‘Don’t Become Petty, Silly And Idiotic In Your Response’


Yesterday evening.

In the Dáil.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar compared opposition leader Micheál Martin to a parish priest “who preaches from the altar, telling us to avoid sin while secretly going behind the altar and engaging in any amount of sin himself”.

It followed questions from Mr Martin about the National Development Plan and its costs and Mr Martin asking the Taoiseach not to be “petty, silly and idiotic” in his response.

Good times.

Taoiseach compares Fianna Fáil leader to sinning parish priest (RTE)

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33 thoughts on “‘Don’t Become Petty, Silly And Idiotic In Your Response’

  1. Jeffrey

    Its frankly depressing. Varadkar is just a smarty pants mouthpiece at this stage, whether its to ignore independants raising important social issues or tit for tat with SF, he is an embarrassment to the political scene, the guy has no solutions for any of the problems Ireland is facing. And to think we thought Kenny the plank was bad…

  2. Jonjo

    Worst Taoiseach in living memory. He has fixed absolutely nothing in his time in charge. Things have actually gotten worse. Broadband, Children’s Hospital, his own party members with frivolous compensation claims and he says nothing on these issues.

    1. Dr.Fart MD

      very true. any time someones defending him i ask them what good has he done since in power, and the only thing they have is repealing the 8th amendment, which is good but he was against it until he saw most people wanted it. and anyway, its one thing, versus the never-ending failings and scandals.

    1. LeopoldGloom

      Varadkar wasn’t voted in to be Taoiseach though. He was voted in as a local TD who made sure Castleknock was kept in tip top condition while the rest of D15 is awash with rubbish.

      He should never have been elected. He’s offered nothing in any of his portfolio jobs. He’s been an absurdly bad Taoiseach, was an absurdly bad minister in 3 different ministerial positions, cuttin gmental health funding, his lame effort at stopping welfare fraud and his cute hoorism in getting the AshtownCastleknock greenway/blueway done.

      He had a habit of making statements about portfolios that were not his own, always eyeing a promotion or the biggest position. Since getting it, he has said nothing of note. All vaccuous nonsense.

      He’s a bully and a gossip. No more. He makes personal slights against anyone and anything he can. He’s snide and not nearly as witty or smart as he likes to think he is. It is utterly depressing that he is the leader of this country.

      1. Reverend Pall

        You haven’t refuted my point
        In fact you strengthened is
        Someone as plainly ignorant as you are is served by this type of “leadership” appropriately in my view

      2. Increasing Displacement

        “who made sure Castleknock was kept in tip top condition”

        Has he? Because it certainly isn’t.
        Moreso if you compare it to any southside area

        Cant even drive through it these days due to the new lidl smack bang in the middle

      3. SOQ

        Interesting- by the use of certain terminology or phrases, sometimes people say a lot more about themselves than they may think.

        Take the word ‘gossip’ for example. I’ve heard it used regularly about gay men, on occasion about straight women, and very rarely about straight men. It is for the most part a feminine put down except in my experience, straight men are just as likely if not sometimes more so, to spread gossip than anyone else- especially if they suspect anther man is gay.

  3. V

    Varadkar is the petulant teenager Taoiseach

    I think he’s getting a sneaky dig in to Martin there
    Behaving like opposition on the floor of the house
    Well attempting to anyway

    But behind the scenes
    In confidence and supply meetings say
    He’s a pathetic wimp
    And Varadkar has him wrapped around his finger

    1. Brother Barnabas

      what do FG grassroots make of him now, frillz?

      I’d find it hard to believe that even FGers reckon he’s doing a good job

      worst taoiseach ever ?

      1. V @vanessa_foran btw

        Shur the Grass Roots never liked him
        SImon got, like, 75% of the Party (general Membership) vote
        @campaignforLeo just worked the Oireachtas FGers, and secured the weighted votes

        How do you think Josepha and Regina did so well for themselves

        Whatever happens over the next six months there
        Leo will always have a safe seat

        I reckon he’s going to run for the big gaff down the road from him

  4. GiggidyGoo

    And today we are informed that the National Debt since FG took office has not decreased. So the extra taxes, levies – gone to who then? full employment?

      1. kellMA

        How big is it? There are approx. 220k people drawing the dole. At just under 10K per annum spend (just the dole and not all the other costs) that is a bill of just over 2.1 billion. 4% of those are more than 10 years on the dole. How depressing

        1. Rob_G

          Add in rent allowance, HAP, children’s allowance, free medical cards, Christmas “bonus”, etc., and you quickly arrive at the €20bn-odd that is spent on social protection each year.

          To whit: this article

          – she’s 21, he’s 26

          – she’s been on the housing list 3 years (so, she signed on the second she turned 18 – that’s not a good omen for a productive working life)

          – she already has two kids, pregnant with number 3; her youngest is 3 months’ old and she’s pregnant AGAIN??
          How many more kids are we going to be asked to shell out for?

          Why are they looking to the council for accommodation – the partner is a young man in the prime of his life, the country is at full employment – why isn’t he out providing for his family? Imagine how much spare dosh the state would have to pay for social housing & benefits for actual workers, if we weren’t being asked to provide for every single material need from cradle to grave for people like this pair of wasters

          1. millie st murderlark

            Funny you mention HAP. I was thinking about this after reading this story.

            Because if the government had invested the huge quantities of money being pumped into HAP into social/affordable housing our welfare bill would be considerably less on a long term basis. But because they didn’t, and instead gave us HAP as a short term solution to a long term problem, we now have a spiralling welfare bill, ever increasing rents, a shrinking rental market, and an enormous homeless problem.

            It’s all too easy to blame people who avail of welfare, but nowadays so many of them rely on the HAP payment as a matter of course because of these huge rents and the housing shortage, and all of this comes down to the fact that the government chose not to invest in housing as part of a long term solution.

            Or at least, that’s how it looks to me.

          2. millie st murderlark

            Sorry, this comment refers to the story re our national debt, not the story you reference in your comment, Rob.

          3. Cian

            You’re half right.
            If we had invested money into social housing rather than HAP we would be better off. But we would have had 1000s on-the-street homeless because the money that paid for their roof was invested into social housing. Unfortunately when it comes to homelessness the short term (where will they sleep tonight) always superseeds the long-term.

            It is the same story as a couple paying rent and trying to save to get a deposit for a mortgage. The mortgage would be less then their rent – but they can’t save a deposit.

        2. Joe Small

          Where do you get your figures from? There are approximately 145,000 on Jobseeker’s allowance and another 30,500 on Jobseeker’s Benefit. That’s 175,500. Where are the other 45,000?! There are many other categories we don’t include (qualified adults, disability allowance, lone parents, etc.)

          1. kellMA

            I took it from an april article that said 4% of those on the dole were more than 10 years on it. That number was around 8500. So its a few months old and yes it could have gone down substantially since then with seasonal employment and generally more jobs etc.

    1. Cian

      When FG took office they needed to borrow €26,000,000,000 in the first year to keep the country running – to pay social welfare, pensions, dole, healthcare, childrens allowance, civil and public services, etc.
      This has gone down each year as more money was raised through tax and less spent through service reduction/pay cuts/hire freezes. A.K.A. austerity
      Last year we had a balanced budget. We didn’t need to borrow for day-to-day expenditure.

  5. Ron

    It’s the reaction one expects from someone who is incompetent, inept and completely incapable of the job required. He knows he is not able for that job but he doesn’t need expertise when you have an electorate that’s even dimmer and rewards the skullduggery, deviousness but mostly a long running pure faeces show. He is the lead puppet in this freak show we call the Irish Government.

    And the Irish electorate that supports him thinks he is the essence of leadership and a strong Taoiseach. That says more about the electorate then anything else.

    It’s like when you were back in school where they put all the students with intellectual problems in the D class.. The D class is now in charge.

    As for what he said about Michael Martin, he is correct and Martin is also one that takes the stupidity of an Irish electorate for granted. They do what they want knowing the Irish will relect them because they are to incapable of understanding or caring about the issues that are wrecking this country.

    Nice job Irish electorate, continue voting for them but please make sure to let us all know how angry you are with your angry face emojis on social media.. you have done your part so long as you react with an angry emoji. that’s going to make everything better.

    Meanwhile in Hong Kong.. now there’s a master class in showing your Government that your not prepared to put up with freak show politicians.

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