Everybody Loves Greg


Amber Gill and Limerick’s Greg O’Shea on ITV’s Love Island

Even better, Greg seemed to genuinely like and respect Amber, with no ulterior motives lurking in the background. They appeared to have a laugh, and humour is a rare enough thing in the Majorcan villa.

If you reckoned Love Island was an unending succession of women calling out men for not treating them the way they deserved, you’d be dead right. Yet Greg was above all of this. He was himself, quietly self-possessed, with no need to showboat. Your mammy would love him.

And who doesn’t love a Mammy’s boy?



*looks at watch*


Love Island: Greg O’Shea is self-possessed, not a showboater. Your mammy would love him (Tanya Sweeney, Irish Times)

Pic: ITV

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7 thoughts on “Everybody Loves Greg

  1. Hank

    This season, I decided to watch an episode of this drivel just to see what all the fuss was about. It’s absolute kak! Not even entertaining in a trash TV way like Big Brother was capable of being.
    Just utter vapid rubbish. Contestants from an Instagram generation looking for a platform to make a quick million or two as “influencers” (and who can blame them), it’s not them I have the problem with, it’s the audience.
    The whole ridiculous premise of the show, the production values, the lameness, the dullness – it’s just awful on so many levels. Normally with trash TV, I can understand on some level how people can get into it but this is just garbage!

    1. Clampers Outside!


      I managed two 5 minute dips into this viewing hellspace…. twice! and never again I’d say.

    2. Lilly

      + 1 I tuned in for a few minutes last week and travelled back a couple of decades to the Big Brother house. Tired old format. Hard to believe people are still watching this tosh.

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