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  1. Charger Salmons

    Three Lions on their shirts.
    Three world cups.
    In three different sports.
    Watched by a television audience of one billion.
    Blighty is euphoric.
    Charger is wasted

      1. B9Com From No

        Somewhat bizarre to see two people in Rush (and an actual dog) cheer on this soup-taking quisling

    1. B9Com From No

      Yes the chant needs to be updated – three world wars and three world cups coming soon if this dreadful business with Iran takes shape eh

      Was sure you’d spaff it away actually – heroic, grostesque failure being more your stock in trade – Dunkirk, the Somme, Crimea

      But then I saw the names on the team sheet
      Like Roy, Morgan and the delightful little fellow Rashid
      I knew you’d be ok

          1. Charger Salmons

            Ah yes Iceland.
            A country that actually qualifies for major tournaments …

          2. bisted

            …England 1 : Iceland 2…in fairnes, it was only the Euro contest and sure England were glad to be out of it…

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          Congrats on the win. Apparently, many English fans and players have been disgruntled for decades over former colonies becoming far superior in the sport than the imperial power that invented it. I wonder if this win will make them anyway less nationalist. Nah, probably more.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Thank you.
        Nice to see someone with some grace as opposed to the usual bottom feeders on here.

    1. B9Com From No

      Do the right thing and give the cup back


      England Cricket World Cup win: ‘Extra run’ claims brushed off by Ashley Giles

  2. eoin

    Hopefully the illegal migrant and former criminal from Cork who has been detained in the US will be repatriated to Ireland ASAP. He runs a house-painting business and we desperately need those skills here.

    The Independent reports

    “However, because of two minor marijuana possession charges from Mr Byrne’s early 20s in Ireland, and his breach of the visa waiver programme, his application and subsequent appeals were turned down and he was ordered to be deported.”

    1. Rob_G

      While it’s true that the situation is completely of his own doing, it’s a bit sad on the poor wife all the same…

  3. eoin

    Last week, the Central Bank published a report which showed Irish banks have cheaper funding than 120 international peers.

    “The Irish retail banks’ funding costs have continued to fall. Banks can fund themselves more
    cheaply than international peers (Chart 38), largely due to a strong supply of customer deposits.
    The cost of wholesale funding to Irish banks in debt markets has been more stable than equity
    prices over the past 18 months. Bank equity prices have fallen in Ireland, as in other EU countries.
    Global economic growth expectations have fallen, while Brexit remains a source of continuing
    uncertainty. Although investors may expect less future bank profitability (see Risks: Banking sector
    profitability and possibility of elevated risk-taking behaviour), this has not led to funding difficulties”


    So, why are we paying higher mortgage costs than borrowers from the 120 peers? The president of the ECB told our politicians it’s because of a monopolistic banking sector. But it’s always nice to hear from the usual suspects about enforcement and repossession difficulties (which to an extent, also affect the 120 peers).

  4. GiggidyGoo

    Not a day goes by that HSE Harris doesn’t appear in the media. Scandal after scandal. Circling the wagons daily. treating ‘outsider’ committee members like mushrooms.
    A college drop-out (from ‘journalism’ which makes if even more laughable) who made the tea for Frances Fitzgerald, at the head of the national health service. No qualifications, no experience, no cop on, no thanks!
    The Boy has to go. As well as his predecessor in health – Varadkar, who was strangely awarded extra points while he studied law, so that he could follow in the family ‘tradition’ and study medicine. Another boy. And has Boy Murphy resigned yet?

    1. eoin

      According to the Irish Times, Coveney has “warned online platforms of their responsibility to police the “ever-evolving threat” of disinformation”

      He’s talking about suspected interference by dem Russkis. Maybe, Si should look a little closer to home for fake news, all that reporting claiming the government was on top of the cervical check scandal, the engagement of iffy suppliers, the incorrect diagnoses, the withholding of information, the premature deaths, dragging the dying through the courts, reneging on commitments, the delays and no-one being held to account, and the ultimate cost of it all to the taxpayer. Surely, this is all fake, otherwise, the health minister would be long gone and Leo’s govt would have collapsed.

        1. eoin

          Careful now G, isn’t Stephen Rae suing Mark Tighe, RTE and the Sunday Times for allegedly doing him wrong….. (not that any of our brave media will report that litigation).

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Harris was asked twice by a reporter today as to when he knew about this latest scandal. He didn’t answer the question but went off on a tangent twice, and sidestepped the question. And he thinks no one noticed. Obvious coward is obvious.

  5. eoin

    “The HSE’s budget plan for its biggest projects this year has been delayed again and will not now be published until the start of August, due in part to the surging spend on the children’s hospital.”

    reports the Examiner. It’s blindingly obvious that the 100% over-run at the NCH will have a knock-on effect on other spending, but Leo will go down with his ship denying what everyone knows. Spin, spin, spin.

  6. Pol O Conchuir

    The “Irish” Daily Mail is a complete joke as a so called Irish paper. Yet again this morning it has another picture of a British Royal member. Can it not support Irish photographers. On Saturday it had a story on it’s front page that was just a copy of it’s British sister paper. I hope the Irish public give them the answer to this by stopping purchasing their paper. The Irish Mail on Sunday is doing the same. we should supprt Irish papers that use Irish reporters, photographers, etc

    1. eoin

      I see it’s recently dropped the “Guaranteed Irish” logo from its masthead, looks to me it’s being reduced to a cash cow ahead of a withdrawal from the Irish market, in the footsteps of the recent withdrawal of the paper Times Ireland.

    2. Tommy Bohan

      The Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday look to be doing the exact same as the Times Ireland edition. More and more of its content just seems to be a complete copy of what it has in the UK. I agree with Eoin, it just seems they want to get as much money out of it now. I think they left off a good few staff recently. This has to impact on the amount of Irish sourced reports. The 6 month circulation figures must be due out soon, I’d be very surprised if they don’t show an alarming fall.

      1. eoin

        Both the IDM and IMOS are down around 12% year on year, but following the recent redundancy of 25% of workforce, I’d expect that to accelerate. The IDM is selling around 27k copies today, Derry Street will probably support it until it hits 15,000. The IMOS is selling around 55k copies, I think London will support it until it hits 30k.

  7. Joe

    Eamonn Ryan once more willing to sell out his party and its new members to Fianna/Gael Fail for a few auld ministerial pensions as soon as he can get his grubby hands on them! Quelle surprise!

    1. SOQ

      The Greens have, rightly or wrongly always held the view that there is a better chance of influencing policy by being in government than out. They got badly burnt because of this strategy last time around but at core, they are a single issue party,

      I do not believe for one second that Eamonn or any of the other major players within the Greens are so short sighted or cynical as to have the motives you suggest. If there is a criticism to be levied it is the opposite, that they need to develop some street smarts- before they are eaten alive again.

    2. GiggidyGoo

      The Green ‘solution’ for all ills is to tax and levy. But they are the ones who helped FF destroy this country. As well, they don’t particularly like their history being known, and as such removed a lot of it from their website.
      One trick ponies

      1. B9Com From No

        Yeah how dare our politicians have conviction, personal belief or clearly stated policies!

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Do you know what they gave as the reason for bringing down the FFGREEN government? One of the items that no longer is on their website – and nothing to do with the disaster of the crash and the years leading up to it.

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