This afternoon.

Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2.

An undeniably lovely bunch of seven ‘Roses from Ireland and ‘abroad’ competing in the 2019 Rose of Tralee gathered for a pre-festival photo shoot organised by lead sponsor Tipperary Water.

The participants will also take part in the traditional ‘running of the Daithi’ at Montrose, Dublin 4 at an unspecified date later this month.

Above from left: Abu Dhabi Rose Karen Cashman, San Francisco Rose Brooklynn Quinn, Antrim Rose Orlagh McClinton, Longford Rose Marie Brady, Galway Rose Orla McDaid, Melbourne Rose Jordan Balfry and Limerick Rose Sinead Flanagan.

Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

23 thoughts on “Thorn Free

      1. some old quare

        I blame Panti Bliss- all high stilettos and back end of Dublin Bus bums now a days

        1. eoin

          Lead, chemical element Pb
          Arse n Neck, chemical element As

          It’s poking fun at the recent concerns about our water.

  1. martco

    did anyone catch the “Mary from Dungloe” lovely girls competition on the telly last week?
    I thought oul Daniel O’Donnell did some total pro work there, in fairness

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