Do You Know Rachel Cribbin?





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14 thoughts on “Do You Know Rachel Cribbin?

  1. Simon

    Let the record state – it was the 8-year old friend of my two kids who picked it up and found it! So all three kids are invested in a good result here…

  2. Charger Salmons

    Most people are decent.They really are.
    We just never hear about them above all the sound and fury of modern life.
    Except on occasions like this.
    Ice cream for three I’d say.

    1. v

      there’s always more good than bad Carage

      We just get to champion it and cheer it on as much because we’re having to fish out of cesspits the like of you make us live with

      bad news
      will always make headline news items before feel good stories

      anyway, fair play to all involved here
      make sure their good deed get rewarded Simon

  3. Bebe

    Lovely story – well done to Simon and his children. Good to see Rachel collected the wallet and acknowledging Simon’s honesty. Thanks Bro Barnabas for the link – wallet more likely to be handed in if contains cash or keys and the reasons behind that.
    Enjoy weekend folks

  4. Slightly Bemused

    Delighted that the wallet was safely returned. Well done to Simon and his young friend for his honesty.

    I was going to say that there was no way this would be returned, based on that picture. Surely, I thought nobody looks that good on a Leap card photo. My own looks more like that Jesus mural after it was ‘repaired’….

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