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  1. Ron

    Meanwhile in the corrupt world of Irish politics. The boy Varadkar issued a statement about swing gate and Bailey

    His quote:

    For these reasons, I am demoting her and removing her as Chairperson of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Housing.

    “I hope this will send a clear message to other public representatives about taking such cases in future.

    “In not going further by removing the whip from Deputy Bailey, I do so conscious of the devastating effect this saga has had on Deputy Bailey and her family in particular. She has endured considerable negative publicity, public criticism and is now personally liable for significant legal and medical costs.”

    Nothing about the potentially devastating effect of her claim on an Irish business in terms of their insurance costs. See how he paints her as a victim lol..

    So what will the Irish electorate do in the face of such corrupt behaviour from a politician? The same thing they always do, re elect her and post angry face emojis on social media.

    The Irish are what they elect and it paints a depressing picture of this country. Business as usual so. Pathetic.

    1. Verbatim

      I don’t think there’s a need to be depressed there’s still good in this world. Look, Varadkar could have hung her out for a forever dry but instead he showed her compassion by not removing the whip from her. It seems like he did a decent thing here.

      1. Ron

        let us know the parallel universe you live in. Is it a universe where the electorate aren’t as silly as the Irish sillies?

    2. Charlie

      Seriously? How to pathetically turn a story about success and golf into a political rant. Gwan the Broadsheet!

  2. Hector Ramirez

    Didn’t watch the golf over the weekend, but anytime I went on Twitter , there was a spat about McIlroy being Irish/British. Then uproar when a sky sports commentator mentioned a uk winner when Lowry was teeing off. This only told me how Insecure we are as a nation when something as stupid as that sets off irrational arguments…

    But we’ll done Lowry

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Being upset when your sportsmen and other notables are misidentified as belonging to another nation is not insecurity: it is in fact a reflection of national pride. Ireland are not the only ones: call a US American a Canadian, and watch their reaction. Remember the soccer team from North Korea getting upset that their country was not called correctly? New Zealanders misidentified as Australians brings a similar reaction to ours when called British. Ask a Scot about being called English (but step well back and be prepared to run).

      Reporters getting it wrong is not a sign of insecurity on our part, but lax journalistic skills on theirs, and they deserve to be called out on it.

      As to that McIlroy fella, he can legitimately claim both Irish and British lines, being from Norn Iron.

  3. Chuckenstein

    I’d say a Marwood-style dose of The Fear will hit him in due course after the non-stop celebrations. A tactical necessity. Well done, Shane.

    1. V

      Not a ‘t all
      That Offaly crowd never get the fear

      They could be playing Kerry on Sunday
      And they’d still be all out at some lads stag / wedding on Saturday

      Proper Swagger

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