The Census, 5G And You


Here’s How.

The current affairs podcast presented by William Campbell (above).

William writes:

This episode I tackle two topics – the census and the rollout of 5G internet.

Are these utilities we need to run a modern state or tools of government control of the masses?

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Here’s How

1 thought on “The Census, 5G And You

  1. Truth in the News

    What frequencies have been allocated to 5 G in Ireland and how many cells
    are needed to give effective National Coverage, since frequencies have to be
    reused a slant angle has to be incorporated into antenna radiation pattern’s
    to limit spill over to adjacent area’s, what will the effective radiated power be
    also the channel bandwith has to be extended to accomodate the higher
    bit rate, this standard has quite different radiation densities to the earlier G

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