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  1. Cú Chulainn

    Phoebe looks so much better a little older. The ‘British’ press is a joke.
    Another child has died because we as a society refuse to mind our children. Ireland is the sow that eats her own farrow springs to mind..

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Nope, not all of a sudden. Refer back to Sunday’s discussion. On the contrary, yourself seem to have a laissez faire attitude. The creepiness is all yours soq.

  2. shayna

    £1.75 million a year? I had no idea Gary Lineker was worth so much to the BBC. I remember his first day at the Beeb, I was rigging up the four cameras with Autocue for “Match of the Day” – I was pushing flight cases towards the studio – he held fire doors open for me at BBC TV Centre. He was nice – generally, if one wears stage blacks – one is invisible supposedly?

    1. ReproBertie

      Did you know the ninja costume of popular culture is actually the stage blacks from Japanese opera?

        1. shayna

          …also, working back-stage in the dark, wearing stage blacks, well, there is a certain camouflage element?

  3. eoin

    Danny, Danny, Danny…. tsk, tsk.

    Irish Examiner falls hook line and sinker for latest stinker from Eoghan Murphy.

    €84m for 1,770 houses works out at €47,457.63 apiece, just about enough to buy a site outside Dublin.

    And the €310m fro 6,200 houses mentioned in the body of the article is hardly much better, €50,000 a house.

    Tsk, tsk,

    1. eoin

      Also Danny, isn’t one of the 1,075 sites banned in Leinster House, the Shannon Watch website which monitors the use of Shannon by the US military, flights etc.

      But, look over there. PORN !

  4. eoin

    “Drinking water in Co Dublin has been found to have 10 times the legal limit of lead. ” reports the Examiner which has investigated drinking water quality around the county.

    Irish Water?

    “Irish Water says water that leaves its treatment plants is free from lead with most failures down to lead-plumping on people’s properties.”

    Nothing to do with lead pipes which are used by Irish Water to transport the drinking water from its treatment plants to the meter outside you home? I seriously doubt that.

    1. Cian

      Is there lead in my drinking water?
      Lead in drinking water is a recognised health concern. There are no lead water mains in Ireland, however, service connections within properties can contain traces of lead. The vast majority of lead pipes are contained within properties built up to and including the 1970’s. Whether you have lead pipes or fittings depends on the age of your property and your existing pipes and/or pipe fittings.


      1. eoin

        What’s the name of the pipe that goes from the mains pipe to the piping at the boundary of the household? Who is responsible for that pipe between the mains and your boundary piping? How much of that is still lead?

  5. eoin

    Irish Times is becoming RTE’s chief press propagandist, presumably because of the platform given by RTE to its employees. Today, it reproduces the table from the RTE annual report which shows the breakdown of the €160 licence fee. Irish Times promotes the big lie that ” It also has a high evasion rate. ”

    Even the RTE spokesperson says “Licence fee evasion in Ireland, which is among the highest in Europe,…”

    Yeah, RTE, we know our evasion rate is in the same ballpark as Northern Ireland and Scotland. And the BBC has engaged a third party collector which uses bully-boy tactics to shake down vulnerable people, as exposed by the British press.


    1. Cian

      Ireland TV licence evasion rate: 13.7%
      UK TV licence evasion rate 6%[1]


      1. millie st murderlark

        I suppose if there was a better service provided by that money, as opposed to paying bloated salaries (and I’m not just getting an obligatory dig in a Tubs), the evasion rate might be less.

        But then, there will always be some who refuse to pay.

        1. Cian

          I’m just pointing out that eoin is cherry-picking tiny parts of the UK to compare with Ireland. The UK has half the evasion rate of Ireland.

          1. millie st murderlark

            Eoin? Cherrypicking?

            Preposterous, Cian, and I’m shocked at the very suggestion of it.

          2. Listrade

            UK also has different rules. You can opt out if you do not have equipment capable of receiving BBC terrestrial broadcasts.

            No data on how much of the lower evasion rate is because there is a more reasonable rule attached to the licence fee.

  6. eoin

    Liquidators will see buyers for Harland and Wolff in Belfast. It won’t get any takers for it to do ship building or maintenance. It’s not economic.

    It is worth a few hundred £million to property developers though/.

    It’s sad for the 130 employees. The DUP did fupp all for them even though they had the heft to influence where British state-owned ships are maintained. Mind you, what did SF do for these blue collar loyalist workers either?

    1. bisted

      …good man eoin…only you could twist the demise of H&W into an opportunity for a bit of shinner bashing…I’m sure I saw MaryLou and the spokeman for the H&W workers engage during the week…

      1. eoin

        I’ll stand to be corrected but wasn’t the “engagement” between Mary Lou and the H&W workers, a casual conversation outside Stormont Castle where the Shinners were in to meet the new British Secretary of State. The H&W workers were protesting outside, alongside Irish language supporters. Mary Lou said “hello” to both on the way in or out. Was that the extent of the “engagement”? Did she arrange a meeting with them or more practically, did she get Mairtin O’Muilleoir or John Finucane to sit down with them? Did Mary Lou investigate if any Irish navy maintenance might be carried out at H&W or ask questions about that? Again, I’ll stand to be corrected but I don’t believe there was any of that at all.

        1. bisted

          …you seem to know as little about this as I do…the engagement that I saw seemed cordial…several H&W worker sources have thanked shinners for their support and expressions of solidarity…contrast that with expressions of disappointment with the DUP and the threat to stand a H&W worker against the DUP’s Gavin Robinson at the next election. To try and blame the shinners for the demise of H&W is something only a consistent shinner basher could attempt…but then eoin…you do have previous…

          1. eoin

            If you search the SF newsroom, there’s no recent mention of Harland and Wolff, but I did find this in an old statement from 2004.

            “When it comes to the composition of the private sector with 26 plus employees the pattern of under-representation of Catholics more stark. Among some of the larger employers such as Harland & Wolff – employing 12 Catholics and 235 protestants – Group 4 Securities, Henry Brothers Magherafelt, HHI Building products, Issac Agnew, Gallagher Ltd, the City and International airports and Shorts Brothers PLC which all employee a disproportionate numbers of Catholics in their workforces. Shorts Brothers in particular employs a mere 14.8% Catholics as against some 85.2% Protestants.”

            I think SF have been found wanting in protecting much needed manufacturing jobs in Northern Ireland, and I’m not alone with the impression they’ve ignored the plight of blue collar loyalist workers at H&W [the DUP have also done bugger all, and they have more heft with Westminster and would be the natural home for the political aspirations of those employed at H&W]

            As for the martyred sense of entitlement that some in SF still harbour, let it go, in 2019, it just alienates people. There’s a whole wide world out there that’s neither bot nor basher!

  7. eoin

    Look at how tough Shane Ross and Baldrick are being with the FAI, the Sun reports

    “Junior Sports Minister Brendan Griffin reiterated the Government’s stance on state funding suspension.
    He said: “Minister Ross and I previously stated that no further payments will be made by my department to the FAI under sport capital schemes until we are satisfied with corporate governance structures at the Association.””

    Why do we pay Sport Ireland €5m a year to correctly dispense €60m of funding to sports bodies, but we leave the sports capital schemes to Shane Ross and Baldrick? If we have an independent body, Sport Ireland, to look after sports in the country, why don’t we give them the capital spend as well?

    Also, no word from Sport Ireland as to why it gave the FAI nearly €1m AFTER the Sunday Times reported financial irregularities last March.

  8. eoin

    Why did the galoot from Ranelagh ignore the main recommendation from his working group which was examining the AirBnB market and its destructive impact on traditional housing

    “Following its deliberations, the Working Group makes the following headline recommendations to
    the Minister:
    1. A licensing and registration system should be put in place to encompass:
    (a) all on-line intermediaries of short-term lettings under which, from a given date, a
    licence would be required to operate as an on-line intermediary of residential units
    located in the Republic of Ireland.
    (b) All peer providers / hosts of short-term lettings, whether on a sharing basis or in
    relation to the letting of entire residential units would be required to register”


  9. eoin

    Another oddity with a boxing fight involving Dubai-based MTK.

    Today, CBS reports
    “Frampton [promoted by MTK] suffered one of the most bizarre injuries you’ll ever hear about on Monday when a large structure in the lobby of his hotel in Philadelphia fell and crashed onto a table where the Belfast-born fighter was resting his hand.”

    Remember two years ago in Belfast
    “Carl Frampton’s bout against Andres Gutierrez was last night called off at the 11th hour after the Mexican visitor reportedly suffered an accident. The Mexican is reported to have slipped in the shower sustaining injuries to his chin, nose and teeth as well as a concusion”

        1. some old quare

          I never use an alarm myself- but I do wake up to my internal clock.

          If I worry about being on time next day I don’t sleep so I just go to bed with the expectation that I will be late. It works for me- I’m usually always on time and if not- so what?

          1. Lilly

            Same here. It means as well if you need an extra 20 minutes sleep, you give it to yourself rather than waking up tired.

          2. millie st murderlark

            I’m a real night owl. I only get going after the watershed.

            Morning (in theory) is my favourite time of day but I’m rarely lucid enough to enjoy it.

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