Seasons To Be Cheerful




Alan O’Reilly at Carlow Weather tweetz:

Before all the “Last day of Summer” tweets start, for Meteorological purposes, on the basis of air temperature, our seasons are: December to February – Winter, March to May – Spring, June to August – Summer and September to November – Autumn

Any excuse.

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5 thoughts on “Seasons To Be Cheerful

  1. TheQ47

    Looking at those pictures, wouldn’t it be more accurate to say:

    Spring = April and May
    Summer = June to August
    Autumn = September and October
    and Winter = November to March

    1. Zaccone

      It doesn’t strictly follow the calendar months I reckon.

      Spring: March & April
      Summer May/June/July to mid-September
      Autumn Mid-September to mid November
      Winter mid-November until March

      Would be how it seems to me generally.

  2. paul

    running the risk of being hounded by a mob, I’m not looking forward to another hot month. The weather today is nice, warm enough to forget the jacket but cold enough to bring it with you anyway.

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