Meanwhile, In Brussels


This afternoon.

European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium.

Sinn Féin’s Matt Carthy in the irish Corner with,  back row, from left: Mick, Clare and Ming.

In fairness.

Will jailed and exiled Catalan MEPs ever get to sit in EU chamber? (Catalan News)

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27 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Brussels

  1. A Person

    A shinner complaining about democratic processes and human rights. Beyond funny.

    1. Man On Fire

      What’s the latest waiting time on a trolley in an Irish hospital?
      How many currently homeless in Dublin?
      How long have fg been residing over these figures?

      1. Cian

        While you’re not wrong that there are issues down south.

        What’s the latest waiting time on a trolley in a Northern Irish hospital?
        How many currently homeless in Belfast?
        How long have SF been residing over these figures?
        How long have SF refused to take their seats as MPs or do their jobs in the NI executive?

        1. Man On Fire

          Thanks for grudgingly admitting that I’m correct and A Person is a hypocrite.

          The rest of your comment is whataboutery and your exclusion of the DUP in your swipe renders it totally meaningless.

          Try harder

          1. Cian

            A person talked about democratic processes and human rights.

            You introduced hospitals and homelessness.

          2. Man On Fire

            Basic healthcare and shelter for homeless is part of any conversation about human rights and democracy, yet you call it whataboutery, directly after you admitted to my point.

            Try harder

      2. A Person

        What has my comment got to do with FG? I can’t stand any politicians but will call out every bs artist on here. You shinners are so thin skinned. However, given that you have brought it up – how many houses did you produce in Dublin City Council? Less than 10 per year. Even the electoral have copped on to you. Useless band wagon jumpers with no policy. You’re even getting Gerry (never in the Ra) back in the fold.

        1. Man On Fire

          And yet you only call out sinn fein, you’ve never called out fg, in spite of all the controversies..

          Your a hypocrite

  2. Chris

    3 Catalan MEPs who staged an illegal referendum? They are criminal idiots and of the same ilk as Sinn Fein. Catalonian’s live in freedom in Catalonia, their culture and language is celebrated AND protected by law. Those prats just want independence because Catalonia is the richest region of Spain so that they have more funds for themselves with no regard for the violence and chaos their show referendum caused.

  3. Rob_G

    Pity alright.

    I wonder how the 100,000s of SF’s constituents in Northern Ireland feel about being denied their voice in Stormont for the past year and half? Or in Westminster, while all the big boys are making decisions about Brexit which will affect Northern Ireland for generations to come?

      1. Cian

        Let me guess. You want a United Ireland back in the United kingdom? The brits can manage hospitals and homelessness but we can’t. So get them back to run the 26 counties too?

          1. Man On Fire

            ied to Rob, do yous sit opposite each other in cubicles?

            Is A Person there aswell?

          2. Cian

            My bad.

            What the hell was your point? What have hospital trolleys in ROI got to do with SF elected officials in NI not doing their job?

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