The Railway Children


Bringing the noise.


Niall writes:

My friend Kasia who has a six week old baby was on the train from Ashtown to Connolly [Maynooth, County Kildare commuter line] yesterday about 1.40pm when she encountered this crowd of teenagers who got on the train with large speakers at high volume.

She went to them and said that there is a small baby on the train and asked them to decrease the volume. They told her to f**k off, and turned up the volume. You can see for yourself how they reacted….

Name that choon, anyone?

Choon name update: Talk To Me (Remix) by Tory Lanez featuring Lil Wayne, Rich The Kid and DJ Stevie J.

40 thoughts on “The Railway Children

  1. Spud

    Schools out.
    Don’t bring a 6 week old out if you want quietness…
    If it’s not Irish brats, public transport is full of foreign students shouting at each other.
    Probably not a great idea to be recording them and then asking them to tone it down. They’ll just play to the camera.

    1. kasia

      Hi there, I approached them first and asked them to put the music down. Instead they increased the volume and totally pissed on me…. I started to record the video afterwards totally shocked by their attitude. Unfortunately at the moment i have no other option as to take the train. This is the sad reality of how the times are changing for worse…It seems like young generation has no values anymore and only cares about themselves!!

      1. The Old Boy

        it’s disgraceful behaviour but you’re very young or very naïve if you think it’s worse than the carry-on of thirty years ago.

        1. SOQ

          Yes- Back then CIE claimed to be a equal opportunity employer except- Iarnród Éireann’s careers website is still a tumble weed.

          They are no better land hoarders than Diageo- worst even.

        2. Steph Pinker

          The Old Boy: in your profession, I assume you’ve an understanding and are somewhat appreciative of the difference between cynicism and justice?*

          *And laws, where applicable.

          1. The Old Boy

            I would like to think so. What do you mean, exactly? Justice by its very nature is not cynical, at least in an idealistic sense. My point above is that I find “young people these days” comments to be irritating and incorrect. My professional experience does shape that view, of course.

      2. martco

        kasia you make a good point about the values, I too have noted an erosion of the basics (even when factoring in the argument that excited tween wannabe scumbags have always existed 80’s 90’s 00’s etc.)

        even when we were being smart back in the 80’s there was some code at least,..things you wouldn’t do, things you’d get clipped by your fellow eejits for doing.

        see there’s no threat or consequence for them in your scenario & they’d laugh at the guards as much than you if there was one to be found. and if you had laid a finger on them it’s you who would end up with the conviction.

        It won’t help but I can assure you it’s waay worse in other places….if that was London there’s a fair chance you’d have had more than a smartphone waved in your face.

        1. Lilly

          That’s not true about London, far less anti-social behaviour there. Skangers be skangin’. It’s little consolation no doubt Kasia, but when that tool in the red t-shirt has babies of his own, he’ll be much the same – slobbing around, playing his boom box, slugging cans.

          1. martco

            “hat’s not true about London, far less anti-social behaviour there. ”

            ah Lilly, c’mon now? are you for real? I’m not trying to be smart or anything but do you not watch the news?

            so far in 2019, that’s just 7 months, there have been 56 MURDERS BY STABBING ALONE in London. that’s just the knife-based murder stats! attempted murder & GBH assaults with knives, acid etc. are in the 1,000’s. this year to date. epidemic proportions. the only thing preventing it being on every UK paper’s front page every day is this nonsense Tory leadership toss & brexit.

          2. Lilly

            Those stats certainly prove me wrong Martco, and yes I could pay more attention to the news. It’s a while since I’ve spent any length of time there and when I did, I wasn’t hanging out in stab central, Streatham or wherever the gangs are feuding these days. It always felt much safer than Dublin somehow but obviously it has changed.

          3. martco

            Lilly, worth checking out what that lad Stormzy wore for his Glastonbury set last weekend & the story behind it.

            yeah London has changed a bit…to be fair it’s been relatively recent.

            I’m seeing more & more of this type of scrote behaviour here. I think that girl did the right thing, best she could do. the best that could happen to that group of tools & the “brave” lad featured would be to meet the wrong passenger. and he will someday.

  2. millie st murderlark

    Bunch of little sillies. Post the vid as much and as often as possible. The internet is a strange place. Maybe karma will find a way.

  3. Tom Mangan

    It’s bravado I guarantee you most of the kids there were also embarrassed but scared to say anything in fear of loosing face amongst the few dominant asshole alpha males.

  4. Gokkers

    If he hadn’t come down and tried to intimidate her he would have lost ‘points’ among the troop…He risked it and he’ll get an extra nana that evening or possibly a mate. A trendsetter among his own troop hiding behind his sunglasses.

  5. Jodi

    They abused that woman because she represents something they feel they don’t have. It really wasn’t about her and the baby. It is about the hatred they have for themselves. External forces will act accordingly.

  6. Celticon

    Sorry to read your experience.

    I would have loved to have been there. I’ve dealt with little poos like this before. They believe they can’t be touched. They can be taught.

    Hopefully someone sees your post who actually knows them and “has a word”

    1. Archie

      How can then be ‘dealt with’ without finding yourself in front of the law?Horrible bullying behaviour, they know well the nice respectable mother with her young child isn’t going to pose any threat to them. The trains seem to be getting increasingly bad the last couple years. In typical form, it won’t be until someone is seriously hurt or worse before any action is taken.

  7. Truth in the News

    Are there not cameras on each individual carriage and at platforms it should be
    quite easy to identify those causing the disturbance and IR needs to be contacted
    and a formal complaint made about the alleged nuisance.

  8. Pat Harding

    You mean Tossing around
    Ah well, one day in the ‘Joy and he’ll know what a lark is

  9. Louis Lefronde


    The by-product scum of the pondlfe from which they came.

    Ireland rewards its lowlife, hence the sense of entitlement and general disrespect for the rest of society which supports them.

  10. Kingfisher

    Horrible behaviour. It might be worth bringing the video to the attention of the top bosses at Iarnród Éireann and asking for each train to have a “Quiet Carriage” as is done in other countries.
    But this and other stories really show that the rail authority is failing in its duty by not having guards on trains. There’ll be a tragedy, then a rush to change…

  11. DOC

    Youth is wasted on the Young – George Bernard Shaw
    This is on Youtube but no one can say anything about them
    The comments have been disabled

  12. sheskin

    Martco I live in London and I don’t recognise those figures you quoted,not forgetting that London is 8 maybe 9 times the population of Dublin.It is also not true that papers play it down.It is constantly in the papers and television,and to say otherwise is untrue.

  13. Timmy_Brussell

    These poor kids are just lashing out at the inequalities in society, they’re good kids at heart we need more programs to reach out to these youths, no one is perfect I’m sure we’ve all acted out when we were young.

    1. MacGafraidh

      Are you for real? This lad is acting the mick because that’s his personality and choice is no one else’s fault, what A redundant perspective.

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