This afternoon.

Mount Usher Garden, Avoca Cafe, Ashford, County Wicklow.

Models Corina Coughlan (top left) and Aine Dwan (above) launch the bovine-heavy ‘Eoin O’Connor at Tipperary Crystal Collection’.

Eoin is known for his brightly-painted cows. which will now feature on cups, place mats and whatnot from Tipperary Crystal, who say:

From concept to reality, the collection was over a year in development and required extensive input and collaboration between Eoin and our internal design team.’

Dresses  by Synan O’Mahony.


All better.

Leon Farrell /Photocall Ireland

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13 thoughts on “Stop That

    1. Liam Deliverance

      I have asked Broadsheet before about bigger images, alas they ignore my pleas, I wanted to see those cushions a bit more clearly

      1. Clampers Outside!

        And before anyone says ‘tut’ :)

        As my lovely wife says…

        “we’re married, not dead” :0p’

  1. some old quare

    If those dresses are on sale in Avoca- you’d probably need to sell the car to buy one.

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