What Your Head Will Be Wearing Next Season


This afternoon.

HOUSE, Leeson Street, Dublin 2

Model Simona Gagyte – wearing an array of bespoke headpieces crafted by Irish Milliner Margaret O’Connor – launches ‘Great Lengths – The Mane Event’ (hat and hair competition) in HOUSE on August 8 .

Great lengths

Pics: Mark Stedman

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24 thoughts on “What Your Head Will Be Wearing Next Season

  1. missred

    Love the pretty hairband, looks like shimmering silver. The navy yoke, however, looks like a hooray-henrietta’s garb for a royal wedding and the oversized bow is only bought and worn by WAGs who still suck their thumb

    1. Liam Deliverance

      @ Papi – Ha, it does, I started thinking fancy sandwich wrapper but it didn’t seem quite right. Like a batch loaf you might get in M&S!, possibly in the eighties.

  2. SOQ

    I could see myself in no 2/4 for Belfast Pride- seriously- it’s very nice, it would brighten up any dull outfit.

  3. V

    Is there any chance of a Broadsheet Wedding lads

    Top one was made for me lads
    I fairness
    Even that frock

    ‘be nice to have a excuse

      1. Lilly

        ‘A number of attempts have been made by The Irish Times to speak to Ms O’Doherty, so far without success.’

      1. B9Com From No

        Why does it all have to be about you?
        We could have a Moonies style mass wedding

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