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Last night.

A baby is held aloft during a rally by US President Donald Trump in Greenville, North Carolina.



One born every minute.

Protester holding photos of Trump with Jeffrey Epstein interrupts rally (The Week)

Competing Trends Emerge After Divisive Rally (Newsweek)

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A bid to launch impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump has been blocked in the US House of Representatives.

Texas Democrat Al Green filed the resolution after the House voted to denounce Mr Trump’s attacks aimed at four US congresswomen as racist.

But the measure failed to win enough support, with his fellow Democrats voting overwhelmingly against.

Donald Trump impeachment bid fails in the House (BBC)

34 thoughts on “Where We Go Onesie

    1. Listrade

      The “leaders” feel that it isn’t in their interest for the next election. It’s a similar scenario to Clinton, except this time Dems have congress, but Reps senate. Impeachment will get through congress, but not senate and so will fail (unless there’s a remarkable shift in some of the rep senators…hardly likely). So it will be a show and in their view it will ultimately fail and probably run the risk of galvanising support for Trump.

      They think that they can win the election based upon a message they haven’t really decide upon, but is likely to be a watered down version of Sanders/other progressives with a large dose of maintaining status quo. Making it about Trump and not “policy” actually plays into where Trump is best and his whole victimisation. The rally being the perfect example whereby when the attacks on him, he can turn it around to galvanise support.

      Having said that, some of the progressive, newer dems believe that while an impeachment may fail, that the dirt brought up in the investigation, or at least catching Trump in lies while questioned will shift opinion.

      All it really means is that it never matters what is in the public interest, it’s about party politics and playing whatever game they were taught to play in their country clubs in order that they preserve or gain a position of power.

      1. Mr.Fart

        thanks so much! so thats why they waffle on about how bad he is but they don’t actually do anything. surely he’s had many impeachable offences by now, and the fact he hasn’t faced consequences for anything, not even the russian stuff, he must feel like nothiing can stop him. and it seems nothing can. he commits actual crimes and nothing happens. whereas clinton got a blowjob and was out the door straight away.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          Erm…. wasn’t he impeached, then acquitted, and completed his second term? Nothing “straight away” about that at all.

        2. V

          Clinton wasn’t out the door

          in fact Clinton had higher poll numbers than the two fighting it out to replace him when he was coming to the end of his 2nd term

        3. Termagant

          No, the Democrats of the time voted overwhelmingly against his impeachment despite him having confessed to, if not lying under oath, indulging in some very extreme semantics to weasel his way around the truth and by the spirit of the law but not its letter lying under oath

    2. Termagant

      Potential embarrassment. They’ve been talking about it for so long that to try and fail at this stage (which this one inevitably would) would make then a laughing stock. In politics it’s always better to talk about doing something then it is to do something.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        Keep the powder. dry and wait for a clearer shot. As Pelosi said, they’ll deal with it “on the floor”.

  1. class wario

    Truly something that the President of the United States is engaging in such blatant racism and doubling (tripling? quadrupling?) down on it more and more with each passing day. Now working his fans into a fervour about sending a US citizen ‘back’ home. They won’t be happy until she’s dead.

    1. :-Joe

      Unintentional maybe, very clever marketingf trick if not..

      Heads turning everywhere….


    1. B9Com From No

      What groping video? The video I saw was of two men talking for one minute approx at a party. Other adult men and women were present. Some of them can even be seen dancing.

      1. Toe Up

        There’s a later part of the clip that shows Trump in the middle of a group of women who are dancing. He holds one around the midriff for a second or two, then pats her on the bottom before she moves away.

    1. :-Joe

      Ye, it turns out trump never had much to say worth listening to but people keep turning up and tuning in…


      1. Termagant

        Why do you think Trump’s driving to get NASA to the moon
        That’s where they keep him
        him and Elvis

    1. B9Com From No

      Thanks italia

      That’s an interesting thread about Dershowitz and his first wife

      There’s a similar one on Twitter now about Trump and Epstein

  2. italia'90

    I don’t getcha Frillzers?
    I’m pretty sure John John is a few hundred metres under the Atlantic.

    1. V

      That’s not what the rest of the Q anon_and_on_and_on’ons are saying
      Did ye have a falling out

      1. CueTop

        You are incorrect about QAnon and JFK Jr.

        Q himself (in Q drop 2261) answers “No” to the question “Is JKF Jr alive?”

          1. italia'90

            Associating me with Qanon is your idea of fun is it?
            I don’t share your sense of humour I’m afraid.

            If I said “have you and your friend Dershowitz fallen out?”
            Would that sound like a bit of fun?

            In my first link up above, the word “massage” as used in Epsteins’ circle of pedo friends and sleazeballs, is code for sex with a child!

            Similarly, pedo’s also use the word “pizza” for a child they’re grooming.

            Dershowitz is dropping names in TV interviews quicker than Obomber dropped ordinance in the Middle-East. He’s trying to get ahead of the storm, imo. And what a poostorm it could turn out to be…

  3. Toe Up

    Ffs, look at the responses to the Twitter post. There’s a whole load of crazy going on right there.

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