Tayto Park

Pics: Rollingnews