We’re Gonna Need A Smaller Boat


From top: LÉ Eithne and LÉ Orla

Yesterday: Derek Mooney: A Coach And Horses To Shift Kehoe

Which Is It?

Pics; Rollingnews/Irish Naval Service

46 thoughts on “We’re Gonna Need A Smaller Boat

  1. Jonickal

    “if they’d listened last year when I told them”

    It’s the Clare Daly show folks! It’s all me me me.
    Do she honestly think the Govt didn’t see this coming?

    1. Medium Sized C

      I honestly do think that.
      The government is being run like a firesale for the last 8 years.
      Basically if the DPER don’t see immediate value they cut.

      It probably the biggest reason why all our state functions are in such terrible shape right now.

    2. eoin

      Opposition politician holds government to account last year by accurately challenging manpower shortages in the navy. Now that two ships have been taken out of full commission with senior officers (who should know what they’re talking about) saying they won’t be back in service because of the overall manpower shortgages, the opposition politician reminds government what they said last year. Well done Clare. At least the govt can’t now claim this is a totally new issue.

          1. Spaghetti Hoop

            You’re in. I’m going to go round to so many people singing David Gray to persuade them to join my crew. We’re gonna eat lobster every day and dance to sea shanties and when we arrive in the Caribbean we’re gonna be free, free to do what we wanna do. And we’re gonna get loaded and we’re gonna have a good time

  2. Bebe

    Fair play to Clare Daly !
    Dáil Éireann will certainly miss her, she highlighted many of the ills we continue to deal with under this regime of Fine Gael aided by Fianna Fáil.

  3. Mr.Fart

    just another example of the fallout from having a government who doesn”t govern. i honestly think FG believe their positions are merely tokenistic and that they don’t have to do actual work, ‘other people do the actual work’

  4. newsjustin

    Honestly, it really does seem like the Government (maybe most/all Irish Governments) couldnt give a fiddlers about the army, navy and air corp.

    1. Ian-O

      Listening to a guy on about it the other day and if we start to see terrorism return, either some international variant or home grown, we are going to see a lot of MNC shuffle their feet, especially those reliant on data centres and from their point of view, rightly so.

      While it can be an overused expression, joined up thinking is definitely not something FG excel at. Among other things.

      1. for whom, the bell trolls?

        I do miss the terrorism I must say

        That and no johnnies or abortion or divorce

  5. Roger Opinions

    Scarp our “Navy”, make a coastguard instead.

    Some of those poorly paid eejits in the army, hanging around on top of a hill near Syria getting a tan, should be handed lifejackets and binoculars.

    It’s funny how some in here defend our need for a service we can’t afford and can do without.

    It’s like they have a personal stake in it. Besides their taxes being used for it… obviously

    1. Zaccone

      +1 The Navy (or a coast guard, as thats whats actually required) is the one branch of our armed services that we actually need.

      Get rid of half of the army and nobody would notice, then we could actually staff our ships.

      1. shitferbrains

        Staff our ships with soldiers ? Marines I think they’re called. They’re not sailors btw, entirely different set of skill sets. Oh you mean hire sailors with the money saved by sacking half the army.

  6. V

    The failure here starts with not having a full-time Minister
    This and the last Government have been taking the p155 with their Management of and their attitude to the Dept of Defense

    Someone above used Firesale
    And that’s exactly what’s been going on
    And under our noses

    They sold off Army Barracks and Army housing that would have served us all better if the were transferred to local authorities / Dept of Environment
    Or even the Dept of Justice for direct provision
    Or the Dept of Health for HSE/ Tusla for converting into community care centre uses

    Instead you have Fine Gael enriching the private sector in preference to the obligations of Government and Ministerial office

    To protect State’s Assets

    Lads, dance around it all ye like with balanced budgets, confidence and supply agreements, bailouts and brexit
    It won’t disguise what it all is


    1. Cian

      V. Which other minister would you chop to make a full-time defence minister? We have reached a maximum.

      1. V

        grow up Cian
        They change those numbers around the table whenever they want

        Remember when they squeezed in the Minister without Portfolio?

        And it doesn’t have to be a TD, a Senator can be called up
        Or anyone else elected to either house

    2. steve white

      you think the problem is Kehoe isn’t spending enough time at his ministerial job

      1. V

        Leo Varadkar is the Minister for Defense
        Kehoe is a mini Minister who’s professional background is Ag
        Dunno if he has a B.Ag
        But he’s an ex of whatever ACOT is now

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