Behind The Clock


Good grief.


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11 thoughts on “Behind The Clock

  1. Zaccone

    Unused building gets demolished, new residential building gets built to help alleviate the current homelessness/housing crisis. Seems reasonable to me?

      1. ____

        I’m very much not, but I don’t see how that’s relevant?
        Spaces are to be used to enhance the lives of us who are here and those that will come in the future – not as monoliths to ghosts of the past.
        While there’s value in our history, we have very, very little architectural heritage worth mentioning (though clearys is one of the good bits).
        There’s a balance to be struck, but we’re pretty awful at it. We tend to glorify anything that’s 100+ years old without paying any attention to its substance.

    1. scottser

      Do you honestly think that there will be any social housing in any of those developments?

      1. ____

        There’s plenty of houses that are being used as offices.
        Creating more office space should (in theory, at least) free up space to return to accommodation.

  2. ____

    Standard stuff no?
    Retaining the facade and rebuilding the rest is a good compromise between keeping the oldie charm and having a useable building.

    Looks bad now alright, but so does every building before it’s finished.

  3. B9Com From No

    That place behind Clerys was one of the worst slums in the country. Full of drug takers and completely dangerous street people. This was our Abu Ghraib

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