Do I Look Irresponsible?


Fianna Fáil Leader Micheál Martin speaking to the media yesterday at The Portico, Leinster House with Seanad Leader Catherine Ardagh

“I think the no-deal scenario opens up such potential economic disruption and is uncertain and cannot be foreseen, despite all of the analysis we’ve had in terms of what will happen, that I think it would be irresponsible to provoke a general election in the next number of months

…I am told the ports are not ready. Dublin Port is not ready for a no-deal Brexit, despite what you hear.

I am told by people who know the port… that mayhem will ensue.

It’s important that if a no-deal Brexit is to occur – it may not – but if it’s to occur all hands need to be on deck to make sure that the people are looked after out there, that jobs are looked after, that livelihoods are looked after and protected insofar as we possibly can.

That has to be the essential prerequisite of any political party in the country.”

Fianna Fáil Leader Micheál Martin.


Provoking a general election would be ‘irresponsible’ – Martin (Irish Times)

Leah Farrell/Rollingnews

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10 thoughts on “Do I Look Irresponsible?

    1. V

      Or maybe he knows the polls promising 60+ seats are a load of what I picked up after the dog earlier too

      MeMartin is the only one in Fianna Fail not wanting an election
      Well, Maybe *Senator Ardagh there as well

      *who needs Catherine Byrne and Snoddy to tank

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Leo and Donald bought him off obviously. That’s a coup those boys would like for themselves. Wasn’t it GG who originally established the NI Border?

  1. eoin

    How might Micheal “provoke a general election”? He might put his foot down on the National Broadband Plan, the National Childrens Hospital, new drilling licences for the Chinese, the ineptitude of Eoghan Murphy, what must at this stage be verging on the criminal ineptitude of Simon Harris or a score of other issues. So, what Micheal is really saying is, he’ll lead his 10,000 up the hill to challenge FG about all of these scandals, but when push comes to shove, and the rubber meets the road, he’ll lead the 10,000 back down again. At least for a “number” of months until a no deal Brexit is addressed. Will that be three months to the end of October? Or if another extension is granted for another year? Micheal does know the Constitution requires a general election in the next 18 months, right?

    If Micheal pulled the plug today, we could a new govt, possibly FF/Greens/Independent majority govt by the start of September, a fortnight before the Dail resumes. Meanwhile, we have an undemocratic FG govt suppressing legislation, stumbling from one scandal to the next and dependent on the support of Michael Lowry. Very responsible Micheal.

    1. Cian

      You aren’t wrong. But if we had an election and we get a FF/Greens/Independent majority govt by the start of September, we would still have a “undemocratic FG FF govt suppressing legislation, stumbling from one scandal to the next and dependent on the support of Michael Lowrythe Healy Rays (or whoever)”.

      Oh, and who was it that created the HSE we know and love? Micheal Martin!

      1. eoin

        Currently we have a 50-odd FG minority govt with the support of around eight others who are stopping legislation for spurious money message reasons. That is undemocratic in the context of a 158-TD Dail.

        If we have a FF/Greens/Independent majority govt by the start of September, then as an elected majority, if they stop Opposition bills, it’s not undemocratic.

        Will the FF/Greens do a better job on housing and health? I don’t think we’d have a €3 billion National Broadband Plan, I think Stephen Donnelly would quickly get to the bottom of the Cervical Check scandal, I think the Greens might step up to the plate to promote Green policy. I think FF would get to grips with the housing crisis.

        If FF get 60 seats, the Greens get 15, they’ll need five more to form a govt. I don’t think they’ll need the Healy Raes but at least the Healy Raes aren’t convicted criminals with a vast cloud hanging over their historical dealings in government.

  2. Zaccone

    This summer would be an ideal time for an election. There are more than enough FG scandals that one is deserved, the electorate would see it as justified. A new government would be in place months before any Halloween Brexit, if one happens. And there are no new big Brexit challenges likely before September.

    A changeover from an FG to FF government wouldn’t exactly result in a massive seachange in Brexit policy either – I imagine the civil servants doing the real work would continue on exactly as before.

    If, as is likely, Brexit simply gets delayed again in October for another 6 months then we’re looking at the guts of another year at least with FG in power. Because if its not possible to call an election now because of the Brexit risk, then it sure won’t be for months after any Brexit either.

    I usually think Martin does ok as party leader but he really seems to be terrified of an election, hes just desperately avoiding one at this stage.

    1. V

      ‘course he is
      He’s going to be mortified in his own constituency ffs
      His own running mate is going to wipe the floor with him
      Triggering a leadership hoohaa as well

  3. :-Joe

    F the pair of them… martin, criminally negligent with the economy last time F-f /x – were in power and the undemocratically elected varadker and his merry bunch of entitled intentionally incompetent morons in F-x/g … both halves of the same party, the F – f/g establishment for foreign private global corparate financial interests party.

    Keep argueing all you want about who is better or even different from one another like a bunch of eejits, just hurry up and figure out why you need to stop voting for them.

    “Looks almost like gravity will bring F-f / x back into power, almost as if they are due to take their turn again with martin being power this time round.” (Paraphrased) – Typical current and common discourse on establishment media these days.

    60%-ish of total voters every time round for the past few decades are a bunch of f-ing eejits….

    The F-word is in the dictionary btw. so why it can’t be used on bs is fairly daft but np either way.


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