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  1. Slightly Bemused

    I know that it is irrational but I am glad Simon’s Halep won the Wimbledon. I have nothing against Serena Williams and admire her undoubtable talent. But in that peculiar way of thinking, that incredible youngster Coco Gauff can honestly say that she was beaten by the best player of the tournament.

    1. bertie blenkinsop

      Some consolation for the Cork football fans I suppose.

      ( I’m joking, Cork were very impressive last night, Tyrone game should be a cracker )

      1. B9Com From No

        yes they really showed how to play the Dubs
        No fear and plenty of attacking verve
        Like Mayo a few years back
        The gap’s not as wide as everyone says

        I’m sorry but I don’t think Tyrone or Donegal will do anything with their puke football. The objective of Gaelic remains to score more than the opposition, not to concede less. Tyrone is obviously going to go all out in Omagh but as Dublin will have already qualified they will rest players and ease up, its a dead rubber

          1. B9Com From No

            Haha totally misread that – sorry
            Seeing as Dubs usually only talk about themselves … :)

            I hope Cork stuff them

          2. bertie blenkinsop

            I hate to make this all about Dublin but…. Connolly’s back!

            Let the sky grow dark with hats thrown aloft!

          3. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

            It is, and I don’t say it lightly.
            I only really saw old Jimmy Keaveney but I worshipped Mullins… I reckon Connolly is the best of my era….
            Having said that I’d always pick Souness over Gerrard :)

          4. B9Com From No

            Better than Barney Rock or John O’Leary?
            In fairness Cluxton has to be up there too

          5. B9Com From No

            he’s single handedly changed the status of and skill set required for Gaelic goalies

        1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

          I disagree, Dublin were uncharacteristily passive in defence and Cork were out on their feet after about 50-55 mins. Cork put in a super effort, but they can’t do that for 70 minutes. Like a lot of mismatches in sport, the final quarter is where the superior team really show the difference.

          This Dublin procession is becoming boring, Dublin fans are bored, the rest of the country is bored watching them canter into another final, 30k in attendance is proof of that.

          1. B9Com From No

            That’s fine – it’s a sunny day :)
            I just mean in terms of tactical approach if you sit back and allow the Dubs the ball they are so efficient in attack they will simply grind it out, like they did with Tyrone last year
            You have to go for the jugular against them to have any chance
            But they do have a super bench and that’s the main difference between them and the others

          2. MaryLou's ArmaLite

            I absolutely agree that you have to attack them, and you’ll need to get goals…..and it is a cracker of day :-)

  2. eoin

    John Mooney in the Sunday Times shilling for his British paymasters in London Docklands who are probably still smarting from the overwhelming decision of the Council of Europe to re-admit Russia after the Ukraine unpleasantness in 2014. A fortnight ago, all four Irish CoE members [FG, FF and SF] voted with the CoE majority while the 12 Brit members [which include hotel movie fan Jeffrey Donaldson] were opposed. Russia is back!

    And now, Simon Coveney wants to increase trade with Russia. He obviously wasn’t suggesting Ireland circumvent EU sanctions, but we can certainly sell more agricultural produce to Russia and given the difficulties of our farming sector, and our premium product, that would be a good thing.

    You really have to laugh at the Brits and their attitude to Putin. On one hand, they fall over themselves to sell visas for £1m to Russians to come and buy property in London with what is probably dodgy money, even as Russia allegedly uses radioactive and nerve poisoning on dissident Russians living in the UK. Shill away Sunday Times (Ireland edition), you look the same hypocrites as your paymasters in London.

    1. B9Com From No

      Isn’t this the same Sunday Times ( Irish edition) whose very demise you lamented the passing of ?

      1. eoin

        Varadkar got caught up in the moment last year. Skripal hasn’t stopped the Brits taking in Russians with millions, nor has it stopped its City of London floating Russian businesses or British lawyers dealing with Russian legal disputes in London. The British outrage over Skripal was for the little people, both in the UK and abroad, like Leo. And don’t even get me started on how Theresa May pimped Britain out to the Russians *after* the killing of Sasha Litvinenko in 2006 with a radioactive poison.

  3. eoin

    Having received an extra €9m a year of arguably-illegal state aid from the disgraced Denis Naughten the day before he was fired, and being in line for an extra €4m a year from Josepha Madigan to bail out the orchestras, loss-making RTE is moaning about a government proposal to direct it to pay €1.6m a year to John O’Keeffe’s BAI. The Sunday Times [shilling for RTE this time] reports

    “RTE is unhappy with the proposed changes, however, saying it will lose about €1.6m a year. A spokesman said: “RTE is very aware of the financial pressures currently on all broadcasters and would welcome measures to relieve the regulatory cost burden for everyone. But to do so in a way that has the net effect of reducing RTE’s public funding further hardly seems either fair or consistent with all the independent reviews suggesting the reverse needs to happen.”

    Yeah, RTE, you broke even in 2013 and 2014. Why can’t you cut your cloth according to your means in 2019? Population is up 10% in the past decade with 10% more households and inflation has been flat, but RTE is still moaning about its finances as it pays Ryan Tubridy €495,000 a year for toe-curlingly bad mediocrity.

    1. B9Com From No

      Áine Lawlor did a good job with that doctor fella last week- practically filleted him. And I wouldn’t be a big fan. RTÉ 1/radio 1 has a role – mostly as commissioning editors for independent indigenous programming – election night coverage – and home internationals, farming weather and GAA- but otherwise it should be garotted.

      It’s total garbage from morning to night.

      2fm is a disgrace.

      John Creedon is ok but again who’s listening? Mostly people online. Morning Ireland is stale and far from
      the agenda setting benchmark of yore. When Tubridy or even worse, Baz comes on, I put a bullet in the raidio.
      I can’t imagine anyone else stays on to listen to him witter, Eoin-like through some stories in the papers. Imagine they were paying you €495k to do that Eoin!

  4. eoin

    Good luck to Richie Oakley who, as reported in the Phoenix last week, becomes editor of the SBP. He joins a rapidly sinking ship, this week’s edition must be the slimmest yet and it still feels like it’s dominated by arts and rural southforks for sale.Where’s Susan Mitchell, the SBP’s wonderful health correspondent?

    This week’s edition doesn’t go large on any subject (like Sweden a few weeks ago, where the owner of the SBP wants to float his company). There is a smattering of news. Is this why the government is blocking the “keep it in the ground” Bill while granting new drilling licences to the Chinese?

    “The appointment of a former adviser to the Minister for Children by the Irish Offshore Operators Association means there are now three former senior government advisers working for the oil and gas industry body”

  5. eoin

    The Sindo (not above at 8am) has a front page “exclusive” splash about an applicant at the Gardai who has familial links to the Kinahan drug trafficking organisation.

    The Sunday Times has the same story buried somewhere in its inside pages. Not very “exclusive” at all!
    “The garda commissioner has been asked to decide whether a Dubliner whose aunt married a member of the Kinahan crime cartel should be permitted to join the force.”

    You can read the Sindo for free without giving your personal details to INM [who have a patchy record with protecting data!] here


      1. Cian

        He is. I mean – if he didn’t tell us what was on the front page of one paper, and reported in another, we wouldn’t be aware of it at all.

  6. Charger Salmons

    Big sob story in the IT around a Cork man being lifted in the US for overstaying his tourist visa by 10 years.
    ” He’s being treated like a criminal ‘ wails the wife.
    That’s because he is one, petal.
    So are thousands of other Irish ” undocumented ” which is a fancy word for illegal immigrants.
    I don’t get all this nonsense about government-level attempts to persuade the Americans to give these people a free pass.
    Ireland wouldn’t accept large-scale illegal immigration so why should the US ?

  7. Charger Salmons

    Which is why I enjoyed former ICE director Thomas Homan schooling snowflake princess Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez on the law so much this week.
    Liberals pin-up girl – welcome to Realville,USA.

  8. eoin

    The Brits seem to be taking the leaking of the assessment by the (former) UK ambassador to the USA, of Donald Trump on the chin….

    The London Times reports
    “Security sources said a suspect had been identified for the leaks amid “panic” in Whitehall that a “pro-Brexit Kim Philby” figure has been trying to undermine officials not deemed supportive enough of leaving the EU. Scotland Yard and the intelligence services believe a civil servant with access to historical Foreign Office files mounted a recent raid to steal the material. As police closed in on the mole, friends of Oakeshott, 45, confirmed that she and Tice, 54 [the chairman of Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party] had been in a relationship since last year.”

    And above, the Telegraph is going bat droppings crazy about freedom of the press which suggests to me they’ve got more leaks which they’d dearly like to publish…

    1. martco

      just getting to grips with this now…

      Trump/Johnson wanted this diplomat lad out of the way (cos he’s got a good reputation, influential & defo not a team player on Brexit) & get one of their own friends installed

      yer man Tice (who works for Farage/nasty rich people) somehow has access to foreign office diplomatic papers & happens he’s riding this blondie journo wan Oakeshott

      so the boys hatched this plan to embarrass the diplomat into resigning & get their own man into position by getting blondie to publish extracts from these internal diplomatic messages (which only really say what most people think on a daily basis) & turn the cogs

      surely that Tice fella is fupped, no? isn’t leaking diplomatic “cables” straightforward treason?

      and as the rouse is blown, how will they hope get their pro-brexit diplomat installed now?

  9. eoin

    Who’s responsible for the makey-uppy “National Day of Commemoration” in Ireland and why does it coincide with the EU military love-in in Paris where Bastille Day is being hijacked by gung-ho EU securocrats that want to lead us into an EU army? Well done to the quasi state broadcaster for giving it headline pride of place in its reporting today.

    Why are we allowing FG to erode and destroy our neutrality?

    “The recommendations include: Amending Ireland’s ‘Triple Lock’ system; Supporting the emerging EU Defence Union; Redefining neutrality; Developing a National Security Council; Creating a Central Intelligence Unit; Spending more on defence both current and capital; Developing Ireland’s defence industry; Assessing the implications of Brexit for our security and defence policy; Continuing our strong commitment to peacekeeping and crisis management operations; and Establishing a cohesive National Cyber Security Strategy.”

    1. B9Com From No

      “Quasi” state?

      It’s the de facto state broadcaster

      How dare you impugn our Pravda!

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Laying the foundations for the yearly ritual commemorating the fallen from 2019 onwards.

  10. SOQ

    Really nice story in the Belfast Telegraph about how when David Trimble’s daughter announced her engagement to her girlfriend, David was forced to reconsider his position on marriage equality.

    She [Vicky Trimble] added: “I think a lot of people who think they are against same-sex marriage may never have encountered someone who is gay.”

    And that is it in a nutshell- once it becomes close up and personal it is no longer an abstract to be argued.


    1. B9Com From No

      yeah heard that in the raidio today
      Best kind of news in so many ways
      A giant of a man really

          1. B9Com From No

            But … it’s their culture and traditions

            Yes Trimble didn’t cover himself in glory at Drumcree, but he surely left that all behind.
            For where he came from, he travelled a long way
            I’m old enough to remember the likes of James Molyneux…

  11. Begorrah, The Dream

    Ah go on and help one of our own:


    There are two things that Keith, Keren, Ezra, Leona and Gabriel need from you:

    1) Your donations will help to fund their fight to keep Keith here and keep their family together. Should they lose this fight, your donations will be the one thing that will keep this family together, as Keren will pack up her family’s life here in the USA and move to Ireland.

    2) Your voice and your actions for spreading the word and making sure that everyone knows about the deportation of Keith Byrne. If enough people know, we believe he can be saved and reunited with his family here in the USA.

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