Among Vermin



9 thoughts on “Among Vermin

  1. eoin

    “a large rat has entered the bar”

    That’s very unfair on the person who alerted the Indo to the Maria Bailey dodgy compo claim, but at least Leo’s review has uncovered the culprit.

    1. bertie blenkinsop

      Rattie Mcgrath.

      (sorry, just filling in time until Spaghetti Hoop comes along with a better pun)

  2. Truth in the News

    This Bar should be closed down at once and it should not take a rodent
    Do the Guards ever breathlize anyone leaving Leinster House, I doubt if
    they have immunity on leaving the place

  3. Paulus

    The Dail-bar lacks a vital component:
    A T.D. who’s a natural opponent
    of the long-tailed intruder;
    instead of some looder
    who’ll just cosy-up to the rodent.

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