Airport Screening


Look up.

For pity’s sake.

Spaghetti Hoop writes:

I see the lack of spatial awareness every day in Dublin. In Dublin Airport, I witnessed an off-boarder bash and bloody her nose while striking a pillar when texting.  Called for help obv.

Seriously, be alert on the street; you are not only missing so much in spatial sound and awareness, but you are not safe traversing a city….

That’s YOU.

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39 thoughts on “Airport Screening

  1. George

    Spaghetti Hoop will save us all. We don’t know how to walk in Dublin unlike other cities where people are better.

      1. George

        No just don’t like smug condescension. This post is basically someone wagging the finger at people who don’t look where they are going.

    1. Reverend Pall

      I like Spaghetti Hoop generally but she does seem to be a bit of a Miss Bossy boots

      Still so long as it’s just role play ..

      What’s my safe word?

  2. Slightly Bemused

    I think this is a real problem, and in many ways facilitated in some places where they put in browser lanes and street level lights at pedestrian crossings (Korea, I think).

    I read elsewhere this morning of a young lady who lost her life by walking in front of an oncoming tram, oblivious to all around her and engrossed in her phone.

  3. scottser

    can’t help but think it serves her right. i nearly creamed a young lad when i was on the bike there the other day as he wandered out into the road while texting.
    people who text while walking should be wedgied.

  4. ZeligIsJaded

    Looking where you’re going is a very 20th Century idea.

    Do you really think people have time to identify a safe path before they walk it? With their eyes?

    No, is the answer.

  5. Custo

    I saw a bloke walk into a signpost the other day as he was walking along gawking at the traffic stopped at the lights.

    It was quite funny. No way to play it cool

      1. Slightly Bemused

        I must admit, I do that far more often than I should admit to.

        I also thank the drinklink machine, you know, just in case they rise up and oppress us. I want them to like me :)

  6. Dr.Fart MD

    it drives me mad daily. mostly if someone veers across the path while texting, making everyone move for them, as though what theyre doing is inarguably more important than anyone else. saw a guy veer across the path on nassua st the other day, forcing two people against the wall while he had acres of space his other side, he ended up shouldering the first, then also the second, didnt even look up. so i moved a little bit toward him and leant into a shoulder spinning him almost right around, he got real angry, but left when i squared up to him. i couldnt beleive all this happened, and a fight nearly on the cards, because of phones. i kinda wish i smashed him across the chops. have him sit in my waiting room for the day. anyway, i support pushing people out of your way who aren’t looking and are forcing you to either stop or change direction dramatically. just push em.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      i favour a yop chagi about 12 inches from their face – and let them walk into it

      they always say sorry, too

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Had to look up yop chagi as I thought it was some sort of yoghurt-covered flatbread. Would’ve worked.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          sorry, hoop, I assumed you too were a master of the noble art of fist and foot combat

    2. ReproBertie

      “i couldnt beleive all this happened, and a fight nearly on the cards, because of phones.”
      It didn’t. If it happened at all it happened because you decided to get all aggressive and attack some innocent bystander.

      1. Dr.Fart MD

        Qwerty: No, I’ve way too many friends.

        Brother: Oh I like that, that’s good.

        ReproBertie: That dude shouldered two people who had nowhere else to go, so i stood my ground, and when he allowed himself bump into me i leaned in with my shoulder. Then HE got aggressive. And i met that with aggression. The hope is that he’d look where he’s goin in future. Don’t think he will but if he blems me again therell be no square off ill just pan him out.

          1. Qwerty123

            Ah slow clap. Internet moron hits a most likely younger smaller adversary who wasn’t expecting whilst looking at his phone.

        1. ReproBertie

          “i leaned in with my shoulder. Then HE got aggressive”
          You saw him coming, saw that he wasn’t looking where he was going and instead of just moving out of the way chose to hit him a shoulder as he was walking past.

          1. Dr.Fart MD

            repro: yep. he already forced two people to the side and shouldered both of them. i’ve no problem letting him dothe same to me, only i push back. it’s all his fault. if he wasn’t an inconsiderate a-hole he probs wouldve at least moved after the first person he hit off.

            rob g: to be honest i felt great about it. it felt good and im guna go look for it again.

            Qwerty123: adding all your own components there. he was a lil shorter than me, about the same build. he had two indications he wasnt looking or caring where he was walking, he banged off two people and didnt even look up. everyone who hates me likes to forget that fact. cant beleive you wanted to be friends, and then go slaggin me off. i made the right decision.

          2. ReproBertie

            Paint it up any way you like. What it boils down to is that rather than just getting on with your life you instead almost got in a fight with a total stranger because you decided to teach him a lesson about using his phone in public. That’s the behaviour of a moron.

          3. Dr.Fart MD

            it’s not moronic. but maybe you’re incapable of thinking on the many simultaneous levels than I am. I won’t explain, it doesn’t seem like the effort excerted would warrant much of a result. But no this; not all violence is bad.

          4. ReproBertie

            Sometimes violence is without doubt the answer. That’s a message I’ve been teaching people for almost a decade now. The important thing is recognising when that time is and this was absolutely not one of those times. Only a idiot goes looking for a fight. Fights are not like TV and are certainly not like whatever fantasy outcome you were running through your head. Fights that can be avoided should be avoided.

  7. Skeptik

    Truck on the M50 wandered out of it’s lane and flipped an SUV a few days ago. The video was in the media for all to see. If the truck driver had their eyes on the road, that wouldn’t have happened.

  8. Ian-O

    I hope you had the good grace to get a selfie of you and her with her bloody nose for her Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/Zaggly/Fring accounts?


  9. Scundered

    Leave them to it, too many humans on the planet anyway, let natural selection do it’s thing

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