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  1. Termagant

    bras are underwear

    You should wash your bras as often as you wash your underwear

    “but they’re difficult to wash! and the frilly bits will get ruined or whatever!”



    1. eoin

      This is all because of bloody Stella McCartney.

      What does the BBC say?

      “This is particularly true when it comes to lingerie. McCartney told the Observer that she “wouldn’t change my bra every day”, which is something lingerie designer Naomi De Haan agrees with.

      Ms De Haan’s official advice to people who buy from her label, Edge O’ Beyond, is to hand-wash the bras in lukewarm water after about five wears with something mild like baby shampoo.

      While the items she sells are more on the luxury end, she tells BBC News that this advice applies to high street underwear as well – though she says sports bras should be washed more often.

      “Machine washing can destroy things like delicate lace or silks,” she says. “It can also make the wires pop out, it can make the colours fade, and if it’s got a moulded cup it can make it go all misshapen.”

      If you absolutely must machine wash, she adds: “Always do up the hook and eyes to stop any snagging, use a lingerie bag, don’t wash with too much heat, and reshape when it’s out and hang it to dry or lie it on a flat surface.”

      But most importantly – never, ever, tumble dry.”

        1. for whom, the bell trolls?

          no need for the tittle-tattle

          Eoin provides an incredible service to the site and we are just not grateful and don’t get it

          1. Papi

            I think the real question is why don’t we know it? And who is going to report on it if we do?

      1. SOQ

        Yes the same lady who had rocks flown in from daddy’s farm in Scotland, then had to have the floor of her shop re-enforced before her ‘nature’ concept could be installed. I expect Vivienne Westword to pop up now because she’s also fully on board the bandwagon.

        Here is an idea ladies- take a leaf out of the Armani book and make clothes that actually last.

          1. for whom, the bell trolls?

            Now you’re talking

            Where do you stand on hairy feminine armpits?

    1. bisted

      …I am sure Charger will be very impressed if Hunt becomes PM…his bookie, less so…

    2. Charger Salmons

      Didn’t watch it BB old chap. Was at a very convivial dinner party.
      It’s all a bit of a foregone conclusion now don’t you think ?
      I’m sure in different times Hunt would be a safe but rather dull pair of hands, like John Major.
      But Boris has the big Mo and the better campaign.
      He’s offering optimism whereas Hunt seems to be continuity May.
      Both are aware of Banquo’s Ghost.
      The shadow of Nigel looms large.

  2. eoin

    “May you be in heaven a full half-hour before the devil knows you’re dead”

    #VomiTV has Sebastian Hamilton as a guest a day after the criminal courts convicted him of contempt of court for reporting of the Lucan child murder trial and fined him €4,500.

    And not just any guest, but the #1 guest next to the two Communicorp presenters.

    DId they ask about his crime. I wouldn’t know, you’d need to pay me substantial sums to stay up to watch wildly editorialised reporting couched as a “late night news and current affairs show”

    1. for whom, the bell trolls?


      Does anyone watch this crap now?

      The thing is it was the same when Vin B was in charge too

  3. eoin

    Deputy Brid Smith tore strips off Leo in the Dail yesterday calling him a liar, though she was told it was unparliamentary to call Leo a “liar” even when he is.

    “The Taoiseach told untruths. We are getting into semantics now. The truth is, however that the Taoiseach’s Department told the Ceann Comhairle that a money message was necessary for this Bill because this country would lose economic benefits. Let us look at what was reported in last weekend’s newspapers. In the lifetime of the Corrib pipeline, from 1992 until it dies in 2030, the State will not receive a penny in tax or royalties. The Taoiseach spoke of the need to pay back the application fees to companies if my Bill was passed. On the same day I received the reasoned response from the Taoiseach’s Department I also received a reply to a parliamentary question, which stated it is the Government’s policy never to repay licence fees or applications. That is two lies at least”

    Ireland is being screwed by FG which is going to extra mile to facilitate fossil fuel companies, the cigarette companies of the mid 21st century. Secret meetings, undeclared lobbying and decisions to allow drilling which flies in the face of carbon commitments and FG’s newly acquired green credentials.

    1. for whom, the bell trolls?

      she’s very emotional and amateurish

      Brid Smith not much better either

    2. the bottler

      Thought it was Ray Burke who initiated meetings with exploration companies without his civil service officials.

    3. Cian

      Current position is not to repay licence fees or applications.
      If the law changes then this might have to change too.

      E.g. if I pay for something and then the company changes the rules – I should be able to get a refund.

    4. Lurch

      Spot on Eoin.

      FG’s use of “money messages” to block legislation is extremely undemocratic.

      55 crucial bills have been blocked in this way, including Climate Emergency, Waste Reduction, Occupied Territories, Family Reunification, community energy production, homeless families etc.

      The reasons that they claim a money messages are required, are in most cases are extremely tenuous.

      refunding an application fee, is hardly a loss to the state. (and in any case the conditions of the applications for oil exploration licences state that application fees are non-refundable).

    5. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      Did Shell not sell their stake in the Corrib project for a massive loss, something close to €1bn if memory serve.

      I am curious as to why they would be paying taxes and royalties if they could not make a profit?

  4. GiggidyGoo

    So, it’s increasingly looking like Fine Gael are the party who brought back border checks to Ireland. (No longer a ‘sshhhh Lord Ross, we can’t have the plebs knowing’).
    Now Coveney thinks that by adding a phrase like ‘checks at or near the border that would pose a security risk’ will make it look right.
    It’s quite obvious that there is no contingency plan, at all, at all. There never was. Varadkar and Johnston are two of a kind. Wafflers, clowns, idiots. But worst of all, Liars.
    So where is Varadkar’s ‘bullet proof’ agreement – the one he announced on his hired. not hired, hired podium just over a year ago? Same place as the proposed backstop. Being lost in the annals of bullsmith.

    1. eoin

      “But once you start talking about checks anywhere near the Border, people will start delving into that and all of a sudden we’ll be the Government that reintroduced a physical border on the island of Ireland”
      Simon Coveney to Shane Ross, 15 January 2019, inadvertently picked up on reporters microphone

      FG treat people like eejits. I hope Audrey Carville runs the lorry-load of milk scenario past them again, just to see them squirm.

      1. eoin

        FG must have stipulated the junior minister McEntee wasn’t to be interviewed by Audrey Carville, the newbie made a hames of that interview on Morning Ireland.

        Whenever a FG talking head appears on your news and current affairs prog, you should whip out a road map depicting the border counties and give them a dinky car milk-lorry and don’t let them go until the FGer pinpoints where the border check will be.

        1. Ian-O

          McEntee is there for the visual, nothing more. I have heard her being interviewed and she is clearly out of her depth, but then she did ‘inherit’ her fathers seat so there is that.

          While there is need for a greater mix of age and gender in government and politics, they should still be capable, she doesn’t appear to be.

          1. for whom, the bell trolls?

            Not sure about your last bit

            But yes I heard her being interviewed this morning and actually turned it down, it made
            me so uncomfortable to listen to


    2. Cian

      Hmmm. FG were the party in power when the UK reintroduced border checks. Might be closer to the truth.

      If there is a “hard” Brexit – which is 98% outside the control of Ireland – there will be a border. That’s just what happens between countries without free-trade agreements.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Hmmm. Clarify please. If the UK introduce border checks, will Ireland do likewise? A simple tes or no will suffice

        1. Cian

          If there is no free trade then both sides need to have border controls.

          We are part of the EU. If there is no deal there will be border checks between UK and EU. We could choose to have no border with NI… But then we would have to do border-control with the rest of the EU.

  5. GiggidyGoo

    Paul Kehoe feeling the pressure now. It took time for the media to report, but it’s obvious that they couldn’t hid him anymore from the fact that he’s a waste of space as Junior Minister and hasn’t and handle at all on his department.
    But the actual fully-fledged Defense Minister is Leo Varadkar, and he has an even less handle on defense. (Does he get two ministerial incomes by being both Taoiseach and Defense Minister?)
    Well, the two of them are supposedly due in Wexford in the coming weeks to open a bypass of Enniscorthy. Sorry, it’s Varadkar who is opening it. Kehoe will be on stand-by with an umbrella.

    1. for whom, the bell trolls?

      Does he get two ministerial incomes by being both Taoiseach and Defense Minister

      – I should certainly hope so

  6. eoin

    It’s all-out compo season for the Gardai.

    First up, you have the thickos at RTE paving the way for Majella Moynihan’s compo claim. “forced adoption” my backside.

    That opened the door for the gays to complain and seek compo for treatment in the 1980s (which was before the decriminalisation in the early 1990s)

    Then you have a family in Offaly suing the Gardai for failing to investigate the hit-and-run killing of their dad
    Now you have the family of a prison officer wanting an apology for what they claim wasn’t an adequate investigation. An apology first. Then compo.

    Who’s going to be paying for all this compo?

    1. SOQ

      By that yard stick- right and wrong doesn’t come into it and the state should not pay any compo, ever.

      In the gay case, the legal status of homosexuality is irrelevant because unless someone was convicted before a court then they had the right to presumed innocence. Even back then, there would have been procedures in place which as part of the employment contract were clearly not applied so they were negligent.

  7. Spaghetti Hoop

    Finally, the accuracy of the persona. That queener of over there is a tough woman that would sell the happiness of her own family if it saved her monarchy. She’s not just a cuddly old woman.

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