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From top: cows; today’s Irish Times front page lead story


The IPCC concluded that eating less meat, especially in developed countries, and reducing food waste was an effective method to help reduce global warming. It predicts this action would save millions of square kilometres of land being degraded by farming.

The findings led to calls on the Government from climate campaigners and the Green Party to draw up a national land-use plan to help redirect agriculture and to set out how afforestation could help reduce carbon emissions..

Climate experts say Ireland is too reliant on cows (Irish Times)



It’s a start.



This afternoon.

Mount Usher Garden, Avoca Cafe, Ashford, County Wicklow.

Models Corina Coughlan (top left) and Aine Dwan (above) launch the bovine-heavy ‘Eoin O’Connor at Tipperary Crystal Collection’.

Eoin is known for his brightly-painted cows. which will now feature on cups, place mats and whatnot from Tipperary Crystal, who say:

From concept to reality, the collection was over a year in development and required extensive input and collaboration between Eoin and our internal design team.’

Dresses  by Synan O’Mahony.


All better.

Leon Farrell /Photocall Ireland

This morning.

Cork city.

Livestock shenanigans at a cabinet meeting being held in Corcaigh – a temporary re-location that must have seemed like a good idea at some point.

That’ll learn them.


Inside Cork City Hall…

Ah here.

Mis of cowshions(1)SHELLEY -PANDORA(1)


Charmaine Kenny  at the Irish Workshop [online home of Irish crafts and whatnot], writes:

It’s udderly ridiculous how crazy we are about cows here at The Irish Workshop; it’s just that cows are very amoosing and we’re particularly fond of Brigid Shelly’s ‘cowshions’.

Many of the designs are inspired by her bovine neighbours where she lives in Waterford.

Take for example Pandora  (above in pink) – she is born and reared in Ardmore on Joe Murphy’s farm down the road from Brigid. She isn’t your typical country cow. A self-proclaimed fashionista, she enjoys the finer things in life and has a weakness for single malt whiskey….


The Irish Workshop

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