Shell To Pond



This morning.

Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2.

Spencer writes:

Spotted this lad enjoying the sun in Stephen’s Green. I think it’s some kind of Terrapin (of the turtle species) but I’m not sure


Abandoned Xmas gifts apparently.

They take too long to fetch for some.

Monday: May Contain Nuts

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5 thoughts on “Shell To Pond

  1. dav

    gor a while there I thought that somebody had squashed the shell soo badly that the small twig on the bottom right was a detached limb of the poor creature.
    The Swans will make short work of it anyways

  2. Lurch

    These lads are cute but they decimate duck populations over time as they eat the eggs.
    There were some in Blessington basin that were eventually captured last year.
    This year we have the first couple of Mallard ducklings in ages (even cuter!)

  3. Bort

    There’s also some huge carp and big pike, they come in an out through pipes that connect to the canal

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