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  1. Cú Chulainn

    Behold, British justice at its finest.. the extent of corruption and deceit leaves our lads in the halfpenny pace.

    1. Ron

      hmm..have you seen the faeces freak show politicians you all elect in Ireland? it’s a real testament of the thicker than Varadkar Irish voter that stands in a glass house and lobs stones over at the Brits.

      Why are the Irish so obsessed with Britain when they elect even worse here? Delusional Irish electorate

        1. some old quare

          The two main British parties are eating themselves alive to the point where they couldn’t organise a pee up in a brewery and yet, somehow, it’s the Irish politicians who are the problem?

          Deflection at its finest.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Hi Ron,
        Be patient.
        The usual clowns, nincompoops and village idiots will soon be along to answer your queries.
        They’re just having trouble locating their Wellington boots.

        1. B9Com From No

          cheating cheats cheat us all

          I see that MS Dhoni played crap on purpose in order to let your lot through

      1. martco

        ahahahahaha that’s gas

        jasus the mind boggles….in general it amazes me that newspapers (& that one particularly) still exist. who pays good money to buy this tat? I can only assume it’s people who have other jobs for newspaper like keeping a few handy in the drawer for when the poor oul dog at home has a bit of an “accident”, packing crockery or building up the fire etc.

        I can only assume the funds to keep that yoke alive are in the main generated out of planning permission notices, government paid-for-advertising masquerading (badly) as stories & property porn. and older people heading for the exit.

        1. B9Com From No

          I honestly think they give most of the away for free now martco, definitely the case with Indo
          I never see anyone buying it but every hotel, coffee shop etc has a few of them

          True about the older people as well
          Sindo in Sunday was full of over 60//s existential angst

          1. bisted

            …true…sitting in a hotel foyer in Ballina last sunday there was a steady stream of locals coming in a taking the free copy of the Sindo…

      2. GiggidyGoo

        Cant disagree with that, but sometimes it looks like the ones that commit criminal acts get rewarded by spreads in the media along with the photo shoot. That drug mule one from the North is another example.
        Who needs an agent these days? Just go out and clock someone or whatever, and hey presto you’re on the way to media stardom. Maybe even on the way to becoming a ‘celebrity’. I doubt the victims heil her.

    1. B9Com From No

      I raised this story here a few weeks ago
      How does such sentencing work?
      The judge involved is a disgrace

      Also, why would ANYONE log in and give their user details to such an organization?

  2. Gabby

    Pedophile conspiracy fantasist has been outed. Journalists and politicians who believed him have questions to answer. Goebbels said that the biggest lies would be believed.

          1. Man On Fire

            Gabby commented about Cliff, that link shows how Cliff and disgraced tory mp and convicted sex offender Harvey Proctor are intertwined.

            Beech named Proctor as one of his abusers.

            When the police raided Proctors house on foot of beechs allegations, they found a soiled school boys uniform, blood stained boys underwear, child porn, bondage gear and a notepad related to child abuse.

            Try inform yourself before shooting from the hip.

  3. eoin

    RTE reports how Simon Harris’s deal with the nurses which was supposed to cost €10-15m in 2019 is now expected to cost €55m+

    “Last week, in response to a Parliamentary Question from Fianna Fáil Health Spokesperson Stephen Donnelly, the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform confirmed that the estimated cost of the INMO deal in 2019 alone has now soared from €10-15 million to up to €57.7 million.”

    We learned yesterday there’s been a 47% increase in children waiting for an appointment.

    What does he have to (not) do to get the boot?

    1. Ron

      If the electorate aren’t intelligent enough to remove him you can’t really blame Varadkar for keeping him.

      Murphy and Harris were the other two ‘hotshots’ according to the thicker than Varadkar Fine Gael Muppets with a vote. Young and a new breed of politician. Refreshing young faces is how they were billed. Varadkar sees the younger ones as threats to his ego and to his ability to be leader. Putting Harris in Health and Murphy in Housing was only ever done to destroy their reputation. He didn’t need to do it. Their own incompetence and general daw jawed approach to anything they do would have been enough.. But he put them there and all has done is set them on an accelerated development plan to make them appear even more idiotic and inept than they already are.

      Irish electorate aren’t intelligent enough to understand that

      1. Qwerty123

        Has there ever been a good minister for health? Were they all idiots?

        Thanks Ron/Eoin, I’m a stupid Irish voter, please educate me more.

  4. eoin

    Why is it the job of RTE’s US correspondent [who is hopelessly beholden to Washington] to report on the tensions off the coast of Iran? Why is the “impartial” reporting [reporting you can trust according to the RTE ads with the cancer people whose US results were ignored by the RTE US correspondent] about Iran being framed from a US perspective? Wasn’t it Trump who tore up the nuclear deal with Iran? Isn’t it the US which imposed sanctions? Isn’t it the US which is leaning on the EU to follow and impose sanctions?

  5. eoin

    Poor auld Pat Kenny (72). Despite his objections, planning approval has been given for an apartment development on land next to his home in Dalkey. The developer is the same man behind co-living developments, but the Dalkey development will be traditional housing. I wonder, has Pat expressed any views on his radio show about NIMBYism and co-living.

  6. eoin

    Dad of one of the rugby players tried and acquitted of rape in Belfast last year, wins High Court defamation case against unnamed Republic of Ireland woman who had tweeted a claim about the dad after the rape trial was over.

    The dad is suing, also in the HIgh Court in Belfast, a second unnamed Twitterer from the Republic of Ireland.

    No word yet on damages.


  7. eoin

    Five days ago “Ireland will not sign up to an international agreement to take a share of migrants rescued from the Mediterranean, and will continue to decide the issue on a case-by-case basis.” That was Charlie Flanagan’s position last Friday reported in the Irish Times.

    Yet this morning, RTE reports “Eight EU member states, including Ireland, have agreed to actively participate in a new “solidarity mechanism” to resettle migrants and refugees across the EU. ”

    It just undermines public trust when there isn’t a clear migration strategy. Ireland needs migration to maintain population, but uncontrolled migration is just ugly. The government should lob it into the Citizens Assembly so that we can have an intelligent conversation.

    1. some old quare

      Interesting that the word migration does not include people from other European countries- despite the fact that they outnumber the others by a very large amount.

      If the choice is between a boat full of unfortunates just looking safe sanctuary and a bunch of Polish Nazis- I know which I would prefer.

    2. Charger Salmons

      So uncontrolled migration into Ireland is just ugly ?
      Yet people in the UK who voted for Brexit for that very reason are racists and xenophobes pining for the days of the Empire.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        please don’t take this as a criticism, charger (you know me: if you’ve nothing nice to say, say nothing etc), but you lack the spunky vim of old. is everything ok?

        1. Charger Salmons

          Brother, you’re mostly firing blanks these days.
          So naturally nothing is hitting the target.
          Up your game son.

          1. B9Com From No

            Like English-born batsmen, hence the need to fast track migrants onto the team?

  8. Rosette of Sirius

    Funny how the Brits all of a sudden are looking for direct support from their European cousins….

    1. some old quare

      If someone sat down and wrote all this into a novel- you’d have put the book down after the first twenty pages and dismissed it as stupidly unbelievable.

      They fell out with the Yanks over the nuclear thing and are now running to the Germans and the French for help? Frosty reception there I bet.

  9. eoin

    The Irish Times publishes its accounts for 2018.


    How much of a loss? €1.5m.

    What’s happening with the newspaper business then? advertising, circulation, dat type of ting? The Irish Times has taken the view that revealing the detail “would be seriously prejudicial to the interests of the Group”. If the news was good, would they be hiding it under a bushel? I don’t think so. Shady.

    How much did the IT pay for the Irish Examiner which was acquired in the middle of 2018? The IT doesn’t say, but it has a cash outflow of around €464,000 to purchase “tangible fixed assets” and €594,000 of “transaction costs”, but you never know what non-cash conditions or future conditions might apply to such a deal and also, you don’t know if these two headings 100% relate to the Examiner. It’s shady though.

    They’re still paying world class salaries, €240,000 for the editor of a paper that sells around 45,000 copies a day at full price (it was 48,819 in the second half of 2018, but word on the street is, there’s been another major decline in the first half of 2019). They also pay €270,000 for the managing director.

  10. millie st murderlark

    @Bodger, Chompsky, Olga and the esteemed Preposterous

    Law Reform Commission proposes extension of court privilege to bloggers and social media reporters https://jrnl.ie/4734895

    Of relevance to you good people or not?

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