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Allof2010Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 15.51.15Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 15.51.59
The year 2010 recorded in a composite image of 3,888 photographs taken by Erik Solheim from the window of his apartment in Oslo.

Solheim set up his Canon 400D to record one image every 30 minutes: 16,000 photographs  whittled down to 3,888 from each of which he extracted a one-pixel wide line, then composited the lot (from January on the left to December on the right) using a computer script.

Full sized image here.

The source imagery was later turned into a rolling gif by ReditorITwitchToo.


beach beach2 christian-chaize06beach3 beach4 christian-chaize03beach5 beach6

Excerpts from a project by photographer Christian Chaize spanning eight locked-off, large format years on a beach in Southern Portugal. To wit:

What the still-life was for Morandi, the haystack for Monet…this beach is that for me. From a distance, I observe the variables: light, weather, time of day, the ebb and flow of the ocean and most importantly, the sunbathers, unaware, below my large-format camera. The images are shot vertically, a departure from the traditional, horizontal format in landscape photography. It puts my subject matter in the form of a portrait—an ongoing record of this corner of nature (and human nature), over the minutes, the days, the years.

MORE: Praia Piquinia: Photos by Christian Chaize


8497576409_c51854d381_b 8497578983_d276bcaf0b_b 8498679828_05bcdefb52_b 8498682256_077c7cc146_b 8498682454_cd62eb1c52_b 8498683082_72ccd5038a_bGoogle Earth images are compiled from different datasets of satellite imagery taken months, perhaps years apart. Sometimes the process of stiching the smaller images together includes anomalies such as differences in the appearance of the terrain during different seasons.

In his ‘Juxtapose‘ project, artist Daniel Schwartz  compiles tasty examples of this split screen exotica.