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  1. terry

    Time we were told exactly the extent of Europe having our back
    Its time we started looking at our situation not pre thinking the demise of Boris

    1. Charger Salmons

      A bit late for that.
      Ireland should have thought about the dangers when the Peacock Taoiseach allowed this country to become the EU’s incontinence pad.
      But the media were either asleep on the job or in cahoots with their political handlers just as they were with banking crisis.

    2. ReproBertie

      What exactly is “the extent of Europe having our back” supposed to mean? The EU27, which includes Ireland, have been firmly in Ireland’s corner since before the Sasamach negotiations began and are still saying unequivocally that the WA, which includes the backstop, is the only deal on the table. The unelected British tea boy Taoiseach will back down because, while the only principle he has is self interest, the British Dáil won’t allow a no deal Sasamach to happen.

      1. ReproBertie

        “We look forward to working constructively with PM Johnson when he takes office, to facilitate the ratification of the Withdrawal Agreement and achieve an orderly Sasamach,” said the EU’s chief Sasamach negotiator Michel Barnier.

          1. Donker

            Why don’t the 4 (perhaps 2) trolls leave here and start their own irexet site with 8 readers. I’m tired of these gobpoos.

      2. B9Com From No

        The interesting thing there watching Sky etc is that the Tories now seem to be hopelessly disunited too.

        All the signs are to a general election with four parties vying and further deadlock

        An interesting point one commentator made however is that people just want someone like Boris to spin them a yarn now about Brexit ( that means a climb down is conceivable) as opposed to the turgid lack of comms skills and hatred of public speaking displayed by The Maybot

        1. shayna

          It’s interesting that another Old Etonian is a British PM – who would have thought? He was fine when he was London Mayor – he just seemed to attend events – oh “The Boris Bikes” – he did take credit for that., despite the machinations were in place by his pre-decessor “Red Ken”. He’s famously not that great with abroad from Britain. It’s of course going to be a hard border between North and South of Ireland. He didn’t make any friends when Teresa May gave him a position of Foreign Minister – she may have offered the post to Prince Philip and he may have proven to be a tad more diplomatic?

          1. B9Com From No

            Good win last Saturday Shayna
            Not much sign of ‘roids this time but plenty of excellent half time management in fairness
            Have they reached their peak already though?
            Cork did sort of expose them in that bigger pitch

        2. Charger Salmons

          Only an idiot believes the BBC and Sky Views report the news accurately and without bias – they’re part of a Westminster bubble that failed to notice the rise of both UKiP and the Brexit Party and wrote off Boris as washed-up less than a year ago.
          Like RTE and the Irish Times they’re staffed by journalists who rarely get their shoes dirty and think the unavailability of almond lattes is front-line reporting.
          It’s why an entire country was duped into believing that old crook Charles Haughey led a millionaire lifestyle on a politician’s salary and why Varadkar is being given an equally soft ride.
          Far from being disunited the Tories have voted in Boris by a landslide.
          Far from being a buffoon he’s as sharp as a tack and won the London mayoral election twice in a strong Labour city.
          And he’s no foghorn right-wing Tory – Boris is a liberal at heart who will pack his ministerial posts with women and ethnic minorities.
          Anyone with an ounce of intelligence and obviously that rules out most of the commentators on here would do well not to lap up the anti-English bile of the Irish Times and RTE’s nodding dogs in the back of the ministerial cars.
          It’s in Ireland’s interests as well as the UK’s that Boris does well.
          Thinking of yourselves as the little feeder fish that swim alongside the shark for protection.

          1. B9Com From No

            Poor little Charger
            Did you watch Newsnight last night?
            Your chums’ tall tales of new beginnings in negotiations on the WA with EU were literally torn apart by Emily Maitlis. I haven’t seen so much afterbirth on the cowshed floor since our Belle had quintuplet sucklers.

          2. scottser

            boris will be in office for 6 months max.
            also, a boris cabinet filled with ethnic minorities and women?

          3. Charger Salmons

            Did you get you astounding insight into the gull problem from Newsnight as well ?

            * sniggers *

          4. B9Com From No

            I tell you what I did get insight to old sock
            – the UK establishment has given up
            Poor Emily’s tone was one of disillusionment and even boredom, when faced with such naked and manifest incompetence
            It must be wearing watching a car crash occur over and over again – like the Old Kerryman joke about the Kerry fella who was watching a John Wayne movie with his mates, John is riding a horse towards the edge of a cliff or precipice and the boys take up the Kerry fella’s bet that he won’t do it. I feel bad, they say after, I saw this movie before! So did I, says the Kerry fella, I just didn’t think he’d be dumb enough to do it again!

            Emily’s tone worried me I must say

          5. Shayna

            I have to say – that’s a quite an ill-informed statement. I’ve worked for both The BBC and SkyNews. As part of the BBC’s commission – it’s obliged to report unbiased accounts of news from around the World – despite who’s at No.10. SkyNews, well – when I worked for them – it was just news – getting there first with a story and video.

  2. john f

    As expected, Bailey is being fully scapegoated, her political career is over. It was always about damage limitation and protecting Minister Madigan for the government. A new British Prime Minister….. Same circus different clown. With the massive success of the BREXIT party in the European election on what was largely a single issue borrowers could well be forced to persue a no deal BREXIT.
    May’s deal is a dead duck, there is not a cat’s chance in hell of getting ratified. There simply isn’t enough time or the will to negotiate a new deal. Boris could well have to force through and no deal BREXIT to satisfy the growing number of voters that want a clean break with the EU.

  3. eoin

    Times London front page. Boris does his best Benny Hill pose. The headline:

    “Boris Johnson goes to work as prime minister, Priti Patel offered top role but Hunt’s future in doubt”

    Priti Patel is the disgraced MP who lied to Theresa May about her dealings with Israel, Priti was summoned back from an official trip to Africa to be fired in person by May.

    1. Batty Brennan

      Johnson being selected as Tory chief is terrible news, but the thought of that vile creature Priti Patel at the top table is enough to make me want a one-way ticket to Mars.

      1. eoin

        I wonder what the first draft of Johnson’s “Churchillian” DUDE speech looked like?

        Can-do, Undoing the withdrawal agreement, Neutralising Iran and Trouncing Corbyn.

        1. Charger Salmons

          Interesting appointment of Dominic Cummings as a senior adviser.
          The made who brilliantly organised the Vote Leave campaign.
          Boris is preparing for an election.
          I wonder if David Cameron will make a return.
          UK Ambassador to Washington ?
          Might have a flutter.
          Read beyond the dog-whistle journalism of the Irish media this week if you really want to know what’s going on in British politics.

  4. Batty Brennan

    That story from Clear Island is bizarre (Examiner). All the more so for the words Judge McNulty had for one of the witnesses (husband of the accused). “Odious” is how the judge describes the extra-marital behaviour of Mr. O’Driscoll, who was not on trial. 1950s Ireland indeed, Judge McNulty.

      1. Batty Brennan

        You think it’s appropriate for a Judge in our courts to direct such a comment to a witness?

      1. martco

        in relation to yet another FG snitch “[insert whatever bottom of the barrel imagined problem exists] Cheats Cheat Us All” type campaign, I’d speculate @eoin is being sarcastic

  5. eoin

    “However, despite requests there was no information supplied by David McCourt – who leads the consortium given the contract – as he has repeatedly refused to engage with the committee, citing legal advice.”

    The Oireachtas communications committee decided yesterday not to publish its report on the National Broadband Plan for at least a month. The lead bidder who held a sleazy secret meeting the decision-making minister in New York last year at which the disgraced Minister Naughten agreed to the change in the consortium that saw Denis O’Brien’s Siteserv join the bid. The cost of the NBP has gone from €500m to €3bn, or €5bn according to more recent reporting. The lead bidder David McCourt has refused to engage with the Oireachtas committee.


    1. GiggidyGoo

      Yep, and every so often you have parish pump, bordering on illiterate, government party members coming out trying to rubbish the EIR claim. With such soundbites as ‘Well, why didn’t they (eir) say this when they had their chance’ etc.

      The reason of course is that the detail of the tender, as it now stands, is far from the published, original, detail. So the detail as is now stands, now makes sense for EIR to come back. McCourt told Naughton what parts to change it seems. Maybe Mick Wallace and Clare Daly can put pressure on in Brussels.

  6. eoin

    The lead story in the Irish Times today. “Maria Bailey case: ‘Fury’ in Fine Gael over Varadkar decision not to punish TD further”

    And within the story,

    “One senior Fine Gael figure, however, said there was “fury and disbelief” at the decision, adding: “He has bottled it.””

    No clues as to the identity of the “senior Fine Gael figure”. Presumably it was a Minister. These are the current FG Ministers (excludes junior ministers who presumably wouldn’t be “senior” enough). When the heave comes, who’ll be wielding the knife?

    Simon Coveney
    Paschal Donohoe
    Richard Bruton
    Charles Flanagan
    Heather Humphreys
    Simon Harris
    Michael Creed
    Michael Ring
    Regina Doherty
    Eoghan Murphy
    Josepha Madigan
    Joe McHugh

    1. GiggidyGoo

      That list wouldn’t give you much sense of bravery to be honest. Some of them won’t even be elected next time round.

  7. V

    ‘see the Mail there
    At the top this morning

    Boris and Maria
    Imagine it

    Enjoy yere day folks

    1. Batty Brennan


      That’s beyond cruel. :(

      mumble mumble I wish the happy couple every joy etc. etc.

      1. V

        Do you folly Billions

        Did ya see the swing yer man straps himself into?

        Imagine Boris
        And herself there
        In her running gear
        Screaming and whipping
        Humanity has been crossed Prime Minister

        Ye”re welcome

  8. eoin

    Further to the debate which followed the recent de-platforming of an Irish activist, and whether Youtube. Facebook, Twitter are 21st century utilities acting like monopolies, Bloomberg reports

    “The [United States] Justice Department said it’s investigating whether dominant technology companies are thwarting competition in their markets, stepping up scrutiny of the industry’s biggest names as they come under fire in Washington.The department’s antitrust division will look at concerns that consumers, businesses and entrepreneurs have expressed about search, social media, and online retail, according to a statement Tuesday”

    1. Batty Brennan

      Does the scope of this investigation extend to the facilitation of hate speech?

      If not, I fail to see how this is “Further to the debate which followed the recent de-platforming of an Irish activist…”

    2. V

      You know
      I think Bodger himself put it better than anyone
      Paraphrasing now a bit so apologies
      It was something like
      Their monopoly being the public square

      And that’s a scary premise lads

      With all the comments and ye know yerselves
      About this Deplatforming and the lady herself
      Here’s a fact ye’ll not find amongst the lot of them

      Censorship denies Equality
      And if we’re all not about that
      Then I don’t want to know any of ye anymore

  9. B9Com From No

    The gull stories are awesome
    New stalk sent some dude out yesterday to investigate
    The gist of it was you’re safe out in public with burgers but not with chips or ice cream
    Avaricious gulls everywhere
    Good times

  10. V

    I’ve just had a thought
    And I don’t know if this is the appropriate thread to park it

    Fitness and Probity
    Only last night I had a read through my own obligations under CBoI Regs
    (*All tickety boo btw)

    So, can I ask Broadsheet if there is a F & B policy in Fine Gael
    Likewise for TDs

    Maybe get ‘us a copy
    ‘Cause do you know what
    By strict application – Maria Bailey,
    By swearing false testimony
    An act of Deception – and in this case to profit
    Actually forbids her holding any PCF role in a regulated Financial Institution
    Or from being a Director in same

    Just asking

    * and just in case – a regulated third party checks it on my behalf – at least twice a year

    1. eoin

      Maria’s register of interests is all “nil”, she was a director of a Dalkey community group with her late dad and David McWilliams and a few other notables, but that was her last directorship which ended in 2009. She looks like a full-time political representative. I wonder what she’ll do after the next general election.

      1. V

        Register of Interests would be more disclosure requirements
        – help avoid conflicts etc

        Fitness and Probity is a very different compliance regime
        Lads out there getting slapped with fines
        In the six figure range
        For declaring qualifications they’re not entitled to
        Or for not declaring they were the slapped with a judgement – or a criminal fine or the subject of enforcement proceedings
        Or restricted by a Regulator somewhere
        Or even refused membership of a Governing Body

        It might not seem like it
        But it’s serious stuff

        Surely Fine Gael have a Fitness & Probity Policy members are obliged to FFS
        Even a Minimum Competency requirement
        And even if they don’t (wtf btw)
        The Houses of the Oireachtas must

        It’s definitely worth testing anyway

  11. eoin

    Another day, another Cervical Check scandal.

    After the so-called “glitch” which stopped letters about the results of cervical smear tests being sent to patients, we had the 11,500 tests last week which were undertaken using test kits that were outside their “best before” date and today, we have 450 smears that weren’t sent to the testers until after the smears had run over their “best before” date.

    Who is responsible?

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