All The Trimmings


From top: Hawkins Street, Dublin in the 1980s: The Metro Burger sign prepares for its return

Free tonight?

Dublin Ghost Signs writes:

The Metro Burger Dublin sign [formerly of hawkins Street by The Screen on the Green] has been given a new lease of life.

Join us in Lucky’s beer garden [Meath Street, Dublin] to raise a drink to this rare and wonderful thing: a Dublin sign which escaped the skip and has lived to tell the tale!

From ‘7-ish’.

Metro Burger Dublin Launch at Lucky’s

Metro Burger Dublin (Dublin Ghost Signs)

10 thoughts on “All The Trimmings

  1. bertie blenkinsop

    From the article:

    “We don’t know who made the sign or who owned the restaurant.”
    “My lasting memory of Metro Burger is that the food was truly hideous.”

    But they’re having a party for the sign.
    This is irritating me more than it should on a lovely sunny evening.

  2. Liam Deliverance

    Raised on songs and stories, heroes of renown
    The passing tales and glories that once was Dublin town
    The hallowed halls and houses, the haunting children’s rhymes
    That once was Dublin City in the rare old times

  3. David O'Neill

    Oh my God that is so unreal. I used to work there. The 99p breakfast and the free tea and coffee refill. It was a great place and boy did we see some characters. We used to rig the jukebox for free credits and the old style cigarette machine with the pullout drawers used to give out (free) packs of cigarettes

    1. Pip

      T-Cut is totally contemporary Papi.
      It’s what one uses to make one’s car look new again, especially if it’s ageing and red (fades a lot).
      Takes a layer or two of paint off to expose the shiny fresh coat underneath. V satisfying.

      1. Papi

        Cool. Maybe it reminded me of the Brasso tin that use to be on the shelf in the shed for aeons.

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