They Want Us Divided


The foyer of ‘Swuite’ student accommodation in Grangegorman, Dublin 7 (top)

Ah here.

This afternoon.

Lower Grangegorman, Arran Quay, Dublin 7

Paul Flynn writes

I really didn’t think I could despise the new, expensive student accommodation near me, which is displacing local families and raising average rents, even more.

Coming from the North I find this presentation of the island of Ireland  (above) to our domestic and visiting student body to be unrepresentative, divisive and just downright partitionist, especially in the face of Brexit.

The complex is called Swuite (I know, I see what they did there) but their grasp on spelling doesn’t stop there.

Arranmore Island is now called Aran Island. Loungh Neagh, Monagham, Lacis instead of Laois, Aram Island off Galway. Dougarvan, the river Suit instead of Suir. Give me strength!!


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50 thoughts on “They Want Us Divided

  1. diddy

    says it all really…this land is a profit generator ( with tax breaks) nothing more. the land outside , our country is irrelevant

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    Suir they didn’t Suit Youghal!
    No apostrophe in ‘Saint Georges Channel’ (sic).
    Really shocking English.
    Tear it down, fix and reprint.

  3. Caroline

    Hi Paul,
    Whilst we appreciate your concern, if you had taken the time to pop in and speak to us, any member of our team could have explained that this map went up very recently, that the mistakes were immediately noticed and the supplier was immediately notified. We are just awaiting the revised map to be delivered and replaced.
    Kind regards,
    General Manager
    Swuite Grangegorman

    1. Paulus

      Caroline; anyone can make a mistake.
      The number of mistakes here is extraordinary.
      Does anyone proof-read anymore?

      1. Bodger

        Paulus, we correct mistakes if you point them out. I thought we had got a lot better recently tbpf. Harrumph.

    2. eoin

      Maybe if Caroline or someone had taken the time to pin an A4 on the map saying a revised map was on the way, there wouldn’t have been any need for anyone to pop in at all?

    3. Hansel

      Nobody’s perfect, but I suggest you pop to the shop for a permanent marker.

    4. Joe

      Hi Caroline, the problem isn’t only (or even primarily) the typos but the fact that you have left out six counties of Ireland on the map. If one of your students happens to wander up to Monaghan for a weekend, and accidentally (very easy to do) walks up the road from their accommodation in, say, Grangeview house B&B in Mullinderg and, withing 4 minutes, finds themselves in Aughnacloy, they’ll be complete lost. To avoid the potential for this kind of unfortunate incident, and in the interest of student safety, perhaps you should take the bold step of informing your students of the location of those, for now, missing six counties of Ireland on your map.

  4. Iwerzon

    Caroline – apart from the spelling, are you going to extend the colour and counties to north of Dundalk?

  5. Shankillfalls

    I’m confused. Is the misspelling of “Accommodation” in the intro deliberate?

  6. SOQ

    I think that blanking out NI on an all island map is the height of rudeness. The island of Ireland ALL use the Irish Transverse Mercator map projection because irrespective of jurisdiction, it is the same land mass.

    It is very inconsiderate of those who hold differing political views and I for one would be thinking twice about doing business with any company who stuck such in their foyer.

    If they are so petty about maps the God knows what else they have hang ups about- Irish rugby team perhaps?

    1. B9Com From No

      Has it occurred to you that the “person responsible “ just might not give a continental?

      Yo. Caroline! We have another one here!

    2. Cian

      They have the full landmass of the island of ireland. It is the political boundaries that they choose not to show of a foreign nation.

  7. ____

    Wait, are people really taking this guys nonsense about it being “partitionist” seriously?

    Northern Ireland IS in another country, why is on the map at all?

    1. Iwerzon

      Yes. It is partionist. One Nation two jurisdictions also yes. Your shock reaction really says a lot about you. I’m also from the North and not a different country. The sooner the border poll comes and we get our 26 counties back the better.

      1. ____

        It completely is different.

        It obviously is in the legal sense, but aside from that they’re completely different culturally. Whatever about 95 years ago, they’re grown apart hugely since and now bear little resemblance.

        Or to put it another way, Ireland has at least moved on a bit in that time while the good folks of NI have crawled back further into their cave of idiocy – like gorillas screeching at each other and batting their chests. The one thing that the peoples of Ireland and NI now share is that our ideas of the other place is formed with some kind of dim nostalgia that has little basis in reality.

        I want absolutely nothing to do with NI and the poo-show that it is.

        (oh…and you use “partitionist” like it’s an insult that I might feel offended by. To me it’s one of those words that fools yell within their own echo-chamber – people outside that echo-chamber just laugh)

        1. Iwerzon

          Im all right Jack. Your selfish isolationism is quite sad really. Im a Gael from the north. My Planter neighbours are part of the diverse cultural tapestry of Ireland. This ‘poo show’ was caused by the Treatiests Collins et al who were fine with partition and abandoned the North. I understand your loyality. Imagine if it had been the Plantation of Leinster and how we all retreated from the Pale? Oiche mhaith mo chara Gael.

        2. SOQ

          It obviously is in the legal sense, but aside from that they’re completely different culturally.

          You obviously know very little about NI if you think that. There are parts of NI like South Armagh which could easily slip into ROI and nobody would even notice. Their geographical hinterlands are Louth and Monaghan and to them, for the most part, the border is just an irrelevant line on a map.

          And then, other places like parts of Antrim where by accent you would be forgiven for thinking you were in Scotland. Plus what is called the golden coast- Helens bay etc in Co. Down which becomes very anglicised. It is a patchwork quilt which changes quite quickly because NI is far more densely populated that ROI.

          In this context, I expect it was just an over sight but rightly or wrongly, it could be mistaken as a political statement. Even RTÉ use the full island map for the weather so- a bit of consideration would go along way.

          1. Iwerzon

            Well said. West Cork is more Anglicised than North Down. Cork City has a Welsh accent some say. Waves of migration and military occupation over the centuries has shaped this country.

  8. Mé Féin

    Get a pensil and draw in the North Irelandish shires such as Downe County, Fermmemagh County, et setera.

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