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  1. Cian

    I hope RTE don’t read broadsheet and decide they need to emulate the BBC with their latest round of pay rises….

    1. eoin

      RTE is loss-making, it lost €19m in 2016, it lost €6m in 2017 and €13m in 2018. It says it will make a significant loss in 2019 and says its finances are unsustainable.

      If RTE can’t balance the books with existing salaries and fees (€495,000 to Ryan Tubridy for example), how could it justify an increase?

      1. V

        My point exactly

        The attempt to stuff their pockets with tax payers money
        While exploiting their positions to further enrich themselves and their connections
        Along with enhancing their profiles, and opportunity

        Ah here – it’s like watching them loot a sinking ship

        But I won’t deny
        I would love to see them try

        1. eoin

          Given the recent string of losses at RTE and the outlook from Dee Forbes, I wonder V, is there a case to claim to the ODCE that RTE is now trading while insolvent? It’s probably still running down the €108m it received from the sale of Montrose and it’s lining up the RTE Guide (probably only worth €5m, though) but it seems to be haemorrhaging cash from its day-to-day operations, while still managing to pay Marian Finucane €295,000 for around 180 hours work a year.

          1. V

            I doubt the ODCE have much scope here E
            The shareholder is the Minister
            I’m guessing Richard Bruton

            But the Comptroller Audit General should definitely have an interest
            As to how far I don’t know
            As they do have income from other sources

            One thing worth having a discussion on
            Well two things actually
            Maybe it’s time to widen SIPO
            And maybe create an Ombudsman or Commissioner of sorts around some form of oversight re Conflict of Interest, profiteering from public office or appointments

            But we definitely need to launch an advisory campaign around Conflict of Interest
            Most people can’t recognise it
            Or identify the particular risk
            Or even satisfy themselves to the level of acceptance they are expected to tolerate
            Or the disclosure required
            Or seperate transparency from a required disclosure

            Let’s be honest
            If SIPO didn’t demand it
            Do you really think Politicans in elected office would declare all their financial interests?

            Would they ___k

            A significant risk I see, is that most people, and that includes those that should know better and are required to know
            Don’t believe they have Conflicts present
            There is a general attitude of
            Shur’ everyone else is at it
            Everyone knows my wife is on the Board of ….

          2. italia'90

            Good to see you commenting again V :)

            Do you not think it would be better to have another rising,
            start again like,
            an implement a proper social, republican constitution?
            A true republic.
            And finish the job this time with regards to dismantling the colonial power structures?
            We had an argument about this at the poker school during the elections and worked it out that it would take 53 days to put the new foundations in place.
            What ya think?

  2. George

    A suspected murder being described as a hit and run because it was done with a car. If you ever want to get away with murder in Ireland do it in a car and if if the victim is on a bike there’s no way you’ll go to prison.

      1. George

        Yes, as I said it is a “suspected murder” that the press are referring to as a hit and run which reflects a distorted view that prevails more generally. Yes, the Gardai are investigating it as murder because they drove over the guy 5 or 6 times.
        If you want to get away with murder hit someone with a car once don’t run over them 6 times.

        1. ReproBertie

          The Sun is referring to it as a hit and run. The only other paper to cover the story on its front page refers to it as a murder.

          1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

            If a newspaper report it as a hit and run, that doesn’t mean the Gardai and/or the DPP see it the same way. You do understand that?

          2. ReproBertie

            “A 29-year-old man is due in court later this morning in Limerick, charged in connection with the murder of Kevin Sheehy.

            The promising boxer died in a hit and run in the city early on Monday.”

            This was the breakingnews.ie story earlier this morning.

    1. Hansel

      I’ve often said this to people too.

      “If you ever want to get away with murder in Ireland do it in a car and if if the victim is on a bike there’s no way you’ll go to prison.”

      “sun was in my eyes”
      “didn’t see them”
      “came out of nowhere”
      “got distracted”
      “am addicted to heroin, was banned from driving and was drunk at the time”
      etc etc etc

      Absolutely zero protection from the law and zero help from the “wear yellow and hope for the best” RSA.

  3. Man On Fire

    Aggravated damages bill for dying women being dragged fg style through the courts being tabled by Stephen Donnelly.

    College drop out health minister Harris is in the oireachtas committee to answer today.

  4. Man On Fire

    Slimey McCourt is refusing an invitation to appear before the oireachtas committee to explain his swollen NBP plan.

  5. Man On Fire

    Dithering Donohoe pleads the fifth when asked how Irish resident Larry Goodman paid close to zero tax on €170m in profits.

    Playing the useful idiot role to a T

  6. ReproBertie

    The absolute state of the Sasamachs turning their backs on a children’s orchestra. Will they turn their backs on the pay and pensions too?

  7. eoin

    Right, why are we being love-bombed by Dubai, the base (according to widespread reporting amongst Irish crime writers in the press) of the Kinahan drug trafficking organisation?

    First, the Dubai Duty Free sponsorship (this is nominally a private company but it has very close links to the Dubai dictator, Mo McToom)
    Then we have Mo giving €5m to our national center for hazing excellence
    Yesterday, in the Dail, we had the following from the Ceann Comhairle
    “I may be breaking with protocol but I think I should welcome the students who are here from the United Arab Emirates from the Al-Maktoum summer school. I met them earlier. They are accompanied by the Irish ambassador to the UAE, His Excellency, Mr. Aidan Cronin, and the students are being hosted by our colleagues Deputies Breathnach, Catherine Martin and Maureen O’Sullivan. They are all very welcome.”
    And later this week, Dubai Duty Free will be sponsoring yet more televised sport in Ireland.

    There isn’t a single mention on rte.ie about the Dubai princess seeking asylum (google site:rte.ie princess dubai). RTE always copies what’s on the BBC and Guardian. Hey RTE, seen this?


    1. Qwerty123

      You are right, its a cunning Kinahan plot. Maybe to lure out the hutches do you think? more great analysis Eoin, thank you

    2. eoin

      Four days after the news of the fleeing Princess Hiya was first reported, and despite the obvious connections with Mary Robinson, and the Kinahan drug trafficking organisation, and despite the fact RTE copies BBC and Guardian reporting on world affairs, RTE finally manages to mention the asylum-seeking princess.


      Which Irish channel will be broadcasting the Dubai Duty Free golf from Lahinch?

      1. Qwerty123

        I think the newly formed Kinahan Cable Channel, or KCC as it will be known, will be the main broadcasters. Its 19.99 per month to subscribe I hear, first 3 months “on tick” for a taster.

  8. eoin

    Hey brave media, it would be nice if you could report the defamation proceedings that the ex-INM group editor is taking against RTE and a Sunday Times journalist, and separately against the publishers of the Sunday Times and the same Sunday Times journalist. Always nice to hear what can’t be said (or can be said, but you can expect a solicitors letter) in this place.

  9. eoin

    Maybe Johnny Green will have a view on this.

    The Gleaner covers the latest Digicel results, they even have a quote from the Digicel PR woman who I thought had taken a vow of silence

    They refer to $230m EBITDA though other reporting, eg Irish Times and Australian financial press say $210m.

    Bloomberg now says that Digicel had $279m cash in March, up from $96m in December. This follows the issuance of $600m debt in the March quarter. I am upgrading my debt estimate at March from $7.1bn to $7.3bn, which, if correct would indicate debt:EBITDA (q1 249, q2 251, q3 241, q4 210) of 7.7. Yet Digicel is talking about a ratio of 6.7 in 2019 rising to 7.0 in 2020.

    As far as I can estimate, 7.0 is a distant speck in Digicel’s rear view mirror.

    Digicel bonds are at record lows, at levels that suggest a near certainty of default.

      1. Johnny Green

        and this….
        ‘One of Ireland’s largest charitable foundation’s grant giving dropped by nearly €1 million last year, according to its latest accounts.

        The Iris O’Brien Foundation provided grants of €3.7 million in 2018, down from €4.7 million the year before. The Foundation is funded by Denis O’Brien‘

        All joshing aside Eoin,I used call my posts Digicel Death Watch,then to a lot peoples surprise they pulled off the latest bond deal.Digicel has and continues need lots of equity,it simply is not generating enough cash to sustain itself,with falling earnings and deprecating local currencies.

        The most viable exit for DOB was to walk away from the Caribbean and attempt a do over in the pacific,spinning out Digicel’s assets there as a platform,this is what the exploratory talks were more likely about.

        1. eoin

          Thanks Johnny.

          It’s like trying to figure out what’s happening in North Korea when you try to scrutinise Digicel’s accounts but (a) I think the $570m revenue in the March quarter is dubious and (b) I think its debt:EBITDA is well north of 7.0.

          That’s just opinion though. The bond prices are fact and they’re firmly in default territory now.

  10. eoin

    Front page of Express, now that’s how you blackmail a government to fund a drug! Well done all.

    In Ireland of course, we’re already shelling out for Orkambi. Wasn’t that a political decision here which overrode the recommentations from the health agency which analyses the cost-benefit of new drugs?

  11. GiggidyGoo

    The Grand old Duke of Cork marching up the mountain once again (the beef one this time). Usual manner. Lambasting FG, yet supporting them. Confidence tricksters.
    Brexit doesn’t need Lad Leo to be in situ. It’s the Humphries who do the work. The Brexit excuse for holding up FG doesn’t wash.
    At least the farmers can blame both FF and FG for selling them down the slurry pit, and that bodes well

  12. Charger Salmons

    A woman who was found guilty by a French court in 2016 of the negligent misuse of millions of euros of public funds has been made head of the European Central Bank.
    And some tosser on here is snivelling about a children’s orchestra instead ?


      1. Charger Salmons

        Nice to see the Queen’s English being used instead of some bogger’s dialect.
        Dry your eyes mate.

        1. dav

          enjoy the daily mail pull out, trying to compel you into believing that poor Diana wasn’t stupid, then again if you believe in the brexit unicorns, it shouldn’t be hard..

  13. dav

    No longer ruling the waves, wot, wot..
    “Companies are leaving Britain’s shipping registry due to uncertainty over Britain’s departure from the European Union and future commercial arrangements with the bloc, industry officials say.”
    “CMA CGM, the world’s fourth biggest container shipping line, said as a French company it complied with the EU regulatory framework with regards to its fleet registered in EU member states, allowing the group “to remain competitive”.

    Shipping data showed CMA CGM’s UK ships were transferred to the French and Maltese flags on March 1, 2019.”

    1. Charger Salmons

      “Irish” Ferries registered in Bahamas and Cyprus.
      Crewed almost entirely by low-paid foreign workers.
      You need to up your game son.

  14. dav

    Jesus, points out effect of brexit on UK shipping, attempted refute is nothing to do abut brexit. brexiteers, really are in a world of their own, no blacks, dogs or irish need apply..

    1. ReproBertie

      As usual it’s “never mind that thing, look at this completely different thing” from Sasamach Salmons.

      1. Lilly

        Oh okay, thanks Frilly, will do. I did initially but they were faffing about with ridiculous requests so a friend suggested getting a broker. But I’ll bow to your expertise and stick with the original plan.

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