Dublin Port Tunnel; from a report by the Environmental Protection Agency on the Urban Environmental Indicators – Nitrogen Dioxide levels in Dublin released yesterday

Social Democrats tweetz:

EPA report records high air pollution at Dublin Port Tunnel entrance/exit. @trishroesocdems says residents assured during consultation phase that noxious fumes wouldn’t be released into residential areas. Now 800 new homes proposed beside exit at Laurence lands/Oscar Treanor site


The EPA can be read in full here

Dublin traffic pollution poses public health risk – EPA (RTE)

Pic: AA

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  1. postmanpat

    We were also “assured” about the emissions from the incinerator in Ringsend. But I’m sure by the time the problems manifest the people on both sides of the public private contract who signed off on the project will have moved on to other things and made arrangements with various solicitor firms to make damn sure they cant be pursued legally and even then they can just claim they are bankrupt through a back up plan with an accountancy firm which will move assets out of reach if fines are ever imposed. Poor rich bankrupt people.

  2. Pip

    Pearse St always has been a black spot for air.
    Particulates also mentioned in Pearse St way back in the 80s, long before the recent hoohah.

    1. dav

      it’s evident by the state of the buildings on Pearse St, all have a nice layer of soot on them

  3. Pavel

    We were also assured diesel engines were far more environmentally friendly and we should all buy one while ignoring the fact they produce 10 times the amount of NOx as petrol. No surprise with the EPA results, but will the Government be brave enough to admit to where the problem is?

  4. pooter

    We are being slowly groomed towards traffic restrictions on some cars / some areas / some different times

      1. eoin

        Anyone know a services company which could set up the billing and enforcement system, install the number plate recognition stuff etc, and how many billions it would ultimately cost? And for the love of God, don’t anyone say Siteserv three times.

        1. paul

          as long as it’s not the company that own the M50 that fines the Irish state if their toll take is low one month over another.

    1. George

      You’re not being groomed, the evidence is simply stacking up that it is the right thing to do and it will make Dublin much better.

  5. Zaccone

    The pro-diesel tax regime has turned out to be an environmental health disaster. We need higher taxes on diesel cars, higher tax on diesel itself, and congestion charges for diesel vehicles in urban areas – all sooner rather than later.

    1. George

      We need fewer cars driving through the city centre. Most don’t need to be there.

  6. george

    The government might also think about legislation to allow emission free electric scooters.

  7. Joe

    There really are some hysterical non-factual comments on Broadsheet. Commentators are really showing their anti-car bias and even if they are well meaning the result would be increased pollution and C02 production
    All pre Euro 5 diesels engines/vehicles should be banned from the city centre.
    Modern Euro 6 and 6.2 diesel cars should be encouraged as they emit much less C02 and 99.99% of their NOX/Particulates are eliminated.
    Petrol engines and petrol hybrids do not have to have particulate filters and now ***emit more harmful particulates*** than modern diesel engines. Electric cars shift their tail pipe emissions to our fossil fuelled power stations whilst also releasing particulates at a high level due to wear and tear on their rubber tyres (the full engine torque of an electric car from 0mph being available results in much higher tyre wear/brake wear with the resultant production of particulates
    FFG government policies has resulted in a major take up of diesel cars and due to the insane VAT/VRT levels, imports of older dirtier engined cars from the UK are increasing year on year whilst sales of new cleaner emission cars are down.
    Emissions Analytics has revealed that the latest Euro 6d-Temp diesel models emit, on average, 71% less particulates than petrol equivalents. New diesels also emit 18% less CO2 in real-world testing. The organisation, which compiles the EQUA Index for emissions conformity, uses a Portable Emissions Measuring System (PEMS) that tests the actual tailpipe emissions on the road.

    1. Cian

      Interesting figures… But meaningless.
      New diesels also emit 18% less CO2 in real-world testing
      what does this mean? Per liter? Per KG? Per KM? At high speeds? Stop-start traffic?

  8. Joe

    Hi Cian, Please have a root around the European Environmental Protection Agency for stats:)

    Some basic physics, one litre of diesel fuel contains more energy than one litre of petrol. Per kg fuel and per energy content, CO2 is quite equal for both fuels. The efficiency advantage gives tailpipe CO2 emissions about 20% lower for diesel cars than for petrol cars/hybrids in an apples-to-apples comparison.

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