It Takes A Nation Of Millions


Lose the Ali-tude.

Previously: When Ali Came To ireland

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4 thoughts on “It Takes A Nation Of Millions

  1. Bertie Blenkinsop

    For all the hyperbole in boxing, he called himself The Greatest and he was right.
    Must send that on to my Da, he was at the fight, even though..quote “you were a baby, we were in a one room flat on the North Circular, I hadn’t a pot to piss in, I said boo boo to it, when am I gonna see HIM again”.
    The loon :)

  2. V

    If ye ever get a chance to see some of the footage of the fight

    You can hear a few bucks
    Straight out of the bog

    And it wasn’t as sweet as Ali Bomaye

    Proper Junior B Eddie Moroney stuff
    And real fight fans
    The kinda lads that would keep scrapbooks and always have a wireless to their ear

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