Shane Lowry (left) with mum Bridget and dad Brendan in the mid-1990s

Cúl Heroes writes:

Shane Lowry is one of the good guys:

Predator runners…

Offaly 94/95 jersey…

Can Tin of Lilt…

Ma and Da…

Pitching wedge…

In fairness.

President leads tributes to ‘role model’ Lowry (RTÉ)


Ah here.

17 thoughts on “Minor To Major

    1. eoin

      He won’t be too far away. He was on the radio this morning saying “my Department” stood ready to facilitate [with taxpayers money, it should be said] any sort of homecoming that Shane Lowry wants [as long as Shane Ross gets into the photos for the papers, of course].

      1. Liam Deliverance

        Well done Shane Lowry, a magnificient win.

        (Shane Ross – don’t do it, stay away, learn from your mistakes ya big eejit)

  1. newsjustin

    re someone saying Lowry was British. A certain Brazil based Irish sports writer has been giving his take on Lowry’s “acceptance of facisim” on Twitter.

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