25 thoughts on “Josepha’s Coat Of Many Colours

  1. Termagant

    It’s her job to actuate the will of her constituents. Do her constituents want travelers and methadone junkies in their area?

    1. Brother Barnabas

      they probably don’t want her allegedly facilitating fraud either but that didn’t seem to worry her

    2. shotopunx

      This is ridiculous. As much as people might want to put their heads in the sand, there are certainly constituents in her area that are drug users and would benefit greatly from access to a methadone service. Additionally, Termagant, do you feel it’s a valid and acceptable opinion to not want travellers in your area? If so, is it also acceptable to demand that your TD block, say, people of african descent from your area? Jewish people?

      1. postmanpat

        Drug users? I’m a “drug user” and I don’t see myself as ever having to use a goddamn methadone clinic. Lets get the facts straight , It’s HEROIN user. Thieving zombie , aggravated mugging at syringe point , whiney begging, scrounging heroin users that often tend to relapse after methadone treatment. I don’t have a problem with non heroin using “drug” users or Africans or Jews because they are all decent people that work jobs , have registered home addresses and don’t burgle houses or shoplift with impunity. Junkies and Traveler of no fixed abode, steal with impunity. Anyone who has been robbed by a Traveler knows the police cant lift a finger. Prevention is better that becoming a victim in the first place with no recourse.

      2. Termagant

        I feel it’s perfectly acceptable to oppose the establishment of a segregated area where only a specific ethnicity can life, in usually pretty crappy conditions. That’s called a ghetto. Would you like to live beside a ghetto?

    3. george

      Not when it conflicts with the law, discrimination against Travelers is illegal and all local authorities are required by law to provide housing for travelers.

      They already have the addicts they are objecting to their treatment.

    4. SOMK

      She’s minister for the arts and has duties of representation in that regard too and she is failing those big time with her dog whistle racism and and NIMBY-ism. Playing NIMBY politics with one side of the mouth and milking her cultural capital from her ministerial position from the other, is unbecoming to say the least, the office exist for the promotion and supports of the arts and heritage not as a fluffer to her dreadful and pathetic barrel scraping, lowest common denominator, Brexit-party level local politicking, I’m at a loss as to why she is welcomed in the Irish art world in anyway what so ever and not viewed as a pariah. Kicking problems down the road is how you end up with methadone centres in the city centre in the first place, it’s how you get ghettos, the problem doesn’t go away, it festers and builds until someone with a brain and heart comes along and tries to actually solve it (which also involves protecting it from the heartless and brainless). As for duties to her constituents, what of constituents with drug problems? Leading with how she has successfully fought off this great evil of a medical care facility is a choice, it’s playing misery of one off the misanthropy and fear of the other, it’s not constructive, it’s cheap, lazy and nasty and ultimately serves no one except herself and whatever dim aspirations she holds.

      1. Otis Blue

        Not forgetting collective cabinet responsibility and the obligation to conform with its undertakings and decisions.

      2. Rob_G

        You are free to lobby your elected reps to open a methadone clinic and/or a halting site in your own constituency.

        Though I am 100% certain you would prefer not to have either of these opening near you; so it’s not that surprising that Josepha Madigan’s constituents (and Josepha, by extension) feel the same way.

        1. Trouble

          I’m one of her constituents who thinks she’s a weapon and wouldn’t have minded these going ahead

    5. Col

      She also blocks any and every proposed housing development.
      I am her constituent and I would love more housing in this area.

      1. Termagant

        Have you gotten on to her about it? If enough people make it clear that it’s a top priority for them she’ll have no reason to block housing. If not enough people do so then she won’t, because that’s democracy.

  2. eoin

    Is Josepha abusing the harp symbol on her latest update on how she personally is spending taxpayers money.

    If this is a TD’s parish (pump) newsletter to voters, fine, but don’t abuse the seal of your office.

    Anyone fancy a complaint to SIPO.

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    Now that they’ve free access to Marlay Park, they can shoot up in there instead of on the streets.

  4. Jimmythehead

    Ive youve ever been on the dole in Stillorgan, you’ll know by signing on that there are plenty of people in desperate need of treatment out there.

  5. scottser

    dlr have been running a summer of heritage programme for the past number of years without her help. this is a cheap photo op for her and nothing else.

  6. Bort

    Free gaffs in one of the most expensive areas in Dublin, sounds good to me. No need to weigh in with they’re not free, they’re relatively free. What will they require to fit their culture? I find travellers demanding things that fit there cultural needs a strange one. They need space for their horses because it’s their culture? What about my cultural needs? My father grew up on a farm, his father was a cattle dealer, his father before him was a cattle dealer. So should I be entitled to a few acres for my cows? That’s historically my culture. By the time my father and grandfather were my age, they had over 3 children, owned their own home, owned a car, earned enough for my mother and grandmother to stay at home and mind the kids when they were young. That’s my culture. I have none of the above, am I entitled to it?

    1. Qwerty123

      Don’t be silly, you pay approx. 35% effective tax to keep people in their free houses, that’s your job.

  7. Mr.Fart

    this is how we end up with people like her in government. she looks after the specific needs of her constituents, they vote for her, then off to government she goes, and we all have to deal with her then. She’s lumped on to the lot of us. It’s a dumb system where we end up with a government of TDs all crowing for the wants of their home people, no one actually working for the betterment of the country.

  8. Jcbman

    People she is from a right wing party fine geal have no time for the vulnerable and homeless. So all she is doing is looking after her own suppoters

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