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30 thoughts on “As You Were

  1. millie st murderlark

    When I see stats like this I find myself wondering what’s the point in voting? I understand why I ought to vote, before someone comes in to give me the spiel, but stats like that are so disheartening and something of a disincentive to vote.

    What is the point when I know my voice won’t be heard?

    1. SOQ

      The problem with that sort of attitude Mill is that then people get unduly influenced by opinion polls.

      Who broadly resents your values should be who you vote for, even if you know they won’t get elected- because sometimes, now and again, there is a lot more people who feel the same way than you think.

      What good Daly and Wallace do in EU remains to be seen mind. I see little evidence that Ming has done anything other than get new teeth but then again, I don’t live in his constituency.

    2. Praetorian.

      Just vote 1 & 2…stop these carry overs…that’s how these reptiles are getting in…preferances…f@#$€£s.

      1. martco


        & despite my years at it I only really copped onto my own voting habits to make it more surgical recently enough

        (and some might find that funny but nobody ever teaches you this particular skill)

        when next GE hits would be nice to have a BS feature on pr & howto make it count in a firmer way – for the very reason you stated there

        would also be nice to see a parallel general purpose “watchdog” campaign listing candidates, the votes they took on issues, the obvious bs they’ve said (I love that Led By Donkeys effort across the water) to put straight metrics on them somehow…

          1. V @vanessa_foran btw

            that was a response to something now deleted
            just in case ye were worried about me

    3. Zaccone

      The most likely government to come out of the above would be FF+LAB+Greens+SocDems. If you’re of a left wing persuasion (which I’ll assume since you’re on here) thats almost half of the government being left-wing.

      A government like that should have noticeably better policies than FG in terms of housing, actually taxing the wealthy, supporting the economically struggling, protecting the environment etc. It would be a huge step up.

      Thats why you should vote – even if the above isn’t a complete victory for left-wing parties, its still a hell of a lot better a situation than the status quo.

  2. eoin

    Based on the European and local election results, I think the Greens will leapfrog the Shinners at the next election, 12-10.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Agree. A lot of votes to be spread out in the non-FFG field, and the Shinners forget that we can read news about their antics North and South. They’ve done absolutely zero to help restore Stormont and are staunchly anti-EU. I would have once said sure give them a shot as a junior partner in government but not now. The Greens will hoover up some of those Shinner, Labour and Renua votes. I’m excited about the next GE – one top reason is we may get a more equipped Minister for Housing to end this heartbreak for families.

      1. SOQ

        It will take a new government for housing, not a minster.

        With all the empty buildings in Dublin city centre it does not take a genius to figure that the London registered Diageo are at the very least- a substantial part of the problem.

        1. Cian

          The problems is Dublin predate the current government (who have taken a massive housing problem and done…. frankly nothing).

          A FF government won’t fix it. Though to be honest I don’t think there is a simple fix. Brexit may help – if it hits our economy and makes Dublin less attractive for living in.

          1. V

            So the current Government inherited it from the last Government

            The common denominator being Fine Gael of course
            Funny that

            The Fix
            Starts with local Government
            Not with any party

          2. SOQ

            CPOs are no problem for the likes of Metro North yet when it comes to hoarded land parcels which could be used for homes IN the city centre, this will apparently cause all sorts of legal issues.

            Córas Iompair Éireann and Irish Army being two culprits where the land is already owned by the state. And, next time you are on a Red line Luas heading out of town, have a look at Diageo- from the white bridge on the quays to Hueston Station and up to James street, and that is not even mentioning the other side of James’s at all. Crazy stuff.

  3. scottser

    i propose a system whereby anyone who votes FF or FG should be have their vote count for only half of a normal vote. and they should be paid less. and have to wear stupid clothes and go out with ugly people.

      1. V

        Slight correction C

        Fianna Fáil rank and file are biting thru the bit to get back on the doorsteps

        Micheal’s problem is facing his own Constituency
        His running mate the McGrath Mick
        Is definitely going to out poll him
        And I’ll have a tenner with ya that
        Simon and Donnchadh
        Will give him a dose of the funny tummy

        Imagine him having a scrap for the last seat

  4. the bottler

    Forget the polls. Come the general election, middle Ireland, pensioners and the public service will play it safe and bring back FG/FF

    1. Gabby

      You got it in 1. Irish political thought is about muddling through and that’s what FF/FG have been doing all the time.

  5. Liam

    Considering one of FF or FG is going to lead any govt, and there’s no difference between them, FF/Lab/Green/SD would probably be an improvement over the current arrangement.

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