Whatcha Reading For?


This afternoon.

Dublin City Libraries tweetz:

In the heart of the realm, people take refuge from a hot sunny day in Phibsboro Library with its River Run garden in homage to Joyce and a lovely display to local born, Iris Murdoch…who never forgot her Irish heritage.

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9 thoughts on “Whatcha Reading For?

  1. Ian-O

    Wasn’t familiar with her so looked her up – you would think a library would do so too, but civil servants and all that.

    Anyway, a quick Wiki check reveals the following:

    Later, of Ian Paisley, Iris Murdoch stated “[he] sincerely condemns violence and did not intend to incite the Protestant terrorists. That he is emotional and angry is not surprising, after 12–15 years of murderous IRA activity. All this business is deep in my soul, I’m afraid.In private correspondence with her close friend and fellow philosopher Philippa Foot, she remarked in 1978 that she felt “unsentimental about Ireland to the point of hatred” and, of a Franco-Irish conference she had attended in Caen in 1982, said that “the sounds of all those Irish voices made me feel privately sick”.

    Whatever about her views on the conflict, the fact that Irish voices made her feel sick and she felt so “unsentimental about Ireland to the point of hatred” don’t really make her someone who we should be celebrating for ”never forgot(ting) her Irish heritage.” If anything, she sounded like she was racist towards the Irish and hence, herself. The fact she was defended bigot Paisley while apparently being homosexual herself reveals even more of a rather confused person.

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