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  1. Lilly

    What a nightmare for that family in Malaysia. Reminds me of Michaela McAreavey. Hoping for a different outcome.

    1. eoin

      “Residents over the age of 18 are expected to be able to buy the drug for recreational use legally within two years. The state will regulate production and distribution through a cannabis agency…Schneider said the legislation was likely to include a ban on non-residents buying cannabis in order to dissuade drug-tourism. Home-growing is also likely to be prohibited.”

      It’s like watching a slow-motion cock-up as Cassandra Johnny Green puts it in black-and-white every week and we’re overtaken by the likes of the UK, Malta and now Luxembourg.

      1. Johnny Green

        Morning Eoin,this is the Ministers time line……
        ‘The minister continued: “This is all at a very early stage – Bord na Móna is looking at a business plan for that; if the plan stacks up then the next stage in the process will include an application for a licence to carry out the associated research.
        “That licence would come from the department of health and it would probably take about two years of research for Bord na Móna to take the process to the next level if, in fact, that is what the company would plan to do.”
        A plan,haha they lost 50 million last year and own environmental war zones,that THEY are required to fix and clean up,
        Now both ministers in charge this fully,totally,absolutely publicity support Ireland growing its own,they just need bit time to ‘study’ it……
        They should be issuing each patient a growing license for 6-10 plants,that patient can transfer them to an approved grower,who can bundle these licenses and build out a micro grow of say 25-50 plants,supplying flower/edibles to patients,who can ‘test’ out what works best for them.Empower the patients,the govt keeps claiming it’s not medicine and they require more research,so fund it instead of prohibiting that very research-covered next week in Roll Up.
        No one,no one has ever died from a weed overdose,it’s just not toxic enough to kill you.


        1. Johnny Green

          Regarding BNM-this was good write up on the challenges Ireland’s biggest polluter and environmental terrorist faces,but somehow growing weed has become its savior,it’s like the nonsense i listen to late at night from every cokehead in NY/LA- hey man I’m gonna start a big F….g weed farm,will you design it man and I want robots yeah big F…g robots growing it and drones flying everywhere monitoring and measuring the temp of every plant,can you design and build that…yeah man yeah…..we going export it too……

          ‘As well as being very damaging from an environmental point of view, generating electricity from peat is also uneconomic. This year, consumers are paying around €3.50 on every electricity bill to subsidise the continued use of peat for power generation. This “public service obligation” is justified on the basis that it supports employment in the midlands and energy security, albeit at the cost of much higher emissions of greenhouse gases.
          The total sum involved amounts to a subsidy of more than €100 million a year to peat generation. Currently a little under a thousand people in Bord na Móna are employed on supplying peat for electricity.‘


          Close them down,redeploy the 100 millions saved into weed research and establish a cannabis commission,allow multiple growers,with CAPITAL to grow/cultivate/extract/export it,it ain’t rocket science it’s weed !

          Ps-we actually do that:)

          1. eoin

            What you’re suggesting is common sense at this stage Johnny. The only person battering the govt is Gino Kenny. Let’s see if we can change that.

          2. Johnng Green

            Gino has not addressed in any way growing/cultivation nice chap and all that, just…….

            -anyway here’s the man in charge:)

            “Two separate amounts are listed for a “Cré na Cille”: one for €874 and another for €48. There is a restaurant called Cré na Cille in Mr Canney’s hometown of Tuam, Co Galway.
            Mr Canney, a Galway East TD, also listed policy expenditure for the Hodson Bay Hotel in Athlone (€182), Buswells Hotel beside Leinster House (€40), the Corralea Court Hotel (€26), the Houses of the Oireachtas (€570), Finn’s Restaurant (€330), Kennedy Pubs (€68.40), O’Grady’s (€39.90) and the Loughrea Spa (€12.50).
            Under expenditure for research and training, Mr Canney paid Jacqueline Milton €21,204 and Maire Acton Mannion €11,109. For consultants’ services, RT Hughes was paid €6,300 and Noel Tyrell €430. In the entertainment category, Lackagh Group was paid €387 for a function for 30 people, with another group paid €475 for entertainment for a group of 25 people.”


            The only info on MAM-is that she may be an actress in Tuam,nothing available on Milton who he paid 20 grand to for ‘training’ -WTF !


      1. ReproBertie

        Isn’t the Netherlands in Europe?

        Ah, just read the article in full. Illegal but tolerated.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Zappone not getting much in return for her €20k+ PR spend. Hopefully she will get her come-uppance next election.

    1. topsy

      She’ll have a big fat pension by then + all those miles she’s claimed for travelling in a roundabout way to get to work. (Google it)

  3. GiggidyGoo

    HSE daily cervical check scandal continues. College Drop-out ‘Minister’ scandal continues.

  4. some old quare

    Speakers Unicorner will gather to voice anger at Gardai inaction to hate speech on Dublin streets

    Speakers Unicorner is also calling on the Government and social media companies to stop the platforming of hate speech on Dublin’s streets as well as online.

    Protesters with the group ‘Speakers Unicorner’ will gather at Irishtown Garda Station this Saturday, August 10. They intend to “vocalise our anger at the Gardaí’s inaction against the ongoing open incitement to hatred taking place on the streets of Dublin”.

    The group emerged on July 26 to counter [Gemma] O’Doherty’s demonstrations.


    1. GiggidyGoo

      Is Fiona Pettit O’Leary attending? She who proclaims “Get out of Dublin! We don`t want you here! We´re civilised in Ireland, go back to wherever you come from”.?
      Is Leah Doherty attending? She who sneaks up on people and throws liquids on them and their electronic property?

  5. GiggidyGoo

    Minister for Incompetence Murphy makes sure that colleges evade the rent increase caps. More pressure piled on students.

    1. eoin

      Just seven days before rent caps are to come into place

      “Reported increases of up to 11.5% are a cynical attempt by universities to attempt to circumvent the new rent pressure zone 4% rent caps due to come into effect on the 15th of August.” say the Shinners.

      If only Eoghan had powers in this area.

      1. Cian

        how does it work?
        If I sign a lease before the 15th – the rent pressure zone isn’t in place – so I pay the higher amount.
        If I wait until the 16th, surely the rent pressure zone is in place, so the 4% applies?

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Tsk tsk. And between now and then they up the rental by a ‘pluck out of their nether regions amount’. Poor attempt there Cian.

          1. Cian

            I don’t know if student accom this is the same as general rental.

            But if, for example, a new RPZ is created from 15/7 for a normal rental:
            a) you are an existing tenant. Then the 24month rule applies, so landlord can’t just up your rent. and when they do, it is capped at 4%/year
            b) house is empty, but was rented @€1000pm, if the tenancy starts before the 15/7 – the RPZ isn’t yet in force, so landlord can change whatever she can get.
            c) house is empty, but was rented @€1000pm, if the tenancy starts after the 15/7 – the RPZ is in force, so landlord can only change a maximum of €1,040.
            d) house is empty, but wasn’t rented in last 2 years/has had major refurbishment. Landlord can change whatever she can get.

            In (c) above, the landlord can advertise for €1,500 if they want… but can’t legally charge more than €1,040. Unless the student accommodation legislation is different, then I can’t see how they can up the rent so much.


  6. eoin

    It might be 2019, but it’s the 1910s for the beef processors as they lay off (lock out) workers in response to protests by farmers who are fed up with making losses or a pittance on beef while the wealth of certain Louth beef processors is rocketing by billions.

  7. eoin

    RTE reveals how homeless (in emergency state-funded accommodation) are being concentrated in just a few areas in Dublin.

    “The inner city concentration contrasts with three areas which have a zero number of emergency accommodation beds – Dublin 6W which covers Terenure and part of Templeogue, the neighbouring Dublin 16 which covers Ballinteer and Knocklyon, and Dublin 13 which covers Donaghmede and Howth”

    Isn’t Dublin 6W where Eoghan Murphy has his residence?

    Eoghan is to the homeless what Josepha denies she is to travellers.

  8. eoin

    “Constitutional” crisis in the UK across many British papers today. “Coup”, “the Queen being forced into politics”. You wouldn’t be surprised to see some dusty law from the 1640s dragged up to justify the installation of Jeremy Corbyn in No 10.

    Civil war in England in the next six weeks?

  9. eoin

    Irish Times reports on the private meeting yesterday of the Oireachtas communications committee which is scrutinising the €5 (five, remember when used to be three?) billion National Broadband Plan

    “Sources at the meeting said it had been decided that a vote would be held on August 20th on a contentious proposal from Fianna Fáil to recommend that the Government commission an external, independent review around the project’s viability.”

    Shady minister Richard Bruton wants to sign the NBP with a US private equity group (which includes Denis O’Brien’s Actavo in its bidding consortium) in four weeks time.

    If FF get the support of the Shinners, they’ll be able to force votes on the NBP and stop what must be one of the sleaziest and controversial expenditure of taxpayers money since 1922.

    1. Cian

      Wait, I thought all the TDs were on their 22-week summer holiday break (unlike the UK where they get 3 days off). You know, like you keep pasting over, and over, and over, and over, and over.

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