Not In Our Backyard


An Injection room, Vancouver Canada

Last night.

Dublin City Council has refused planning permission for Ireland’s first ever supervised injection rooms for drug users.

Merchants Quay Ireland had applied to run the facility from its building in the city centre.

It would have compromised of seven booths and would have catered for around 65 to 100 users per day.

The council turned down permission citing a lack of a policing plan and the effect it would have on the tourist economy.

The supervised injection facility was a major part of the national drugs strategy and was included in the 2016 Programme for Government.

Dublin City Council refuses permission for drug injection centre (RTÉ)

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36 thoughts on “Not In Our Backyard

  1. class wario

    wait until they see the effect that rampant unsupervised injection has had on the place

  2. garrett

    That can be seen already.
    They are right though, a policing plan is needed. Also, detox for those who wish to quit drugs and free drugs for those who don’t.

  3. Brother Barnabas

    “the effect it would have on the tourist economy”

    last week, I walk past someone in meetinghouse square who was passed out, lying in his own piss and vomit with a needle still in his arm

    how could it possibly better aid the tourist economy to keep this on the streets?

  4. Col

    Heroin is probably the worst thing to happen to Dublin in the last 40 years.
    This is not going to solve the problem, but at least it’s looking to control things and may be a stepping stone towards eradication.

    1. Rob_G

      + 100

      Tourists, school children and ordinary workers working in the service industry in the city centre should not have to put up with the very challenging behaviours of people suffering from addiction.

      1. Bodger

        These people are unwell and need our help. Like Mannix did when he struggled very publicly with alcoholism. It would be nice to see him repay the kindness and support shown to him during that period in his life by helping to find a solution to this problem.

        1. A Person

          Let’s be clear. Councillors, even the “great” Mannix, have no input into planning decision. This was taken on a policy decision basis. Anyone who has been around Merchant’s Quay can see the open drug dealing going on. It is ignored by the Guards, for some reason. A coherent policy is required as opposed to libs saying “this is terrible, they must be helped”. I agree, they must be helped, but an all agency approach and location is required.

        2. Ian-O

          It would Bodger, but Mannix always struck me as one of those puritanical recovering alcoholics who now thinks because of his ‘struggle’ he knows more than the rest of us.

          Known a few over my life and he has all the hall marks, right down to arguing every little point even if you agree with him.

          What happened to him was terrible but it seems to have taken compassion, joy and empathy from the man. I find it quite hard to feel sorry for him but thats because he makes it difficult.

          I personally support these centres but I also understand peoples objections because when they are in need of a fix, junkies really aren’t in control of themselves (not making excuses though) and are liable to do what it is that will get them their fix.

          It’s a difficult issue and not one I can think of any clear cut solution to?

          1. Bodger

            A woman who worked with heroin addicts in Dublin said here a few years ago that every single one of the people she was treating had been abused as children.

          2. Ian-O

            Yeah, I have heard that too. Its a very rare person who ends up on heroin or some other serious addiction issue without some sort of childhood trauma.

            Then to be further victimized by a lack of support by the state.

            They were all once innocent kids irrespective of what they became.

  5. eoin

    Completely inappropriate location for heroin injectors.

    A far better location, easily accessible by DART and already suffering a major opioid epidemic [is it now up to 10% of adults 15-64 that have opioid abuse issues?]. Wouldn’t affect tourism because there’s practically none. An area that desperately needs state investment because it must be one of the most run-down examples of urban decay in Ireland. Sill can’t guess? Here’s some pics.

    1. Dhaughton99

      And most already have the free travel pass or don’t give a flying duck about paying the fare.

  6. AssPants

    To provide an injection centre would be seen to help those suffering from their troubled lives.

    Any and all governments here still operate through the lenses of the Catholic Church; and that in my opinion to control people as best you can, leave them lying in their own excrement and judge them…..continuously judge them.

    This country loves to cast judgement on people.

    1. Rob_G

      Perhaps you should petition the council to open one next to your house, given how you feel so strongly about it.

  7. Begorrah, The Dream

    Google and Facebook have plenty of room – they should provide 24 X7 rooms with free food and Wifi,

    1. Ian-O

      And subject them to another Gemma O’Doherty ‘poor me they banned me again for breaking rules I already agreed to’ protest?

      Haven’t these addicts suffered enough? Have you no humanity?

      FOR SHAME!

      ; )

  8. McVitty

    Has it worked in Vancouver? Would it work in Dublin? Has Dublin the same addiction dynamics and social care gaps as Vancouver? Has anyone gone to Vancouver to determine these things? ….because from what I can see, people came from Vancouver to promote their program in Dublin, which I find very odd.

    Vancouver has a problem with tent cities, particularly in East Hastings (where HIV rates are very scary). They tend to form communities around homeless and addiction services, which is at the heart of the problem. This is a problem of almost all cities in the American north-west.

    Openheimer Park was recently taken over by addicts:

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