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      1. George

        Are the anti-gay comments going to continue to be tolerated? Just because they don’t use slurs doesn’t mean they’re OK.

        1. millie st murderlark

          I took that to mean arrogance, which Leo has no shortage of. He is a prideful man and it’s an ugly quality in our head of government.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Yet this is banter as such. MM with his never-ending faux outrage. Bread and circuses. As for Varadkar – I’m sure his mammy, whenever she gets the chance, will reiterate to him what sin actually is – starting with homelessness, but with rich additions about treachery, lying and needless loss of life in the health service.
      Varadkar and pride? The waster has nothing political to be proud of.

    2. eoin

      “he kind of reminds me of one of those parish priests who preaches from the altar telling us how to avoid sin while secretly going behind the altar and engaging in any amount of sin himself”

      What sort of sins does a priest commit behind the altar? Surely the abuse of altar boys would be #1 in most people’s minds. Below the belt is right.

    3. Spaghetti Hoop

      Comments like this display an immature and nasty, sneery politician. Even if they are on opposite sides, civility is expected in the chamber.

  1. Cú Chulainn

    Brendan Grace was hardly a ‘star’ of Ft Ted.. in fairness, I don’t think he claims that..

  2. eoin

    Carrie Symonds, Boris Johnson’s newish girlfriend on the front page of the Express.

    Hmmm, might get a blueberry muffin with the cuppa cha this morning.

  3. eoin

    The Dept of Communications tells us it would be illegal to now pursue a National Broadband Plan contract which costs €1 billion when the Dept of Communications has committed to a contract costing up to €3bn.

    Remember those emails and texts from Dept of Communications staff in New York last year around the secret dinner between the disgraced minister, Denis Naughten and the leading bidder (at the dinner, the sleazy Denis told Granahan Court they could change the composition of the consortium without affect the bid, and that led to Denis O’Brien coming on board a month later).


    This is so sleazy.

  4. eoin

    AT 10.30 O’CLOCK

    1. eoin

      The wonderful Órla O’Donnell at RTE reports, following this morning’s proceedings, Judge McDermott will issue his judgment next Monday.

      In the dock are the publishers of the Irish Daily Mail and the editor Sebastian Hamilton. A journalist was originally included but the DPP has since dropped the proceedings against her, and by all accounts she had no role in the matter and is a highly regarded courts reporting journalist. This was the front page which showed part of the article.


      The RTE report suggests the max penalty could be €100,000 but previous contempt proceedings eg Anglo tapes at INM and the separate collapse of a fraud trial, suggests the financial penalties can, in serious cases, be considerably north of €100,000.

      And I’m open to correction, but isn’t imprisonment still an option, though it appears the contempt would need to be especially serious to warrant that penalty.

  5. eoin


    Missing from the Telegraph’s current reporting are the “learning disturbing facts” aspect of the story.

    Included is that famous pic of what looks like the heavily medicated daughter of Mo along with our very own patsy of an ex-prez (has Mary given the State back the €1.1m cash in her liquidated climate change foundation yet?).

    Hiya is divorcing Mo in the family court division of the UK’s high court from 30 July. If there aren’t reporting restrictions, we might learn what life is really like in Mo’s household. I’d guess it will paint a different picture to that broadcast by #Marian.

    1. kellMA

      Yes but you also have to take into account the dynamics in a family court matter – which is why they are closed courts. Mud slinging galore will be going on as assets are fought over so whilst Mo the man may have questionable character anyway, he is certianly going to be portrayed as such in a family court setting. Three sides to every story in the family court etc.

      1. eoin

        You’re not wrong there K, but given the recent history of this family, its wealth and the impact that goings-on in Dubai, a place the size of Leitrim, has on Ireland (three murders a week in some weeks), this divorce will be one to watch.

  6. eoin

    Sighs of relief at RTE and the Sunday World as, according to the Indo today, “Businessman Jim Mansfield Jnr appeared before an out-of-hours sitting of the non-jury Special Criminal Court tonight charged with conspiracy to commit false imprisonment and with attempting to pervert the court of justice.”

    Jim had threatened to sue RTE and was in fact suing the Sunday World about reporting of an incident which led to the jailing of a well-known (former) paramilitary.

    Can’t be great for your rep to appear before an out-of-hours sitting of a court reserved for subversives and serious and organised crime.

  7. eoin

    You know that €14bn that Apple gave us in penalties and interest for its tax avoidance?

    Remember a year ago when we appointed Amundi, BlackRock Investment Management and Goldman Sachs Asset Management to manage the €14bn for us while Apple (supported by the Irish govt) appealed the decision?

    In the first six months, the three geniuses have lost €16m. And how much did we pay them for their world-class financial management of the €14bn? Hopefully, we’ll find out soon.

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